Friday, 20 May 2011

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!


First week of exams over for Bella, and now three days off to prepare for next lot, so we are little bit more laid back here this morning - breakfast in bed (strawberries, cereal and a naughty jam doughnut!) for the "worker" and a snuggle with her dog before getting on with more revision.

photo by Bella

Whilst I've been "away" for a little while, a few good bloggy things have been happening!

Firstly, I have not had a chance to thank Sarah in a post for the lovely Easter giveaway goodies that I won a couple of weeks ago from her at Homemade Gorgeous

This beautiful parcel arrived, wrapped in the loveliest pink and white spotted tissue paper.

All sorts of Easter goodies here - a really sweet little handmade bunny and a pretty handmade decorated felt easter egg; a fab magazine full of home ideas; some fun drink stirrers for all those lovely summer drinks; pretty lilac buttons for projects; lovely pink nail varnish which is scented; some pretty flower seeds, already sewn, and last but very quickly comsumed was a yummy cream egg!

Thankyou so much Sarah, they are wonderful goodies!
Do go and visit Sarah at homemade gorgeous as she has a lovely blog full of all sorts of sewing and gardening things!

Another "thankyou" goes to Becky at The Fluff Pot, who won my first giveaway a little while ago.

A surprise package came through the letterbox which had me puzzled as I was sure I wasn't expecting anything from either Messrs eBay or Amazon.

On opening, it was a wonderful surprise to receive these lovely "thankyou" gifts from Becky

who had made this fantastic felted and decorated brooch

and these wonderful little felted acorns and leaves

and there was also this exquisite vintage lace

as well as a lovely packet of sweet pea seeds

This was such an unexpected and thoughtful selection of gifts, as through my posts Becky has picked up on my love of vintage lace and linen, and of gardening, and I am so thrilled to be the recipient of some of her beautiful handmade felted makes - the acorns are amazing, sitting in real little acorn cups!

Thank you so much Becky!
For those of you interested in felt making, head over to Becky's lovely blog as she has recently posted about a felted bag she is making, together with photos.

I have also been very lucky to have been awarded not one but two Blog Awards from the lovely Jane at Hook and Yarn!!

The Versatile Blogger Award

and the Liebster Blog Award!

Thank you Jane, I am so glad you are enjoying my blog!
Do go and visit Jane as she is making some lovely crochet cushions at the moment, with instructions!

I shall leave you with a few pictures from the garden, mostly taken by Bella

red rose

 Not sure what these bright bluey purple flowers are - will look them up for next time

 large orange poppy

yellow and white iris (i think!)

reddy orange geum

beautiful yellow rose

I shall be back soon with a list of the Blogs to whom I shall pass on the awards, so watch this space - it could be you!!! 


  1. Hi Gill, what a brilliant week you've had. Lovely gifts and awards. Well done you. You deserve it, I know how stressful these exam weeks can be. I often think it's actually more stressful as a parent. I love the vintage lace, it really is beautiful, any idea what you will use it for? Good luck for another week of exams. Have a good weekend. Lesley x

  2. The photo of the cream jug with the honesty is gorgeous! You have received some lovely things through the post - especially the acorns! Good luck to Bella with her exams! x

  3. Lovely to see your post today, Gill! Lots of pretty things to look at - you have had a lot of treats and quite rightly so! I feel for you going through the GCSE taking time with your daughter - I know what that's like! Enjoy your weekend and your beautiful flowers.
    Helen x

  4. Oooh, what lovely things you received! The acorns are brilliant - I shall check out that blog. Lovely flower pictures - gardens are a joy at the moment aren't they? Good luck with the GCSEs! Have a good weekend, Abby x

  5. Beautiful flower photo's and again good luck to your daughter for the rest of her exams.

    Thanks for putting the other blogs on will check them out.

    Have a fab weekend!

    Leah x

  6. Oh my goodness Gill, you really have been showered with lovliness! How very thoughtful of Becky to do that. I do love her little acorns. The giveaway you won was lovely too, all those little indulgent girlie things. Well done getting through the first exams, good luck with the rest. Thanks for your lovely comments, much love to you, Linda x

  7. Oh my you have been blessed with many treasures Momma!
    Little sweet Logan...can we trade George found something that was deceased in the woods....Lets just say he got a bath! Yuck

  8. Love the look of your parcels - what lovely things to receive!

    Pomona x

  9. So glad you like them, Gill. It seems like my timing was perfect! Hope Bella gets a little r and r this weekend before her next lot of exams.
    Becky x
    PS. Yes I did make the boxes using my sizzix machine - well remembered!

  10. Forgot to also say congratulations on your blog awards. Absolutely deserved too!
    Becky x

  11. Hmmm, I think Bella will always have photography to fall back on, lovely photos, especially of Logan. Arggghhhh, I'm even more stressed with GCSEs now, Daniel took his geology exam today which was on the computer for the first time and it stopped working half way through, apparently a nationwide problem. Thank God he's not stressed because I surely am. What wonderful parcels you received, I do love those acorns, so authentic. Congratulations on your awards, very well deserved. I do love your jug of honesty, aren't those seed pods so tactile? Even more so once they've turned to silver. I remember my grandma always having them in a dried flower arrangement in her house, fond memories. Please pass on my best wishes to Bella, I'm pleased she had a bit of a pamper in bed this morning and what can be more rewarding than a snuggle with Logan, bliss. I'm sure she's doing you proud.

  12. I love the acorns and the brooch....such a fun giveaway you won!!!
    I love your flower arrangement, I wish we could grow those lovely seed pod plants in Alaska!!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Chris :o)

  13. Oh Gill, that bouquet is just beautiful! What are those coin shaped seedheads? Want some! You have got some gorgeous things from kind and clever Blogettes! Lovely xxx

  14. aawww what lovely thoughtful gifts enjoy them all. Love the brooch really sweet. And your flowers are gorgeous. have a lovely weekend, dee x

  15. it's great to find your lovely blog and thanks for visiting mine too. I sympathise with the revision stress, it is AS exams in this house. Your dog is adorable, lovely photos.
    Ann x

  16. What a fun package!!! And your garden is so beautiful! I wanted to stop by and say please don't feel bad!! I LOVE most of the china made in England!! ALL my fancy china dinnerware and teacups and teapots come from you guys!!! And they are wonderful!!!!! But the Franciscan Rose stoneware was changed after it moved to England, and not for the better. (I think it would have been better for the company to stop making it, rather than changing the quality.)

  17. Wow, what a great mail week. I just love receiving parcels in the mail - it makes a big change from bills! I do get in trouble for all the cute etsy paercels that come my wy, so I am tyring to be good at the moment.
    All those beautiful blooms in the garden and of course that cute boy Logan. I never tire of seeing pics of people's pets!

  18. Such a lovely colourful post. I do love flowers on blogs, they really brighten them up, and it's such a treat to scroll down to see such beauties :o)

    Lucky you to have recieved such gifts! I'm loving those felted acorns especially :o)

    have a lovely weekend Gillyflower. x

  19. Hope that next week goes well.
    A jammy donut sounds like the perfect treat at exam time.
    Congrats on your well deserved awards.
    Lisa x

  20. Hope next week goes well! it won't be long and they'll be all over! Cx

  21. Hi Gill and HAPPY to stop by today for a visit...what a lovely post....but i think you know my FAVORITE part...LOGAN !!!!

    gosh, he really does look like my Teddy!!!!

    i'll be back again soon...

    kary and teddy

  22. Hi Gill, so happy your Bella is getting a break from her exams! Hope everything goes well for her. I'm sure my buddy Logan was a great comfort for her . . . lovely gifts and the flowers are beautiful!

    Have a great day!


  23. Hello Gill,
    Congrats on your well deserved awards.
    You are so very lucky to receive such gorgeous goodies, I have fallen in love with those wonderful acorns. Your jug of honesty looks so pretty and natural, my idea of a perfect flower arrangement.
    I went back to see if I had missed the name of the lovely blue flowers as I don't think I know them and I have a penchant for blue flowers.
    Good luck to Bella for next week, I am sure you are already planning your end of exam celebrations! x

  24. The bouquet in the first image is just lovely...the pods are so is the image of Logan! :)
    Congratulations on recieving all of your deserve them! The acorns are very fun, love them!
    Best to Bella on her exams and have a lovely, sunny week!
    xo J~

  25. Hope the exams went well and good luck for the rest! I was always a bit of a last minute crammer and had to virtually stay up all night revising for the last few weeks! If only I had my time back I would pace myself! Lovely photos. Like that brooch and the acorns!

  26. I have felted acorn envy, definatly want some of those.
    And thank you for the idea of a table runner for my Japanese flower whatsit, hmmmm, have to ponder on that one.
    Take care Pixie
    Love your blog. x


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