Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Late Summer Pleasures

Today, on the first day back at school, I rather guiltily took some time out this afternoon to sit in the garden and enjoy some late summer sun, making the most of an Indian Summer afternoon in a year when rays of sunshine have been a scarce and rare pleasure.

Rather guilty because I know my daughter would've loved to have been out in this with me, drinking an iced coffee, or going for a long walk with the dog, instead of being stuck indoors at school........

Rather guilty because I know my husband would rather be pottering in the garden than being stuck inside the office........

But then again........I've had my share of decades gazing out of office windows longingly at blue skies and sunshine during the long years I studied .....and worked.....and studied again..........and worked............

.........and I had already got up first and looked after everybody, fed everyone, done the school run, got the petrol and some shopping, done the washing up, loaded the dishwasher, loaded the washing machine, walked the dog and done the chores.........

oh....and varnished some kitchen cupboard knobs and the house sign and left them to dry in the sun.....and that's when I was tempted to linger a while instead of going back indoors and doing some more jobs....

So maybe I don't feel that guilty .............


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  1. Don't feel guilty, enjoy your own time! And thank you so much for sharing those lovely photos with us xxx

  2. You've captured late summer perfectly with these pictures Gill, gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  3. I am not working at the moment for te first time in twenty years and every day I have to rremind myself no to feel guilty about it. And today I spent the Sy planting bulbs and footling around in the garden ad it was blissful. You enjoy your time. Sounds like it was richly deserved. C.x

  4. Don't feel guilty, you sound like you had quite a busy day. Beautiful pictures. x

  5. Your garden always looks so beautiful. Enjoy that Indian Summer :)

  6. Don't feel guilty Gill!
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! :)
    V x

  7. Enjoy those moments while you can, nothing to feel guilty about at all.
    Anne xx

  8. I don't feel guilty when I do it, it's nice to be able to enjoy the garden . Great pictures

  9. I'd say you deserved to spend the afternoon in the sunshine after everything you'd done in the morning. Those plums look delicious.

  10. Enjoy your moment. You deserve it. Leah x

  11. You linger all you want, Gill- your photos are gorgeous!

  12. Looks like a beautiful day! Those flowers against the blue sky are amazing.

  13. It's good for the soul - I have been doing just the same thing!

    Pomona x

  14. Was für schöne Bilder!
    LG lykka

  15. Dear Gill,

    You are right to enjoy the beautiful weather! I did exactly the same when I came home from work this afternoon. You never know when it may rain again :-)!

    Beautiful photographs!

    Madelief x

  16. Guilt is a useless emotion!!! Enjoy your time, you've earned it!!! How was it? LOL!!!


  17. You shouldn't feel guilty at all!

    Those plums look sooooo lucious I'm drooling at the thought, yum!

  18. It is hard not to feel guilty, even when you know you shouldn't and can point to so many reasons why it's OK to sit in your own garden. But a really really good one is that you have done me so much good - sharing these gorgeous photographs is why you had to sit out there. Not everyone is so noble, Gill, so thank you!! Axxx

  19. Well deserved, I say. And who could ignore a sky as blue as that? You had no choice, really. :)

  20. Really gorgeous pictures, Gill! The colours are stunning. It's good to make the most of the bright and beautiful autumn days while we have need to feel guilty!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x


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