Wednesday, 13 June 2012

En Plein Aire

Take one old charity shop table

add one generous coat of Annie Sloan paint ( I used Versailles) painted on quickly and randomly

wait for it to dry..................... patient now

then add a sparse and randomly brushed second coat in a different colour - I used Annie Sloan's "Original" .

so far so good..... (and I can see the brush strokes from the first coat which is what I wanted)

sand to achieve your desired level of distressedness (new word?) and a smooth finish.....

then brush on Annie Sloan clear wax,  then a little dark wax........

now this is where I forgot most of what I had been taught on the Annie Sloan paint course and it wasn't until I had nearly finished brushing on the clear wax everywhere that I remembered I should have done it in sections if I wanted to use the dark wax.

Oh well............I added some anyway, and immediately regreted it as I couldn't wipe off the excess, so I quickly sloshed on some more clear wax to enable me to take off most of the dark - phew, complete disaster averted.

Add another coat of clear wax then buff when dry.

Then add one dog, one dog bed, and an old lap quilt off eBay

hmmm not sure about high rise living......

well, I'll try it for a while and see



Not entirely satisfied with the finish, it looks OK but I wish I had managed to get it a bit more "chippy" looking and had read up my course notes first on the wax.

In fact I wish I had managed to paint a piece straight after the Annie Sloan painting course I went on ( at Dovetails, in Sevenoaks Kent - thanks Perry and Sue!) whilst it was all still fresh in my mind.

But it doesn't look too bad.

And Logan seems happy enough with his new raised bed.

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  1. Hello Gill,
    If Logan has accepted it then it must be ok...or more than ok because he looks quite cosy and can see more that way.....better than the original I'd say!

    Amanda :-)

  2. Awe bless, how cute does Logan look in his new little house!! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Logan looks very happy indeed with his raised bed! We couldn't put George, our spaniel anywhere near that table as he'd chew the legs!
    and Charlie, our standard dachshund is too heavy he'd break it!

  4. It looks great, love the color & that cute wee doggie is the perfect finishing touch
    Karen x

  5. It looks great,I think you're becoming quite and expert on this painting lark.Logan is showing his approval too,and doesn't he look cosy?! :0)

  6. Awwww, Logan certainly approves. Has he had a haircut? Archie needs to go to the groomer's but I'm trying to wait until nearer our holiday.

  7. I think it looks lovely, and Logan seems to be enjoying the new bed!
    Victoria xx

  8. I think you did a great job for your first attempt and Logon seems more than happy and content ;-)) dee x

  9. Logan looks happy with his new bed :o) Lovely colour choice.
    Have a nice day

  10. Hi Gill, your table looks lovely, and makes a really cute den for Logan. I love the quilt. I have tried moving Sparky's bed around, but he is such a creature of habit, he doesn't like it. Lots of love, Linda x

  11. Love your coffee sack cushions!

    I think this is a great makeover, but I know what you mean about wishing you'd done it straight after your course whilst still all fresh in your mind. It kinda helps what you've just learnt to 'sink in' ! :o)

    Logan look happy there though, and it does look great Gill!

    Have a happy week my dear and take care,
    Donna xx

  12. Lucky Logan I say ... it looks great! M x

  13. Hi Gill

    Your painting looks great to me and Logan seems quite satisfied.
    I love the quilt too

    Enjoy your week


  14. Sweet little Logan...I recently tried to introduce a new friend home a bigger dog and she bit poor George through the ear...poor baby!
    Logan looks like he is in Heaven!

  15. It looks lovely Gill! you made a cosy little "hiding place" for your cute little dog! The lap quilt is really beautiful!

    Well done! It looks good to me!


  16. That is one of the sweetest things I've seen for a while .. what a fantastic idea, will you be adding little voile curtains around just like a four poster???

    Only kidding!

    Have a happy week.
    Fleur xx

  17. I think that looks fabulous! I love the colours that you chose. As usual Logan is just too cute!

  18. I love it! He looks so cosy in there :) and the finish looks just great.
    Jane x

  19. PS Just found a blog I think you'd love: Do take a look, it's all lovely French scenery and gardens and architecture, with some lovely knitting too :)

  20. What a clever thing you are .... and Logan is obviously very special to get a table like that all for himself! How come I've missed so many of your recent posts?? The 'Grow old along with me' quote on the sundial is one of my all time faves! xCathy

  21. Oh your table looks lovely and little doggie looks so at home under it ,it looks like it was made just for him.Love Jill xx

  22. Hello Gill
    Please pop over to my blog. I have left something there for you.

    Amanda :-)

  23. I'm glad Rowan likes his new cosy home. I think it looks really good.
    Lisa x

  24. A lovely makeover. That's what I love about charity shops. Finding something and having an idea how you can reuse it yourself.

  25. What a brilliant reinvention! Logan looks chuffed to bits :)
    Best wishes.

  26. Isn't he cute! I rarely see poodles anymore. They used to be so popular. I wish I cold take an Annie Sloan least you have the notes! LOL!
    It turned out very nice. I bought the ingredients to make my own but haven't done it yet. One of these a million other projects! LOL!


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