Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Edge of Reason..........

Oh dear, another wet cold day, another crochet trimmed pillowcase.

Well, what's a girl to do when it's pouring with rain outside, the washing's on, the dishwasher's on, loads of shirts have been ironed for my husband, a dress hemmed for my daughter (she's off to Paris at the weekend!!!), the dog's been trimmed ( not with crochet..............yet! ) and brushed..........so time for me to play a little so I edged another set of vintage pillowcases!

This one in blue and white Sirdar Calico.

The colours reminded me of the lovely blue and white Adriatic Pheasant dishes I bought in an Antique shop on holiday last summer in Devon.

I bought three of varying ages, all old - one is possibly turn of the century. I love them for their gorgeous blue, faded, cracked and slightly chipped charm, and they always look beautiful filled with bright citrus fruits

Nearby another couple of favourite vintage finds catch my eye

a vintage japanese blossom design flask in duck egg blue, rusty and charming, bought for a pound at a boot fair

 a rusty old tin in faded pink, with decorative scrolls and courting couples, bought for a few pounds at the Decorative Living Fair at Eridge Park last year.......so pretty

And they form a useful purpose as book-ends for my cookery books on the kitchen window sill.

Also catching my eye in my kitchen today, whilst the rain beat against the windows, was this vintage butter dish from the 30's, with a green honeycomb design and gold trim, and the pretty coffee coloured mason and cash measuring cups I bought for my daughter

..............cheerful red gingham hearts hanging on my cream painted dresser................

and pink roses..........not real ones, but roses on my tea caddy and favourite mug of the moment............

on my Greengate tea-towels..............


on my favourite soft brushed cotton pyjamas, washed and ready to wear tonight! 
( Nooooooo!!!!  I can't believe I took a photo of my jimmies!!!!!  Good grief I wish the rain would stop!!!!)

But here's what has really made me smile today - my furry companion!

What's making you smile in your home today???


  1. Such gorgeous images, Gill. Blimey you've gone crocheted trimming mad haven't you? Love those dishes with the fruit and your "book ends". Your furry companion is adorable. xx

  2. I can understand this is your favourite mug, love the roses! Beautiful edges again, lovely colors. Oh, and I like your Greengate teatowels very much, I love all of Greengate actually (especialy the flowers and dots!).
    x Margriet

  3. A post full of eye candy, just what I need to cheer me up on this chilly evening. The snow's started to fall but I'm hoping it doesn't hang around. I love all the trims on the pillowcases, and those dishes you brought home from you holiday in Devon are beauties.

  4. I think that you might have a small addiction to crocheted edges on your pillowcases!! It makes them look very pretty though. xx

  5. Hi Gill, the crochet edges are gorgeous, I've sat studying your photos pondering how it's done! Your house looks so pretty and cosy too. Love the vintage tins.
    Sally x

  6. Such a sweet post. I won't tell anyone I saw your PJ's. :) The pillowcases are darling!

  7. You really are on a roll with your pillowcases Gill...they are beautiful! I love your blue and white dishes too. Logan made me smile resting his chin on the ball of yarn.
    V xxx

  8. Thank you for sharing such pretties! I love all the blooms in your home, real or not! Chrissie x

  9. It only occurred to me earlier today, whilst reading your last post, that the edging you have been creating is very similar to how I learned to crochet as a child, albeit on a different item. My Nan had some small oval pieces of suede which had little holes around the edge. With the larger one placed against the small, she showed me how the yarn could be pulled through the same space several times with the hook, moving on to the next and the next until I had eventually worked the whole way around, finally folding the top over and making a purse! So nice to see you using something similar to give a new style to these pillowcases :)
    B x

  10. Your pillowcases are gorgeous, I don't have any vintage ones but what a difference a edging like yours to a plain white one would make. How do you get them so evenly spaced?
    Sally xxx

  11. Friendship is making me smile today. Making gifts and ignoring the rain.
    You have quite the crochet edging habit...whats next?

  12. Oh there is so much to swoon over in this gorgeous post and most certainly so much to smile over too. I love your pretty pillowcases, you're on a roll and those gorgeous Adriatic pheasant dishes, oh my faints!! Loving that flask, once wanted the exact same one, but didn't get it, sniff sniff and the very gorgeous tin. I am sucker for old butter dishes and this is a particularly pretty one. It seems that there is so much to smile over here and how cute is your furry friend, definitely snuggle worthy! Enjoy your week even when its wet inside there is so much to smile about! xoxo

  13. So much eye candy . . . this post is gorgeous. I love your pillow cases. They remind me of my grandma and my mother. Those beautiful little touches that turn a pretty pillow case into an adorable one. Those are the things that turn a house into a home. Simply beautiful :)
    Happy Valentines
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  14. You have a nice little stash of pretty pillowcases coming along there!
    Logan is such a cutie.
    Love the little peep into your home today and all the pretty floral goodness around.
    Lisa x

  15. It always looks sunny in your house, but I bet you're glad of the rain as an excuse for a bit of uplifting work with hook and yarn! I love the faded charm of your pale blue and white china, and the sweet tin! I WON'T say 'Hope the weather bucks up' as you clearly have plenty to keep you happy indoors!

  16. Hello Gill, I love your pillowcases, so pretty with your lovely crocheted edges on them. Love all your vintage bits and bobs, and oh Logan looks sooo cute. Hope all is well with you, and the weather is not disturbing you too much. Much love, Linda x

  17. Your home is filled with such gorgeous treasures. My favourite is the charming butter dish, such a lovely colour. Best wishes.


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