Saturday, 22 February 2014

Angels and Popcorn

Isn't she lovely?

This beautiful Valentines Angel was sent to me by the lovely Thea of Hearts and Bluebells blog. I was lucky enough to win her giveaway and am delighted to welcome this lovely angel to our home.

She is made most beautifully, with lovely little details such as her pretty face with tiny choker round her neck and her little heart bag, and just look at those tiny sweet shoes!

Thank You Thea, she is adorable!

Do pop over and visit Thea's beautiful blog, you won't be disappointed!

And if that weren't generous enough, Thea also added a sweet heart tin filled with yummylicious Lindt chocs - only the tin remains now of course! 

Now it's empty, ideal for pins maybe?

On the crochet front, my good friend Jane at the flowerhouse showed me this book last week, and I couldn't resist buying it too - loving the hexie throw on the front, and there are lots of other temptingly good projects inside that I'd love to try.

Meanwhile, work slowly progresses in the evenings on the pink popcorn baby blanket

Thanks to all your helpful comments and ideas on my last crochet post, when I was feeling decidedly under the weather (thankyou for all your good wishes too - am now much much better thanks!), I now know where I'm heading with both the pink popcorn baby blanket and the blue/green tapestry cushion.

12 blocks in now, so still not that many, but now that I have added just one extra round of crochet (thanks Vivienne!) they measure a reasonable size, 4 1/2 inches. I may add a further round but until I decide how I'm going to join them then that may not be necessary.

Am going to aim for a blanket around 30" to 33" wide, so will be looking at 7 blocks across x 7 or 8 blocks long. 

So part way there then!

Even though I would love to be doing more crochet trims, I am trying to focus my crochet attention on the blanket, but have put one set of pillowcases into use on the bed.

This is the pile of books and magazines at the side of the bed!

Whilst the sun was out yesterday morning, I decided to have a quick potter in the greenhouse where I found some hyacinth bulbs, forgotten since last winter.

As they had happily emerged sitting in nothing other than air (the bulbs above), and some others still sitting in the packet were also showing signs of life, I popped them into some compost in the hope that it is not too late for them to flower.

The moss was provided by the lawn, which is currently more moss than grass!

Logan enjoying some sunshine.........

I also potted up a couple of pots for the porch................

Have a happy and sunny weekend everyone, and thank you for all your lovely comments on my last few posts!


  1. Awe your little blanket is coming on a treat and I adore those lovely blue pillowcases on your bed. Aren't bulbs just amazing, they just get on with it, the moss does look lovely in the pots although I agree not great in the lawn.
    Love the look of your new book and what a gorgeous giveaway win!!
    Happy weekend Gill,
    V xxx

  2. That angel is just gorgeous, i love the way the arms are attached, so elegant, she is a real ladyangel. Your blaket is lovely too, just go on........ Here spring is also in the air, love your bulbs.

  3. I love those crochet flowers, wouldn't mind having a go myself! Lovely spring post :) x

  4. Another cheerful post Gilly. Isnt it a lovely day...almost springlike.
    I notice you have some Vita books on your shelves, have you been to Sissinghurst garden?
    I have a list of gardens to visit this year, hopefully this is one of them x

  5. Your baby blanket is coming along slowly but surely, it's going to look fab when it's all finished :) I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend, best wishes.

  6. What a lovely 'springy' blog post! It's so nice to see all the shoots appearing in the garden - my daffs are well on their way to popping but some surprise finds this morning, from last years herbs, have been a very welcome sight. We missed out on so much of this last year because of the persistant snow. I am really enjoying watching the progress of your blanket too!
    B x

  7. So glad the Angel arrived safely...I love those little popcorn squares so pretty
    Glad to hear you are feeling better
    Happy Weekend
    Thea x

  8. I love your crochet work, so beautiful, especially the popcorn baby blanket, just lovely :)

    And I LOVE Hyacinths, was just thinking I need to get some for my house.

    Hope you're having a good weekend so far.

  9. Your squares are looking lovely and so is the pot for by your front door!! Hope that you are having a good weekend. xx

  10. Lucky Lucky Gilly! I've been drooling over Thea's angels for quite sometime now. She is gorgeous! Popcorn squares are looking very effective and are going to make a smashing blanket. Great pic of the pot of spring flowers....I do miss daffodils!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  11. Isn't funny. We are a whole ocean away and your bedside looks like my bedside. It just goes to show you people are the same all over. The afghan is looking lovely.

  12. I just love your pillowcases! Wow, they're perfect. Well, everything in this post is beautiful and happy. I love it all. :)

  13. The popcorn blanket is gorgeous - fresh and snuggly looking! Hope your lovely angel watches carefully over you all!

  14. The angel is so sweet, what a lovely surprise - well done. The popcorn baby blanket is coming along a treat, it's going to be lovely. Glad you're putting your crochet-edged pillowcases to good use and love that lacey bedspread. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon.
    Jane xx

  15. I think we are all just a tad jealous that you won this gorgeous angel, she is absolutely gorgeous. I too have this book and I must say I love it, not that I have made anything from it as yet, oh how we could all do with a little more time each day. I love your baby popcorn blanket, it is looking so pretty and I know what you mean by having to put the pillowcases on hold, I had to do the same at some point last year as they do take up a fare bit of time. Loving your pretty primroses and I can't your hyacinths are going to be beautiful when they come out, lucky you to find these pretty gems lying there. Enjoy your week ahead xoxo

  16. Happy to hear you are feeling better Gill! Congratulations on winning Thea's beautiful angel. Like Hannapat says, I am a tad jealous as well :-)!!

    Your baby blanket is looking lovely and so do your pillow cases!

    Wishing you a happy week!

    Madelief x

  17. The angel is indeed lovely, lucky you. And chocolates too! The crochet book looks really great, I love the blanket on the front. Nice to see your little doggie enjoying the sun. And your bulbs are looking brilliant nestling in the moss.

  18. It looks like Spring has already arrived at your place!
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!
    Michela x

  19. I'm no crocheter and after a while one crochet blanket starts to look just like another to me, but this one is something special, I love it!

    And what a lovely giveaway win too :D


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