Monday, 23 May 2011

Flower Show and Keeping Sane

Well, here we are at the start of Week 2 of The Exams having successfully got through Week 1 intact and still relatively sane.

This week is a little less hectic for Bella, with only 4 exams, each on a different day and all starting at 9am so out of the way early with the rest of the day free to rest and revise for the next day.

Resting has taken the form of lots of sleeping and cuddling and playing with Logan

and taking photos of whatever she can find of interest in the garden, including her rather tired and battered Mum (recovering from cold and exam support stress!)

a rare photo of moi (glasses pushed on top of head as usual - I'm still vain after all these years about wearing them in photos, and this photo is the best of several - the other ones were too clear and showed up all my lines and grey hairs!)

and around the house


my birthday present from Mum and Dad who popped over for lunch today - am thrilled with this distressed metal napkin holder full of Cath Kidston napkins, and funnily enough had been thinking of treating myself to something similar from Dibor (love their stuff so much!)

And a few of my flower photos of this lovely purple flower, which I still do not know the name of as I keep forgetting to look it up!

Whilst suffering from a cold and trying to keep myself from panicking wildly about Bella and her exam revision (or lack of), I have been busy taking my mind off "things" (in between the usual chores, running around doing exam runs and shopping - just so you don't think I do nothing but read and sew ; 0  )


1) reading an old favourite book " The Diary of a Provincial Lady" by E. M. Delafield - there is something so comforting and familiar to me about this book, that crosses the social barriers and the time differences, with its down to earth continually counting the pennies and worrying about children and husband who says very little and falls asleep with The Times every night, so that even though it is set in an pre-war era with maids, cooks and gardeners and in an entirely different social background with boarding schools and French governesses, I can relate to it. 

and 2) finishing off some patchwork and hand-quilted cushion fronts from a year or two ago, mainly by adding some brightly coloured tied "bits" or tufting and a bit of embroidery

made from old shirts

Bears Paw blocks

made from old shirts

embroidery on a crazy patchwork cushion front

3) by hanging some "new" old beautifully soft and gently faded linen Sanderson curtains in our bedroom (Chelsea Rose???)

4) by rather scarily being enchanted when finding a bright red leathery rhodendron leaf (probably indicating some plant or soil nutrient deficiency?) at virtually the same time as delightedly picking up a heart shaped white rose petal and then taking photos of them (maybe the "still being sane" thing at the beginning was untrue??)

And 5) by looking forward to Chelsea Flower Show, where I'm visiting on Wednesday! I am so looking forward to that!!  Went 2 years ago for the first time and loved it!

So, a huge Thank You to you all for your lovely comments and best wishes for Bella and of your support (for me!) during these exam weeks.

Be back soon with reports of Chelsea Flower Show and my list of Blog Awards!!


  1. Oh Gill you are so lucky to be going to the Chelsea Flower Show, it's actually on TV as I type, I would so love to go!! The Monaco garden looks wonderful!
    Best wishes to Bella, been there, done that, twice so I feel your stress!!
    Enjoy Chelsea!
    Vivienne x

  2. Lovely flower pics. I love CXhelsea Flower Show - we've been a few times, but not gloing this time, so look forward to hearing about it! You deserve a break after all the exam support - I remember those years well! I think the purple flower is a campanula? Really nice patchwork - quite 'New England'. Abby x

  3. Ohhhh envy...the Chelsea Flower Show!!! You lucky, lucky girl! Enjoy!! I too love "Provincial Lady"..always raises a smile! Cx

  4. Sorry...also meant to add my love for your patchwork!! So pretty! Cx

  5. You look lovely and young in that photo! :)

    Enjoying your patchwork very much - especially the hand embroidery touches. They are lovely. I need to exercise patience and do some of that myself. So pretty.

    I'd love to visit the Chelsea flower show - maybe next year! Anyway enjoy it -lots.

    Oh and those bedroom curtains are right up my street - absolutely beautiful.

  6. Crazy patchwork looks lovely and bright.My sister had those sanderson curtains years ago.Funny she was just saying the otherday that she would love to go back to that old english country look.Strange how things come back into fashion. ciao Alison

  7. I love the Chelsea Flower Show, hope you have a wonderful time. I would so love to go there one day too! x It's fantastic!

    Love all the patchwork you have done as well.

    Leah x

  8. Such a lovely post, Gill. Your patchworks are really beautiful colours and I love the little tufts of brighter thread you added. Sorry you've had a cold added to the exam support stress, and I hope the Chelsea Flower Show will make you feel loads better! Your own flowers look lovely. and the Diary of a Provincial Lady is one of my own comfort reads too. (Did you know that there's also a book called Provincial Daughter written by E M Delafield's real daughter in a similar style? I read it earlier this year).
    Hope the week goes well for you.
    Helen x

  9. I am so envious! I desperately want to go to the Chelsea flower show but of course with my job I don't get to choose when I can take time off. 2 years ago my husband looked into it for me when I was on maternity leave but it turned out to be less than 2 weeks before Little Mannie was due so not a good plan! I watched the programme on telly tonight and positively drooled over some of the gardens created!
    I will be with you in spirit and insist that you post about your day! Enjoy every minute!
    What is that beautiful plant you have with the cream/pink flowers and deep burgundy leaves? Stunning!
    I want to call the blue flowers scilla but i don't think the leaves are right for that. I then thought of an allium because of the globe shape, but again the leaves are wrong. That's going to bother me now! I will let you know if I find out.
    All the best to Bella.
    Becky x

  10. You look lovely Gill. Beautiful flowers and the patchwork is gorgeous, all red, white and blue.Hope you feel a little better tomorrow. Lucky you going to Chelsea, I'd love to go. All the best to your daughter in her exams and love to you, Linda x

  11. Beautiful flower pictures and continuing blessings to both Bella and the family. Just a bit more to go now.

  12. awww you look lovely ;-) Lovely flower photo's love the blue one what ever it is. And your patch work cushions are gorgeous. dee x

  13. Today is our last day of school for the next 3 months.....yeah!
    I was on a field trip yesterday and a little girl said you have some grey hairs....thank you I said, kids! I love your photo and Logan's!
    love your furniture and the little quilt top!
    the flowers are out of this world we are just starting to see some!

  14. Hi Gill, glad things are going well for Bella, and hope it continues that way, so you can stay calm and sane! I think your flower looks like some sort of campanula? I love your patchwork, it's so pretty, and I love to see pretty things made from boring things like shirts!
    love Jane x

  15. Chelsea Flower Show on the tv behind me as I type. I love all your photos and your bedroom looks wonderful with those curtains up. xxx

  16. SO much gorgeousness in one post - where do I start! Cuddling, sleeping and playing with pooch sound very therapeutic for Bella. Your quilting is really beautiful. I especially love the shirting one. And your photo is lovely - a flower among flowers :) xxx

  17. Well all the stress isn't doing you too much harm Gill, you look lovely and young in the photo!
    I think the rhododendron leaf and heart petal make an interesting and arty photo so I am pretty sure you are still sane!
    Your patchwork is beautiful, I especially love the old shirt one.
    Like so many others have said, I am deeply envious of your Chelsea visit, I'll have to be content with watching it on telly but hope you have a great time and I'll look forward seeing it through your eyes.x

  18. It is easier to take the exams than watch a child go through them :-). I am new to your blog and have spent some time browsing through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a lovely spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  19. Love all your flowers, and the gift from your parents is just lovely! I think you know which photo's my favorite, yup, the little curly fur ball! I bet he and Duke would have a blast! Your quilt pillows are stunning, I wish I had a bed full of them! I have to start quilting - soon! Have a great weekend!



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