Thursday, 5 May 2011

51 Kisses

in my Birthday card today

As I can't buy you all cream cakes, I'd like to share some of my favourite inspirational interior photos with you instead

love that wallpaper

love the mix of colours and that floral fabric

 love the quilt and turquoise walls

the buttons give me an idea and inspiration for finishing Bella's Birthday quilt

I want a pink dressing table now!

beautiful porch settee, love those cushions!

love these colours together

sugared almond sweetness

that yellow voile against the bright cushions is fab!

All images from Vintage Home

Which images inspire you?


  1. Happy Birthday Gill, have a wonderful day!!!
    Just a kiss and a half ahead of you. :)
    I love that day bed in the garden, wouldn't that just be bliss, although not here today as the rain has arrived, I know it's needed but still!
    Vivienne x

  2. Happy Birthday! I love all those images! - so pretty and light and fresh! It's probably me doing something wrong, but when I clicked on VintageHome, it took me to my blog! Abby x

  3. Happy Birthday Gill ^__^

    Many kisses and have a special day!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Favourite image is the bedroom, love the curtain fabric

  5. Happy birthday Gill - I hope it's a wonderful, indulgent day. :)

    I am crazy about those images - they capture the very heart of all my decor fantasies - the colours are fabulous.

    In particular, the third and fourth images, of that turquoise, cream and pink room - LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Maybe that seems OTT but it sings to me. I am going to keep it as inspiration for our bedroom - which is due a makeover.

    Where did you find these images? All over or in one place?

  6. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! I absolutely loved all the pictures you chose for this post, such delicious colours! and the flowers at the top are a beautiful combination. Have a wonderful day, Gill.
    Helen x

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  8. Thanks for all your Birthday Wishes!

    Abby, I boobed on the link, sorry everyone, but its now fixed! It was linked back to cos i had a mini crash just as i was doing the link - should've checked first!

    Wendz, the images are mainly from April at Vintage Home, maybe the odd March one - its a great site! I love those colour combinations too!

    Gill xx

  9. Happy Birthday Gill, hope you have a very special day! Sorry I had to remove my previous comment as I didn't check my spelling and had written something slightly rude! Anyway, I popped in to tell you that I made your banana bread (am having some as I speak) andI am highly delighted with it, thankyou. I altered it a little by adding some chopped up dark chocolate and 1tblsp. of peanut butter, instead of nuts and flaked almonds on top, lovely. Love Linda x p.s. I just adore the little posy at the top of your pictures.

  10. No worries Gill, it was me being a silly beggar! Have a lovely day. Linda x

  11. A Very, Very Happy Birthday to you! I agree that pink dressing table is lovely!

  12. Happy Birthday to you and many more to come. Gorgeous post!!

  13. Happy birthday Gill have a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing those beautiful images with us i adore that bedroom its just stunning and i just want to go and sit on the bed and take its beauty in. And that little white room to with such delicate pretty colours in. Enjoy your day, dee x

  14. Many Happy Returns! this pretty post cheered me up no end. Now, what can I do to butter up Logan?

  15. Happy birthday, Gill. Hope you're having a wonderful day. The quilt on your fourth picture is gorgeous.

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I love the pink dressing table.

  17. Happy 26th Anniversary of your 25th Birthday Gill! I hope you have a fantastic day! Love the photos, I have almost that exact mirror over my buffet in my dining room! LOL!! Everything has a very Laura Ashley feel to it, and I just adored her!


  18. Happy birthday, dear! And now I want a pink dressing table, too. :)

  19. Happy birthday Gill! Delightful happy, happy images - so happy. Kindest regards from five kisses ahead Gill.

  20. Happy Birthday Gill, hope you have a wonderful, fun packed day. That pink dressing table is fab, think I need one too. Oh to have a front porch, that would be nice. Lesley x

  21. Dear Gill,

    Happy Birthday!!! You don't look a bit like 51 on the photo! I hope you will have a beautiful sun filled day.

    Love your collection of photo's. They are just beautiful!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  22. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes and lovely comments here - its so lovely of you all, I am starting to feel much better!
    Madelief, you are too kind! That photo was taken last year after my 50th, I think the black and white hides the wrinkles!
    Glad everyone likes these cheery photos!

  23. Happy birthday to you!
    Will have a cake later in your honour!
    Hope you had a fab day.
    Lisa xx

  24. Happy Birthday! Those pictures are amazing - I want EVERYTHING in them! xxx

  25. Hope you are having a wonderful day...Happy,happy Birthday!
    Thank you for those dreamy images. :0)

  26. Have a wonderful Birthday!!!!
    Loved your photos!!
    Chris :o)

  27. Oodles of birthday happiness, Gill. I love your photos....I particularly like that gorgeous sofa in the garden....a perfect spot for a bit of crafting in the sunshine! xxx

  28. Thanks for the link - I cannot get enough of those images - they are delightful. I want to dive onto each photo and stay there.

  29. Glad you had a lovely girly day with a new cookbook to boot. I should have left the comment on it would have given you a good laugh, I said pooped instead of popped! I can't believe it, my hubby who doesn't have a sweet tooth and normally doesn't eat my cakes, can't get enough of your banana bread! Love Linda x

  30. Happy Birthday ! x Hope you've had a smashing day. Those interiors are very inspirational - so pretty, lovely colours x The knitting pattern for the wash cloth I have done is from Let's Knit magazine - Issue 41 April 2011. It's my favourite knitting magazine and I'm always finding patterns in there to try. I'm going to try another wash cloth in pink. Tested with water and it makes the grade! x Leah x :)

  31. Happy birthday Gill,
    Hope you have had a lovely day. I like to imagine that you have spent it lolling around on that fabulous day bed in the garden with a long drink! It would be wonderful to step into some of those beautiful photos.x

  32. Happy Birthday Gill! Have a fabulous cream cakey day! Cx

  33. Happy Birthday Gill! Have a wonderful day - and remember that calories don't exist on your birthday!!!

  34. Happy Birthday! :) Great pics too, think I'd quite like to live in that house... :)

  35. Hope you had a lovely birthday Gilly!!! Wishing you a glorious next beautiful year of your precious life!!

    Love all these images...esecially the first one, rasberry and flower combo's are a particular favorite!
    xo J~


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