Saturday, 30 July 2011

Ephemera and other randomness

ephemeraplural of e·phem·er·a (Noun)
1. Things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
2. Items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

I rather like this word, "ephemera" , for it conjures up thoughts of potentially fascinating bygone miscellanea, and an insight into another time, another place and a different way of life.

It's another one of those intruiging "e" words,  like "ethereal", "enigmatic" and "eclectic" , "euphemism", "equivocal" , "epiphany", "epitome" , "epoch"!

They are somehow words that evoke (you see, there's another one) a little mystery, of things unknown and untold, vagueness, secrecy, intrigue, of other worldliness.

Hmmm. Yes. I think Little Lambs expression says it all.
Moving on..........
Getting back down to earth again, whilst searching online in that great World Shop for some genuine vintage labels, I came across these rather pretty matchbox covers, under the heading of "ephemera".

They are of Hungarian origin
"24 vintage matchbox labels from Hungary, with fun, childlike folk art illustrations of phrases. From around the 1950s.
In great condition, lightly attached to the paper with stamp hinges."

The simple black and white designs on that lovely dark turquoise background caught my eye, and for the princely sum of £1.80 (inc p/p!) they are mine.

They are already mounted, so I could simply place them in a frame then hang them as an interesting piece of "art" on the wall.

And I may use the artwork as inspiration for a future project - that is really what I had in mind when I purchased them.

It is fascinating wandering through the "ephemera" section!

Also purchased off eBay this last week or so

a large quantity of vintage large blue checked woven cotton for 99p

and it matches the colour of the Toile that came earlier this week beautifully

Nearly 3m of vintage white handmade cotton lace, either crochet or tatting (sold as crocheted), 99p

and a small vintage damask hand towel with a beautiful monogram

Yes, 99p again!

So some good bargains still to be had online - I have better luck online than in our local charity shops where there is nothing much older than 80's things these days, including china, and very little under £2.

But I know from viewing other blogs that luckily others still manage to find some fantastic stuff in their local CSs - maybe I need to find some different ones. 

And finally, a little peek at a handsome young man who has recently returned from a two hour grooming and pamper session

A Spoilt Prince? Who, moi?!

Hope the sun shines for you wherever you are this weekend - its actually shining here at the moment, hooray!!!

And don't forget this is the final chance to enter my Giveaway (see 11th July post or my Giveaway button on sidebar) which ends tomorrow at midnight - the bewitching hour, an enigmatic hour, quite entrancing and ethereal.......................


  1. That's a lot of e-words Gill! :)
    You managed to get some brilliant bargains there, I love the colour of your little matchbox cards.
    What a handsome boy Logan is!!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  2. You have found some nice treasure. Your fabric is lovely. Your dog if course is a beauty!!

  3. Hello Gill:
    Eclectic, enigmatic, esoteric, enthusiastic, euphoric.....even the have it all!

    The Hungarian matchbox covers are so very attractive. As you say, the turquoise background is incredibly eye-catching and they will be most appealing if framed or displayed in some way. They all appear to have the price of 30f [f standing for filler, the currency before the forint of today] and all have some suitable phrase to complement the image. They are delightful and we cannot believe how little you paid for them. We look forward to seeing what you do with them!

  4. Logan looks smashing (I love his little turned-in paw)! I'm still trying to persuade D that Bertie would look better for a jolly good groom!!

    Ephemera and epitome are two of my favourite words! Ooh, epiglottis - there's another for you. Not quite as romantic though!

    You've inspired me to have a wee eBay trawl. Gorgeous finds - loving those blue fabrics.

    Have a super weekend.


  5. I always love your posts Logan at the bottom though made me smile I will post a photo of George he so badly need a trip to the salon or barber.....he is a shaggy boy not a prince at all!

  6. Logan looks very pleased with himself after his makeover.Bella would stay that way for about 5 mins! I'm finding more vintage bargains on ebay than the CS's right now too.It's going to be hot here tomorrow,so we'll be off to the sea...again! :0)

  7. The sun is not shining, but I am sooo glad for the relief from the heat! We got a short downpour this morning and that will really help the grass and trees, which were starting to show heat stress by turning yellow and brown.
    The blue toile and buffalo check fabrics and cotton lace you found are truly beautiful. I love blues!

  8. Your dog is so cute! Glad you found some bargains - it is definitely getting more difficult to find reasonably priced stuff in the charity shops!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. I love love LOVE the matchbox covers. Coveting the matchbox covers!!! What a fantastic find, as the the other things too. Enjoy! xxx

  10. I've never really thought of ephemera as ephemeral! Your labels are gorgeous - what a bargain! In fact all your goodies are great bargains :)
    Logan is looking very swish with his new do :)

  11. ooooo bargains! Love bargains. Look forward to seeing what you make with it all.

  12. I love the word 'emphemera' too, Gill! I also loved all your fabrics and the pretty cards too. Logan looks so perfect all washed and brushed up like that. I hope he settles down in the car for you, I do remember the sound of poodle howling/whining on trips with our own dog!! Your holiday plans sound great, by the way - hope you have a lovely time!
    Helen x

  13. Hi Gill,

    Your dog looks so sweet with his new coiffure! You found some amazing things.....and those prices! I look forward to see where you will use the fabric and ribbon for.

    Thank you for taking part in my giveaway and putting a link on your blog. I appreciate it very much :-)!

    Enjoy your week. They say it's going to be lovely!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  14. Oops just noticed my typo there and seem to have invented a new word - I did mean 'ephemera' of course, really! Must try and read through my comments properly!
    Helen x

  15. Ahh - Logan looks so sweet. Charlie our dog is long overdue to go to the doggie parlour. I don't know how he can stand the current heatwave. We put the sprinkler on today thinking that he would love to cool down - it had the opposite effect, he ran for cover! Great e-bay finds!

  16. Hi Gill,
    New to your blog so haven't seen your beautiful poodle before... I have a miniature black poodle called Molly who is 13.5 years old. If you would like me to get the Hungarian sayings on the cards translated I have a very good Hungarian friend who would do it. Email me if you want:
    Nice to find you, Jill :)x

  17. what a very lovly lam.

    greatings send you Conny

  18. I Love it all! Ooooh, the cotton lace...
    Maybe most of all your cute 'young man' dog.

    Best wishes,

  19. Now that cotton lace would make a really interesting pattern if I pressed it into some soft clay - I'm off to look on EBay for some right now! The designs on the cards are great!

  20. I like all those 'e' words too. Can't quite get into the 'e' bay thing though! Your little dog is so cute and isn't he a lovely colour? x

  21. Welcome to blogland!

    Brenda at Cozy Little House sent me over here to say hi.

    I want to invite you to my Bunny Hop blog party. It is a way for new bloggers to network with other new bloggers.

    Come on over a take a look :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  22. I too, was featured at Cozy Little House. I love the fabrics you found on ebay - especially the blue check and toile! Having managed a quilt shop, I envy your great finds. Half the fun is figuring out what to do with them!

    Enjoy !

  23. I love the little lamb that you made and your puppy dog is so sweet! I'm not new to your blog but I'm saying WELCOME from the Cozy little house! ♥ Happy blogging! ♥

  24. Toile and check are one of my favorite combinations!

    Logan looks very satisfied with himself after his trip to the "spa". That's what we call going to the groomer at our house :)

  25. I saw you mentioned on Cozy Little House.

    Very cute blog...

  26. smile ~ smile ~ smile ~ look at that DARLING little Logan !!! he looks ALOT like my sweet Teddy...that sure brought a SMILE to my face !!!

    i loved everything...i fell IN LOVE with that blue gingham...swoon~~~

    happy to stop by today and give Logan hug

    sending love across the ocean

    kary and teddy

  27. Hi there! I'm visiting from Cozy Little House and Atlantic Canada. You have a sweet blog!

  28. Awww.... I love your doggie! And your blog. - Lana via Cozy Little House

  29. What a great blog......I heard of you threw a blog in Canada!.....
    A Vintage Green!...
    Great looking fabric & sweet doggie!

  30. I've come over from Cozy Little House. I peeked at a few of your posts and enjoyed the beautiful, colourful linens. The baking looked pretty fabulous too!

  31. Hi Gill,
    Looks like Logan is all ready for his holidays! Hope you are having a lovely time if that's where you are now.
    You are always so clever at picking the bargains, the matchbox labels are really lovely and will be wonderful framed, it's always so nice to have something a bit different.
    I have your instuctions printed out and am ready to attack the orange pine with a paintbrush this week, wish me luck!x

  32. Your dog is adorable..and I do love your blue fabrics. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Happy new week to you.

  33. You certainly seem to find the bargains, and some unusual items too. I have no luck in our local charity shops either, and yet friends seem to find amazing things like boden skirts fo a couple of pounds! I saw a lovely art deco style teapot at Padstow at the weekend in a charity shop, but they wanted £25 for it! I have no idea if it was worth it, I was just shocked that a charity chop would have such an expensive item!
    Logan is looking pretty gorgeous there.
    Becky x

  34. Hi Gill, so sorry I haven't visited in a while, things have been a little busy with work so I haven't been able to do much reading. I can see that you have been busy though. Your fabric buys are amazing, how on earth do you do it? I'm off to catch up with your posts that I've missed. Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x Loving your new header!

  35. Just popped over to say Hi, and be nosey after my holiday :o)

    Hope you're all fine and dandy there.

    Take care,

    Love Donna x

  36. Hi Gill, many thanks for all the lovely comments. Good luck with the autumn creativity! Looking forward to hearing about your Welsh adventures. Much love, Linda x

  37. Loving all your lovely treats on this page, especially the lamb! Sorry haven't written on your blogs for ages. Have been bit slack. Hope all well, I am doing my first give away on my blog. Took me about two months to figure out! hahha
    take care for now, Becca x

  38. Hi Gill, just dropped by as you've been gone a while. Hopefully you're away on your hols, having fun. Lesley x


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