Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Random Tuesday

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, and a huge welcome to yet more new followers!

Well, I did manage to spend some time in my sewing room and I made this cushion cover from two different vintage floral linens, a homespun and a vintage red check tablecloth, very soft and worn and washed.

Logan likes the new cushion I think

Sweet peas from the garden - I am guilty of having totally neglected these yet they still flower in spite of this, albeit with fairly short stems - I put them in late, and then apart from the occasional watering they have been left to fend for themselves

They smell glorious

I also managed to stitch a cross stitch monogram

and then stitcthed some corner borders

Not sure how I will use it yet though, but I have a few ideas bubbling away 

The blue floral fabric above is some lovely new thick floral cotton that arrived this morning - very Cath Kidston, very pretty - I usually avoid making things from these pretty fabrics as there are already so many similar things out there but this was such good value I could not resist.

Bella made refreshing iced coffee yesterday afternoon - we are having a few "at home" days after a busy week last week being out every day for some reason or other ( including a trip to London for Bella with a friend to see the latest Harry Potter ) and so once I got back from the vets and the farm shop yesterday we holed up for the rest of the day.

A shabby chic bird I made a few years ago from ticking that I tea-dyed - I made a few of this sort of thing which I sold at fairs a few years ago.

Rhubarb from the garden, the marrow still waiting to be eaten, and a few more french beans

Pretty Polish pottery I picked up from a craft fair a while back - they have a wonderful stall at the Country Living Fair selling blue and white Polish pottery, it is hard to leave without buying some.

And some of my fav cookbooks in the kitchen close to hand

Have been buying on DVD some old  favourite films that I had recorded on video years ago and hence terrible quality - I love anything with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in, likewise Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

The lemon tree is finally doing well outside now that I have moved it to a shadier spot - new leaves that came through in May and June got sun scorched, and few flowers appeared - now it has lots of new foliage and flower buds, so hopefully we will get some more lemons after all.

The courgettes are flourishing still - picking one or two nearly every day

The sweetcorn seems to be doing OK - many of the plants have two cobs forming now

The largest of the outdoor cucumbers

New peg bag from the local charity shop last week - yes I actually bought one even though I have several "in stock" but I'm hoping to sell those rather than use them for myself!  At £2.99 I felt this was a bargain!

And I am as excited as a child as I have just booked a holiday for us all in a farmhouse in Pembrokeshire, Wales

We haven't managed to have a holiday for two years now, what with moving house last summer and then Bellas mock exams etc, so it will be lovely to have a change of scenery and head back to a favourite area of ours.

We have had many brilliant holidays all over Wales over the last few years, but one of my favourite areas is Pembrokeshire, with lovely coastal places like Laugharne, Amroth, Saundersfoot, Pendine, and then further west there is Manorbier, Stackpole (NT), Dale, Broadhaven and Little Haven to visit, as well as the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.

We are taking both pets - Bessie is a seasoned traveller and has already been to Wales before, but it will be a first for Logan, and as he moans and howls all the way to wherever we are going in the car, it might be his last!

Actually, its usually only when I'm driving and once we've stopped somewhere and he's had a walk he's usually fine. So we may stop at the village green, give him a turn about and then hopefully (!!) he will be quiet for the rest of our journey to Wales, with plenty of stops enroute!

Start 'em travelling young I think is the answer if you want a good traveller!

Bella has always been a brilliant traveller, as we first took her by car to both Cornwall and the Norfolk Broads (when she went on a boating holiday) when she was only 3 months old! They are so portable and easy at that age in retrospect, especially if breastfeeding!

Then at 11 months she had her first trip to France by ferry (a nightmare 9 hour ferry crossing with a fidgety child who couldnt yet walk - I luckily found a long, deserted corridor on board leading to closed restaurants and she crawled up and down it for hours!) and car, and for the next 7 or 8 years we did a car journey to Europe, by ferry or eurotunnel, often twice a year, and she was always fine as long as we kept her amused with plenty of food and drinks, CDs, books, colouring and car games.

So something to look forward to in a few weeks time! The last holiday we had in Wales it rained solidly for two weeks - fingers crossed for a bit of sun this time!

If you are lucky enough to be going away too, where are you off to on your hols?


  1. Love your newly made cusion and the ickle bird is so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Lovely new addition to your sofa. It's really pretty. looks like your garden is florishing after the little bit of sunshine we've been getting.
    I love Prembrokeshire but it isn't too far from here to go for the weekend. We are off to the remote Scottish Highlands to a sleepy little place on the North West Coast for some much needed sea/beach time, rock pooling, crabbing, coats, bikes and geocaching. can't wait!!!
    Hope the sun shines for you too.

  3. that should have said boats not coats but I have a feeling we may need those too!!!

  4. always such a pretty blog....puts me in a better mood

  5. Hope you bring the sun with you- although it seems to have found us today- just when I'm indoors glazing!!

  6. Momma ,how do do it all....all your projects are amazing, cooking , gardening....look at your peaceful home on Logans happy face!

  7. Great looking courgettes Gill!
    Your mention of Pembrokeshire made me come over all nostalgic - I spent a year living there at Orielton Field Studies Centre just outside Pembroke on my placement post from uni. That list of places you gave: Manorbier, Stackpole, Dale, Broadhaven, Little Haven were all teaching sites we used for GCSE and A level students. Haven't been back in at least 15 years but now I've a real yearning to go!

  8. Hi Gill,
    I don't know if it is just me but this is my third attempt at leaving a comment today as blogger wouldn't let me.
    There are just so many interesting things in your varied post.
    I think your cushion is beautiful, I love your choice of fabrics and you have done a wonderful job on the monogram.
    I didn't spot any of that lovely Polish pottery at Tatton or I would have found it hard to resist!
    I am fascinated that you take Bessie on holiday, do you keep her inside or is she just not the type to wander? x

  9. What a lot of lovely things in your post today. I love your new cushion, the fabrics go so well together, and I'm envious of your sweetpeas, I never got round to sowing any this year and I'm regretting it now. I bet your house smells divine. Your veggies are doing very well, I'm still hoping that I didn't leave it too long before planting my sweetcorn out. It's looking very yellow still so we'll just have to wait and see. We're taking Archie with us on holiday this year. We're having a week in Cornwall followed by a week in Devon, I can't wait.

  10. Thanks for all your comments!
    Bluebell, we have always taken Bessie away with us since she was a little kitten! She has never wandered far, just to neighbouring properties, so when on hol we let her out as usual if we are "home" and she never usually goes far, then when we go off out she has her bed in the kitchen as if we were at home. She is not a destructive cat so we have never had problems - this will be her 4th holiday with us. She sleeps happily in the car on the journey too.
    Blogger has been playing up again today I think.
    Try unticking the "keep me signed in"box when you sign in, thats what i have to do now.

  11. Jo - that sounds lovely! 2 weeks away but in different places!Im sure Archie will enjoy it too.
    Hope the weather improves!

  12. Gosh I wish my cats were as good, it would solve a lot of problems. Unfortuantely though, I think they would wander off never to be seen again!
    You are right, some of the people with stands in the CL marquee were a bit depressed, it's a lot of money to make before you are in profit, I am a big fan of CL but couldn't help getting the impression they were a bit greedy.
    Thanks for the tip about blogger. x

  13. Lovely cushion Gill!
    I hope you have a great holiday, it's amazing that you can take Bessie with you, she must be such a good cat!
    As you know we were in France in May but we have booked a mini break in Barcelona in Sept for our 30th wedding anniversary, can't wait!
    Vivienne x

  14. Gosh what a packed post, I don't know where to start. The fabrics that you somehow seem to manage to get your mitts on are beautiful, your first photo demonstrates that perfectly, lovely cushion. Yes I'm planning on having a few 'holed in' days too

  15. Lovely cushion, Gill. Sorry I have been a bit absent of late. I can see you have been very busy, both in and outside.
    Lovely to have a holiday to look forward to. We are staying at home this year and I'm so pleased. We are lucky living in Cornwall, so much to see and do, rain or shine.
    Becky x

  16. Lovely cushion i really like the way you have edged it and such pretty fabrics. Your garden looks like its lovely and full and that cucumber is very lovely and long. Awww enjoy your holiday i love Wales, Pembrookshire is beautiful you will have a smashing time i hope the weather keeps shinning. dee x

  17. I'm in love with that pillow, it's just beautiful! And well, my favorite photos are of Logan! Bessie looks like she could teach Logan the ropes! Well, I have to tell you, we've had Duke for 7+ years and he's still a pill in the car! He's been travelling with us since day one! Hope you have a fabulous vacation!

  18. Hi Gill, wow your posts are always jam packed with gorgeousness! I love your new header - very pretty!! Have a lovely week.

  19. Hi Gil, What a lovely post! So many great things you shared. I just got my first sewing machin and I can't wait to sew up some goodies like you do. What kind of lemon tree do you have? The flowers always smell great on citrus trees don't they?
    xo Susan

  20. That looks like a beautiful place to spend a holiday. The cushion cover you made is really pretty!! And I really love Polish Pottery too. I did a post on it a while back. We have a Polish import shop near us.

  21. What a delightful post ... lovely cushion,lovely flowers,lovely dog and puss, lovely makes! No holiday for us this year sadly, although we may get the tent out for a weekend or two. Have a great hol! M x

  22. I have some of that Polish pottery and mine also came from the CL fairs. Although I have some tea plates which we use evryday and they are from Matalan!
    Love a good Cary Grant movie. My dad met him once when he worked on the liners back in the 50's
    Lisa x

  23. Your garden is producing well Gill. Your Polish pottery is very pretty. How lovely that you have a holiday to look forward to in a place that you love and have happy memories of.Love Linda x


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