Monday, 18 July 2011

Stop Press!

Catherine over at Kids and Capers is having a wonderful Giveaway of some fantastic Avoca items - pop over there to enter!

And please don't forget to enter my Giveaway too - see 11th July post

Post to follow soon!

If only they could talk ............they could do a post for me!

Am hoping to find time tomorrow afternoon!

Hope you are all well,  and welcome to my new followers!!


  1. Nice to see a new post from you, Gill. I didn't realise that you're a non-knitter, I'm sure you could pick knitting up in no time with all your craft skills. Daniel's loving his time off after his exams, I have a job getting him out of bed each morning. Hope Bella's work experience went well. Nice to see new photos of Logan and Bessie, two little cuties.

  2. Thankyou for the welcome! :-)

  3. awwww your pets are so cute ;-)) dee x

  4. Crikey Gill I can't believe how many posts I've missed! Your flowers and animals are lovely! Linda x


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