Thursday, 26 May 2011

Please pass it on!

As I am already in arrears with my blog posts,  I thought I'd better do a few short posts to catch up rather than the usual longish "throw it all in the pot together " posts that I usually do.

I must post promptly about my trip to the Chelsea Flower Show (hopefully later today or tomorrow ) and also pass on my recent Blog Awards from the lovely Jane at Hook and Yarn to other blogs.

First up then, the Blog Awards!

Rather than pass on both awards to individual blogs I have decided to split them and pass on each award seperately. 

The Liebster Blog Award  I would like to pass on to some of my favourite newer blogs, or those with less than 100 followers (which I think is one of the requirements?).

I think it is also part of the "rules" (what rules?!!!) that those awardees have to post 7 things about themselves - as I did this with my first Liebster Award a few months ago I am assuming I have already done this (takes too long to think up ANOTHER 7 amusing things!) and therefore being very naughty and breaking the rules this time!

There are so many lovely blogs out there, it is so difficult to choose just a few, but I have finally narrowed it down to

Do check out their lovely blogs!

The Versatile Blogger Award I would like to pass on to

Chris at Squirrelhaus
Simone at Linden Grove

Congratulations to all the above - do go visit their lovely blogs!

There, that was quick!

Be back later with some other shorter posts to knock off a few more on the list!!

Edited to add:links to award winning blogs now done at last - sorry about delay folks!!!

Further edit: Seem to be still having a problem leaving comments so I cannot let the winners know at present!


  1. Congratulations on the awards, I will check out the blogs you have nominated, I find this a great way of finding new blogs to read. I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday, I'm looking forward to reading your post about it. I have been trying to comment on your previous post but I've been having problems commenting on some blogs this week, it seems there's been some issues with Blogger.

  2. Hi Gill, you lucky thing getting to the flower show. Now you've told me there was a David Austin display, I'm even more jealous! I love the lupin at the top of your post - I always thought I didn't like lupins - too many colours just mushed in together - but that one is beautiful.I'm looking forward to visiting some new blogs too!
    Love Jane x

  3. Gorgeous lupin, I'm afraid mine has taken a bit of a blasting from those severe winds we've been having lately, I do love them (the lupins not the winds).
    Looking forward to the Chelsea post!! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. I much prefer shortish posts, you can take it all in. I'm with Jo (above) lots of blogger issues these days.

  5. Congrats on the awards, I'm off to check out the blogs you nominated :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Your so that image I want a dozen of them!

  7. You lucky bunny going to Chelsea! That is a beautiful specimen your lupin.Mine are in pots and are just starting to bloom.Congrats on your (well deserved) awards! Off to have a look at those blogs too. :0)

  8. Thank you SO much Gill!!! I really appreciate you thinking of A & P xxx PS do you think red valerian would be good for a cottage garden border?

  9. Hi Gill, I'm so touched, Thank you!.....I didn't know there were rules! whoops how do you find out what the rules are?! I didn't even know you have to pass them on, am such a novice.
    Beautiful photo's as always, I've watched some of the Chelsea flower show, so lovely xx

  10. Well done on your awards, Gill! You deserve them. I absolutely love your beautiuful lupin photo. Mine snapped off in the gales - and there was me thinking there were only the snails to worry about...but it has some new buds too, so hopefully will look like yours eventually!
    Helen x

  11. Well none of you seem to have problems leaving comments now like I am!
    Sorry all those awardees who are only fingding out by being here that they have won and award but I have tried leaving comments but with little success!
    Fading Grace, have tried on and off all day, 4 or 5 times, to leave you comments, so sorry! So you may suddenly get loads of comments from me! Re: rules! As far as the Versatile Blogger award is concerned I think all you need do, if you so wish, is to post about the award linking back to the awarder, display the award, then pass it on! But there are no Blogging police!
    RE: the Liebster Award - i think the awardee is meant to do the same as above but in addition to write 7 things about themselves, and to pass it on to newer blogs or those with under 100 followers.
    Andrea, red valerian would be wonderful in a cottage border and is very traditional - the white variety would also look great! I have some in my garden and will try to post a pic.
    We are having gales as I type so maybe my lupins will be history soon too.

  12. Thank you so much for passing the versatile blogger award on to me. 'Versatile' now that's not a name I have been called before! The lupin photo is stunning!!! x

  13. Thank you so much for my award, G - my first! I'll do the seven things bit as soon as poss and pass it on. Beautiful lupin, by the way xxx

  14. Thank you for passing the Liebster award to me - well chuffed :) x Leah

  15. Well done on all your awards, you so deserve it, you do so well,
    I have found it hard this month to keep up with blogging.
    Big Congratulations


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