Thursday, 27 February 2014

Being tempted by other things............

Thank you everybody for your helpful and supportive comments on my last post!

Your comments have really helped me focus on this project, which I am now wishing was finished:

- partly because I like to get a project finished, 
- partly because I'm getting a little bored of crocheting the same pattern some days (other days I'm loving it) 
- partly because the mother-to-be is getting very near her due date
- and partly because I'm excited now to see the finished blanket! 

I have decided to stick with my original plan of having all pale pink flowers, despite liking the effect of the other, stronger pinks coming into play I think it will be better left simple.

Still a way to go though, only 16 pale pink ones finished as I had been busy getting on with the other pink ones at the expense of these......also nearly out of pink yarn so waiting for delivery, hopefully tomorrow.

And now my forever busy, forever designing mind is already mapping out the next projects, already being tempted by other things.

I have more crochet projects in mind, and did allow myself a little break from the blanket to try out this pretty Maybelle flower.

The original pattern can be found here .................and I found it via Annette at My Rose Valley blog, who has crocheted lots of these little beauties.

So a first practice one with a view to a new but hopefully quick project..........the pattern is beautifully simple and straightforward, and you can download a printable PDF version from Ms McKenna's blog - just click on the link above.

....................and, of course, more sewing projects for my Etsy Shop (which for some reason is not loading properly at the moment - not just mine either) using some of my wonderful and ever-growing stash of vintage and antique linens, laces and crochet pieces.

The weather here has been changeable, from Spring sunshine and blue skies, to heavy rain and even hail showers.........this is the view of my front garden yesterday afternoon after a bright sunny morning..........

But luckily there were Blueberry and Blackberry Cinnamon muffins indoors to distract me, made specially that morning because my good friend Jane from the flowerhouse blog came to visit, so lots of crochet chat and sharing of ideas - perfect!

Hope you have a good Friday and a great weekend!


  1. I think I'm glad you just decided to go with the pale pink squares, I love your little crochet flower too!
    Good job you had muffins to take your mind off the hail, brrrr!
    Happy weekend gill,
    V xxx

  2. Such pretty things. I made some Maybelle flower squares into a garland which I gave away on my blog a few months ago. They were really nice to make.

  3. Oh Gilly, I love the the blanket squares. What a gorgeous gift that will make. I keep missing your posts and I certainly don't want to miss any of your creativity. Do you like Etsy? Des it work well for you? I've been thinking of starting one...any advice? I have to go catch up with your other posts. You inspire me!

  4. Beautiful crochet I love the squares in the first photo, and your muffins look delish!! x

  5. That is going to be one lovely blanket, though I understand completely how boredom sets in...and what better way to energize than with cakes and a crafty friend round? ;-) Chrissie x

  6. Hello Gill
    You are a hive of activity and I love the pink and white baby blanket. Your creative mine is always imagining the next project which is fun. I love the combinations of fabric and lace for your Etsy Shop.
    Thank you for taking the time to visit and for your good wishes.
    Our art show is tomorrow night. We re looking forward to seeing everyone.
    Helen xx

  7. Crochet is so delicate looking. Very pretty ; )

  8. Sounds like you're busy! There are some beautiful textiles and lace there. The muffins look pretty good too. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  9. They all look pretty, yum blueberry muffins, I'm sure I still have some blueberries in the freezer from last year. I need to make blueberry muffins now!

  10. Your crochet blanket will be a wonderful new baby gift, Gill! I love your new crochet flower too and can see why you were tempted away! The buns look very delicious!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen xxx

  11. The baby blanket is going to lovely and that yarn is so soft - hang on in there and keep going! I like the Maybelle flower, very pretty and the muffins were delicious, thank you :o) Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  12. I love your posts - you get about four of my length posts into one of yours! They are so varied too. The baby blanket is making me go all funny - you can almost imagine cuddling a little baby in it ! You have to finish it - keep going! xCathy

  13. Yes I agree simplicity is often the key and I think the pale pink is the way forward. They are looking gorgeous and I am sure the Mother to be will be delighted!! It sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend and those muffins look delicious. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  14. Such a pretty pattern, one very lucky baby! What about just putting one of the darker pink ones in, randomly, perhaps near the bottom, to one side? But then I like a bit of random! :) x


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