Monday, 11 June 2012

Coffee Sack Cushion

A while ago I came across a load of used hessian coffee sacks at a bargain price and at the time had all sorts of ideas of what to make with them.

I washed one to see how it came out, and then events overtook me and I didn't have chance to do anything with it for months.

The unwashed ones were put in the garage as they smelt too strongly of coffee to keep in the sewing room - as well as taking up too much space!

But then today,  being a wet day and my daughter being back at school, the time seemed right to have a go at making something.

And of course I made a cushion.

It was rather messy to sew with, and a bit awkward to handle, but it has stitched up beautifully.

I have used an ordinary hessian for the back.


As I have so many sacks, I will make some cushions for my shop as well as some other items - I am planning gardening aprons and bags amongst other things.

Watch this space!!!

Whilst Bella was off school after her exams, she had a play with the camera using the black and white setting, and she very kindly said I could share some of her photos with you on my blog.




We did have one half decent day weatherwise this weekend, and we made the most of it and headed off for an afternoon at Rudyard Kipling's house Batemans in East Sussex - I shall share some photos in my next post.

Hope the weather is better with you than it is with me today! But at least I can get some sewing done - off to wrestle with some more sacks!

Edited to add:  Just finished another - see above - these will be available to purchase in my shop over the
next few days or email me if you are interested in one. These ones are are 18 " x 13".

I have three or four different designs of sacks, and quite a few of each design. Each sack is large, with more than one different design that can be used, so there will be a variety of designs coming up.

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  1. That cushion is gorgeous Gill! And Bella's photographs are simply beautiful!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hello Gill:
    We can well imagine that the heavy hessian coffee sacks are not the easiest of materials to contend with, but they have made the most delightful of cushions. They look not only interesting but the subdued colours would surely fit in with any decorating scheme whilst adding a touch of the exotic!

    Your daughter's black and white photographs look lovely. Amazing how everyday objects take on an entirely different character when viewed in monochrome.

  3. Lovely cushion! Love the play around with the black and white! We went to Batemans years ago - it has wonderful gardens and so I'm really looking forward to seeing your photos!

  4. That's an amazing cushion Gill, really unusual! :)
    Bella's photography is brilliant!
    I'm almost afraid to jinx it but the weather here isn't too bad, we've had one shower in two days which isn't too bad for a British summer I think! ;)
    Vivienne x

  5. So pretty!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Love the cushion, Gill. And I think the fabric would make brilliant gardening aprons as you say :)
    Jane x

  7. very nice cushions
    little bit fair trade and
    echo style
    simple but nice like
    the black and white photos
    have a lovely evening leon10

  8. Thanks for your comment Leon10, I have tried several times today to post on your blog but have been unable to, and can't reply to your comment as your email is a no-reply one, but I do appreciate your visiting and comments! I hope you read this!

  9. Weather is pretty relative as it rained here today...what we call a "frog strangler" and it was wonderful! It's been so dry here it was a fire danger so I was grateful for it.
    I love your pillows!!!! I like the first one best...don't know why I guess it looks more rustic or aged.
    Your daughter's photos are great. I actually love black and white as I think features stand out so much more when you're not distracted by the colors. I adored the strawberry especially! She's good!

  10. Very unusual cushions, I love them. Black and white photos are great too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Wow Gill your cushions are stunning! I love the two of them together, they look amazing.

    I was all inspired to make some cushions this morning and got everything ready only to find that my sewing machine has died. Aaaaargh. Best I stick to crochet for the time being!

    Have a fabulous week, see you again soon.

  12. Hi Gill, your cushions crafted from coffee sacks are great. Sore on the fingers I should imagine? I love Bella's black and white photos, they are wonderful. I hope the sun comes out for you, love Linda x

  13. Hi Linda
    Surprisingly no sore fingers, even though its fairly coarse it sews easily al
    though it has a bit of a mind of its own!

  14. Lovely cushions (the images are so striking) and photographs. I used to do a lot of black and white photography years ago. You can create some lovely images capturing different textures and lighting just using black and white. The sundial photo is especially lovely.

  15. I cannot tell you how much I adore these cushions! I love how you've reused something and turned it into something so lovely.
    Beautiful pictures, I think your daughter may have a talent brewing there.
    Best wishes.


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