Saturday, 2 July 2011

A New Toy

We finally have a new camera!

garden photos from May/June

After having both our digital cameras stolen earlier in the year, and having been very slow in doing our insurance claim, we have been camera less for a few months now although my very kind sister-in-law lent us hers for a while.


For the last month I have had to resort to either old photos for posts, or the terrible blurry photos from an old digital camera with a maximum of 5 pixels only.

It takes terrible pictures - it can't cope with sunlight or indoor photos very well, breaking up the photo into horizontal fragments, and despite having tried all possible light settings it was very hit and miss, usually "miss"!

Extremely frustrating!

 Bella's Birthday cake from April

But we now have a 14 megapixel Samsung, on offer from £199.99 to £69.99,  a relatively inexpensive but reasonable quality one good enough for our everyday purposes, and hopefully we will get a second better one (for me!) when the insurance claim is settled.

Cakes we've shared recipes of and managed to photograph before eating!

Bella is off to a "camp out" tonight, and taking it with her, but tomorrow I hope to have a turn!

Can't wait!!!! 


  1. It's so lovely to have you back with us!
    I was a tad worried, but then I thought I'd better not ask how you were as you may have gone on holiday, and then people would know that!

    Pleased you have the new camera to play with. I've just had to get one too :o)

    My eldest daughter is on work experience next week too...honestly, where does the time go?

    Have a wonderful weekend Gill.
    Donna xxxx

  2. Hope you have lots of fun with your new camera,sounds like you got a really good deal there.You take such lovely photos...I still haven't mastered how to do those mosiacs yet.
    I'm drooling over that chocolate cake! :0)

  3. Lovely photo's. You cakes look delicious ;-) Its horrible being without a camera i am so pleased that you have a new one happy snapping ;-) Love the way you have grouped your photo's together. And Bessie looks like a real sweetie. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

  4. What a great post I have missed you....what lovely images from a new camera....I want to learn to group them like you do, they look so nice that way!

  5. nom nom! It certainly has taken good images of your yummy cakes!!!!!

  6. Sounds lovely! Even with an all singing all dancing camera I can't take good photos! Yours on the other hand ALWAYS look great! Cx
    P.S. STOP tempting me with all that yummy food! I am liable to put weight back on just LOOKING at it!! LOL!!

  7. Mmmmm all that delicious cake type food, oh my i'm def having a pig out this evening, can taste choc in my mouth right now, thats what i get for browsing blogs :)
    Karen x

  8. I know what you mean about not having a camera. Looks like you've been having some fun making up for lost time. I love the little mosaics that you do

  9. Sounds like you got a bargain with your camera. I use mine on the auto setting, I'm no photographer. Hope Bella enjoys her camp out.

  10. Looking forward to seeing the results from your new camera! Enjoy!!!
    Vivienne x

  11. I don't know what I would do without my camera, sounds like you got a bargain. I will look forward to some smashing summer photos from you.
    Hope Bella enjoys her time in a primary school next week (hope you get to enjoy some quiet time at home too!)
    Becky x

  12. I'm not normally a chocolate cake person (cake - yes, chocolate - no. How weird am I?) but that one up there looks just luscious! Have fun with the new camera - great deal you got on it!

  13. Beautiful photo's - all the photo's taken have looked fab x

    Leah x

  14. What a great deal! I'm desperate for a new camera too but will have to wait for a long while yet :)
    Have fun when you get your turn with it!

  15. Thanks for all your great comments - i just can't wait to get my hands on it, I have so missed not having a reliable camera and being able to take pics of whatever inspires me or grabs my attention, or snapping the latest flower in my garden.
    Since starting this blog Bella has taken a real interest in photography, and had also got into the habit of snapping at something fun or interesting, so it is her persistence with her father that has got us this camera - well done Bella! (Me wanting one before the insurance claim wasnt a good enough reason, but daughters and fathers......!!!)
    I would love to be able to take really good close-up photos of flowers, and am hoping to get some good results with this new camera, even though i know the camera doesnt have the optical zoom required for the really good close-ups - but would need a couple of £100 more to get one of those!
    Maybe for Xmas if im very good?!!

  16. Lovely to have such fab pictures to look at - hurrah for your new camera! xxx


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