Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vintage French Labels, Giveaways and other things

Just a short post to let you know of a couple of Giveaways taking place here in the Land of Blog, as well as a couple of blogs worth visiting for vintage french labels etc.

Country Rose is having a Giveaway of some wonderful Cath Kidston goodies, together with some beautiful crocheted items of her own

and Bee Happy has a great ribbon giveaway, a generous assortment of ribbons and trims!

Do go visit their creative and pretty blogs to enter  -  you can click on the buttons on my sidebar or on their blog names above.

And of course my own Giveaway which ends on 31 July - if you would like to enter, please go to my post of the 11th July and just leave a comment.

After receiving many comments on the vintage French labels I showed here a few posts ago, I have done a little quick research and found a couple of blogs well worth checking out if you are interested in finding that sort of thing to use for your creative works.

Firstly, a website that many will already be familiar with - The Graphics Fairy

Lots of free Vintage printable downloads here!

And another great blog, Vintage Feedsacks, which has free vintage clip art, including wonderful labels and backgrounds.

Click on the blog names to visit their sites - they are both well worth a visit if you love vintage labels, posters etc!

And on the subject of vintage french things, I was excited to unpack this lovely vintage Toile which arrived this morning - about a metre and a half of beautiful blue and off white toile.

No idea whether it is French or not, and it wasn't sold as such, but you can tell its old by the look and feel of it, and by the rust marks along the selvedge - and a bargain at £1.99 from eBay!


It has the most wonderful rural scenes printed on it.

Can't wait to use it!

But I do have three pieces of vintage french fabric on the way from France as we speak, and am looking forward to receiving those!



  1. Thanks for all those generous tips! Your toile looks lovely and will look forward to seeing the fabrics that are on their way!

  2. This is why I love blog land, oodles of information, great links, lovely tips and gorgeous fabric Thank you

  3. thank you for sharing all these goodies Momma!

  4. Love the toile - looking forward to seeing what you make with it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. You do manage to find some treasures, the toile is gorgeous. I wonder what you'll make with it.

  6. Hi Gilly Thanks for your comments. I am always pleased from hearing from you.I have had problems with sending messages but now I am using Google Chrome.I still can't get the background right to the top of my blog....any suggestions. Like your frenchy labels and your new image and look forward to see what you have been buying...ciao Alison

  7. I discovered Graphics Fairy a little while ago. It's just amazing. I have lots of the images printed off and ready to decoupage my coffee table.

  8. Thank you so much for the blog info - I do use Graphics Fairy but must try the others. Love your toile (mm-mm!) xx

  9. Thanks for the heads up on those giveaways, Gill. They look too good to miss. Such lovely fabric, what an amazing find. Very interested in those vintage labels and will check those out too.
    Becky x

  10. That Toile is an unbeleivable bargain! Linda x


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