Monday, 10 February 2014

Getting Edgy Again

Hi everybody, and thank you all for the comments you left on my last post. 

I have now finished the second of the pair of pillowcases edged in green and blue, and have since moved on to a few more. Am loving these crochet trims and am on a bit of a roll with them!

Several people have asked what yarn I used for the blue and green crochet trim, and I have since worked out that it must be Patons 100% Cotton DK, a mercerised cotton, based on finding a ball of this in my stash with the label still wrapped round it.

It makes up beautifully and is machine washable.

I found this pillowcase below that I edged with a simple crochet trim several years ago, but I crocheted the trim first and stitched it on afterwards rather than doing blanket stitch then crocheting into that, as I have above.

 I might have a go at some more like this as I like the pretty, subtle edge they add. You could add them to a vintage pillowcase or just perk up some of your current pillowcases. As I'm usually trying to give new life to unwanted fabrics, I like perking up any clean and good conditioned vintage ones I find.

I bought a few balls of Sirdar Calico cotton yarn last week, in white, primrose, pale pink and a pale apricot, as I managed to find another couple of sets of vintage floral pillowcases in the charity shop, again only 50p each.

The photo below was taken at night so the colours don't show up well. The pale pink looks more like the colour in the second photo below.

This is one of the vintage pillowcase sets I found, covered in sprigs of yellow tulips ( I think ), and I have trimmed them with a lovely coral Sirdar Calico DK yarn (60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic) from my stash, combined with a pale lime green Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton 4 ply (100% Cotton) to pick out the colour of the tiny leaves. 

I now wish I had used the Patons mercerised cotton for the contrast green though, as this 4 ply kept splitting as it's very like a 6 strand embroidery thread, and it also wasn't really thick enough. 

It also didn't have the same visual impact as the Patons, and instead of giving that strong pop of colour I was after, like the green and blue trim, it looks scanty!

This new crochet book arrived at the weekend - I think I saw it mentioned over on Annette's blog My Rose Valley, and thought it looked a goody. 

Full of lots of inspiring granny squares for all levels of crocheters, with both written and diagrammatic instructions, and some project ideas too.

Moving away from crochet, it struck me this morning whilst doing the washing up, that the basil on my windowsill is still going strong.

I've had this pot of basil since last spring, when I sowed a large pot of basil seeds in the greenhouse, and it's been flourishing on my kitchen windowsill ever since, providing fresh basil leaves for numerous dishes throughout summer, autumn and winter. It is still producing new leaves even now although some parts have died back.

This prompted me to take my camera outside this morning into the soggy and sad garden to see what is happening out there, and I spotted a few hopeful signs.

The first daffodil......

a scattering of the first purple crocus, closed against the rain and dull grey sky

a lone bright pink cyclamen hiding under a rhodedendron...............

This hellebore I planted last spring, and as the weather has been so foul for weeks and weeks, I still haven't yet taken off the leaves as advised by Alan Titchmarsh.

This shouldn't be flowering yet!

A single snowdrop

new foliage unfurling on a rose bush

lots of bright orange berries for the birds

.................last years trailing blue lobelia in the hanging baskets is regenerating................

................and indeed is still producing the odd flower!

Sprouting fuschia against a backdrop of wet leaves............

And although the sun is trying to come out now, after a very wet morning when Logan and I got drenched walking in the muddy, soggy orchards, I think I shall just settle down to some more of this.........

Have a good week everybody!


  1. Your crochet edging is gorgeous! The mercerised cotton seems to give a lovely crisp look. All those shoots and buds look so very promising - roll on Spring!

  2. I swear, every time I think I'll pop out in to the garden to see the progress and take some photos, it rains again! Well done you to have timed it so well! I am so ready for Spring.
    The crochet is gorgeous. x

  3. Your pillowcases are looking so pretty and I love the pretty pastel colours you are using now. I spent a little time in my garden this morning for the first time this year and it was so strange to see things flowering that is still suppose to be asleep. Your garden is looking really pretty. Enjoy your week xoxo

  4. The pillowcase edgings look so pretty!
    Our garden is just a boggy, tangled mess of storm debris and fallen fences :(
    M x

  5. Your crochet trims all look very pretty, and it is so nice to see some pictures of the things coming back to life in your garden - first daffodil!! Well done! xx

  6. Your pillowcases are lovely Gill such happy colours!
    Your garden is coming on too, no daffodils out here yet but they're on their way!
    Have a great week,
    V xxx

  7. Your pillow cases look lovely gill! Such pretty colours. Love your first signs of spring in the garden...looking forward to see more :-)!

    Madelief x

  8. Your crocheted pillowcase edging looks so pretty Gill, I'd love to have a go at this. Love the first little daffodil - roll on spring, the dog and I got yet another soaking this morning!! See you Wednesday.
    Jane xx

  9. I always make my own pillow cases too, I think they are very expensive and easy to make yours are lovely.

  10. I just adore the crochet edging on your pillow cases. I must have a go at it sometime. Isn't it nice to see signs of spring emerging even though you are still in winter and very soggy in the U.K. A little bit of garden colour lifts the spirits.
    Anne xx

  11. I have got to catch up with you. I know why I've lost track because every time I try to join your site and "follow" you it tells me to sign in and I'm already signed in so I have written your address down and will manually put you in my list...I'm so sorry and SO glad you persisted!
    We definitely have the same interests for sure! I tried those pillowcases and I had trouble with the blanket stitch bunching up on me. I've taken notes now and will get some of that Patton yarn and also I made the pillowcase and it turned out too big....I may just "start over" and practice on my existing cases. I'm also going to get that Mollie Makes book.....I love MM and wish I could afford their magazine....I have one issue of MM and one issue of Simply Crochet. If I had an e-reader I could download for lots cheaper but alas I don' t have one of those either. I love your vintage cases and your crochet is always so perfect and pretty. I also want to get the Granny Square book.
    I can't believe you have flowers blooming already? Is it Spring there? It is not Spring here at all! Have a great week and thanks for the shot in the arm inspiration! Love your projects.

  12. I think your pillowcases look very pretty, both styles of crochet border are lovely. You have lots fo colour in your garden already, it does look very spring like!
    Wishing you a great week.
    Helen xx


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