Thursday, 26 May 2011

About a Boy

Just a quickie post for all those puppy lovers out there!

This is an old post I drafted and never posted for some reason, but it seems a shame not to share these photos whilst I'm "tidying" up my "blog desk" !!

We hadn't had Logan long when all this occured, so he looks pretty tiny here!

After a short but rather muddy walk through the woods the other day, we thought Logan's first bath was long overdue (as I said, this was a while back!)

We couldn't resist taking a few snaps!

Poor Logan looking a bit like a drowned rat!

Look at these mad (yellow??!!!) eyes as Logan was rushing round the bedroom whilst we tried to dry him!

We were told he was used to baths and being dried by hairdryer by the breeder - but Logan preferred the old fashioned rub along the carpet method

As these are mainly "action" shots they are a little blurry!!

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  1. So cute. Archie does that rub along the carpet thing too, and then tries to grab the towel and run away with it!

  2. ;-))) awwww bless him cute post ;-)) dee x

  3. That is one cute little one!
    love the photographs.

  4. So cute, reminds me of Dukes first home bath! I have to close the door when I give him a tubbie or he'll run!

  5. We have a tsitzu (spelling wrong perhaps) who is called Googly (thats a term in cricket!) who looks just like this.

  6. He is so cute! I just love doggie bath time, they have so much fun afterwards trying to dry off!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Too cute! Our toy poodle used to love bath time and would then parade up and down the garden to show off. She was such a stereo-typical poodle! Loved her to bits!

  8. Aah,very,very cute! Bella has an aversion to water when it comes to bathing,but loves to wallow in every muddy pool she comes across! :0)

  9. Adorable!!! Logan is such a those 'mad yellow eyes' still show up at bath time? ;)
    xo J~

  10. Funny how dogs love water when its not bath time but then run a mile when it is!
    Think the "mad yellow eyes" must have been due to the light when we took the photos - havent noticed them since!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments!
    Gill xx


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