Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Of Crochet and Marmalade Mostly

I rediscovered a couple of crochet cushions that I made a few years ago. 

The hexy one I made not long after I first got the crochet bug 5 or 6 years go, and taught myself to crochet from Lucy's Attic 24 detailed tutorials after a quick basic lesson from my kind Mum. 

It is different on both sides, and I remember being quite chuffed with myself at the time that I was able to stitch it into one whole cushion - it kind of folded up and slotted together, although looking at it now I must have done something with two of the corners as they are smaller hexies or half-hexies - it's amazing what you can do when you are fired up and the muse is upon you! 

I'm not sure I could work out now what I did, but I do wish I'd written it down.

I remember I used a hexy pattern (for a blanket) from an Erica Knight book, and then just went for making a cushion as I thought I would never finish a blanket.

The pink and deep reds granny square cushion I made about 3 or 4 years ago, and cheated by stitching it onto the front of an old pink cushion.

Those who have read my last couple of posts will know I am in the process of making a baby blanket using a pretty pale pink popcorn square.

I decided to see what it would look like if I introduced another couple of darker pink shades.

one is a deep rose pink............

....and the other is a peachy pink

 What do you think?

Is it better with the additional randomly placed pink squares or should I keep it all the same pale pink?

I can't decide at the moment!

Edited to add : thanks to my first commentor Andreia, pop over to her lovely blog here and see her beautiful finished daisy blanket in same colours but in reverse - it is gorgeous, and I wish I had seen this before I started using the other pinks, as my only reservation to adding the extra pinks was that it might lose that overall impact of having the same block repeated - so now I really can't decide!

Sometimes things are best kept simple................

I also made two batches of marmalade last week. After I made the first batch and had given a couple of jars away I realised I needed more!  

These are photos I took in the kitchen after the first batch - they are still awaiting the finishing touches of labels and covered tops, and there is now a second tray - I made about 20 pots in all.

 I had a lovely walk yesterday, Monday, in bright sunshine, and then spent an hour or two in the garden tidying up - tomorrow we're supposed to have some sunshine again here so I am planning on my first cup of tea or coffee in the garden, which I know a lot of you have already done! 

There is something so hopeful and promising and happy-making in that first hot drink sat in the warm sun, thinking of the warm Spring and Summer days to come, planning the garden - simple pleasures, everyday magic!

Thanks for all your comments on my last few posts, I hope you all have a good week!


  1. Oh your kitchen is so lovely..! And that daisy square blanket will be awesome :) I think this pattern is so addictive to do, I also made one but with white daisies and pink squares! I prefer the additional randomly placed pink squares..! Hugs and kisses :)

  2. Your kitchen is so homely!
    I say go with the twotone flowers on your blanket, the darker colour really brings it to life :o)

  3. I like the additional pink flowers, it works well! Maria x

  4. I like the extra coloured daisies too - I think it gives more depth to the colours, but either will be lovely.
    Your kitchen is gorgeous!
    Hope you enjoy your cuppa in the garden tomorrow, it will be nice to see the sun again. Yesterday was lovely. x

  5. What a beautiful kitchen .I love your tablecloth and your dog is adorable. I love your cushion what a great idea of having two different sides, you can never be bored of one look I will definitely use that tip when I revamp mine

  6. Lovely, lovely work and so beautifully photographed. I also have just a little bit of kitchen envy, your range is very yummy. Finally, congratulations on winning that adorable angel she has gone to someone who will clearly cherish her x

  7. Your cushions are beautiful, Gill! I can't believe you made them so long ago, they really are good and look very expert. I love your stove, wow, so cool!

  8. Hi Logan, you look like a real sweetheart!
    Gillian, I am ready to move in (love the AGA), everything looks so homey!
    And I better think of making marmalade! Hubby was looking over my shoulder as I went Oooh, Aaaah!

  9. The darker flower squares are lovely too Gill, personally I can't really do random I would have to arrange them in some sort of pattern but that's just me.......the two pinks are good together though. :)
    I wish I lived nearer I would pop round for a jar of that lovely marmalade!
    V xxx

  10. I like your kitchen, pink is always good but I like pale pink.

  11. Mmm, that marmalade looks delicious. I love the blanket with the different pinks in it, it's really striking. I did a quick twenty minutes in the garden today as well. I really needs a lot longer spent on it though.

  12. I like the random shades. You do beautiful crotchet work.

  13. Mmm, the marmalade looks good. The blanket's coming along nicely, I like the different pinks. See you tomorrow.
    Jane xx

  14. Love those granny squares. It is one thing I would like to learn. A friend tried to teach me but I need I think to concentrate more and start with a thickish wool as I think it is easier for a beginner.

  15. Ooh, decisions, decisions! I just love those popcorn squares - both with just the pale pink AND the mix. That's probably not very helpful, is it?
    And I love your kitchen too :-)
    Happy Wednesday, Gill xx

  16. Oh Gilly, I could gaze and gaze at your beautiful pics, but sadly I'm at work and have to get on with it - boo hoo! Gorgeous crochet and I think random is the way forward. xx

  17. A real Spring-like feel - perfect. Just what we need to remind us that Spring is not long now! Elinor x

  18. I'm in the minority but I would only use the pale pink, simply gorgeous.
    Jean x

  19. Εverything is beautiful by you Gill and I was glad to see your photos in your wonderful home!

  20. Gosh I love both options! But I'm a terribly pink person, so I'm not the best person to ask...however, I do wish I could contemplate it with you over a cuppa and some toast and marmalade, seated in that gorgeous, cosy kitchen of yours! It looks soooo inviting and pretty! Chrissie x

  21. I too like the random extra colours! But it's going to be great whichever way you choose to do it!

  22. Love the crochet squares and the marmalade looks pretty darn good too!

  23. I love the bright colored pillows and your home looks just lovely!

  24. Your kitchen is so beautiful! You have such a wonderful design style. :)

  25. Love your kitchen! And that stove??? Oh my, what a beauty! I think American kitchens are so ugly and cold at least the new ones....I wouldn't have one! LOL! But yours...in heart beat!
    Your crochet is darling and I love the daisy blanket so much. Do you water bath can your marmalade or use parafin or just refrigerate? I forget to make marmalade this time of year and yet it is one of my favorites. What a cute and cozy life you have!


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