Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Shelf Life

Don't you just love visiting a blog where you know it will just be a pure feast for the eyes?

Beautiful vignettes and tablescapes that some very talented bloggers just seem to be able to conjour up out of nothing, set within the most beautiful rooms or backgrounds?

The windowsills, table tops and shelves in their homes all skillfully, artfully and tastefully arranged with the most interesting and visually appealing mix of items - some vintage or antique china or glass maybe, or books and candles and flowers, maybe with the seasons foliage or flowers, or a scrap of vintage fabric, shells or feathers, all looking as if they have just been there forever and placed artfully as if without any thought whatsover.

Or even just a simple but somehow perfect pot of flowers.

I am becoming increasingly inspired and amazed by what these clever people can achieve, and can gaze for ages at the wonderful still lifes they create.

Some of my very favourites are Madelief -  her still lifes of the wonderful flowers she has grown, together with the gorgeous vintage (and new) china she collects, positively have me drooling very time I visit. Even the photos of her clothes and closets are always so beautifully arranged and photographed.

And then there's Brenda over at Cozy Little House, who, despite having just moved house a few weeks ago, has already created  the most amazing home with beautiful tablescapes and lovely arrangements everywhere you look (I still have boxes to unpack over a year since we moved!!!).

I love to visit The Summer Porch for wonderful eye candy and inspirational still lifes using herbs and flowers. together with old gardening paraphanalia, pots and statues, all wonderfully put together to create the most stunning outdoor vignettes. And some wonderful words and poetry alongside too.

With these thoughts and images of artful arrangements in my head, yesterday I decided to do a little job that had been nagging at me for ages - to paint the dark shelf above the range cooker in the kitchen. 


and After

I used Annie Sloan's Country Grey and gently distressed it a little

I am quite pleased with how its turned out, as it doesn't draw the eye like it used to, being such a dark element of the room - now it blends in more and looks, hopefully, more attractive - although I need to practise some more with the "arrangements".

As I have now reached 150 followers (yay!!!! Thankyou to you all for visiting and following!) I think its time for a giveaway to celebrate and to say Thank You to all my followers, old and new - no idea what yet so I will have to have a think and announce it soon, so watch this space!

I'll leave you with a vignette of my kitchen windowsill

and lets just see a closeup of that tasteful arrangement shall we???   ;0


My reality I'm afraid!

So what's on your windowsills, tables and shelves???

Pretty, artfully and thoughtfully placed things that you are pleased with, or are they more like my sad reality, a combination of some quite acceptable and some a downright eyesore??!!!

I'd love to hear ( and see!) so do please leave a comment and share!!!

Also, any clever ideas for Christmas tablescapes and arrangements?? Would be great if you would share your best ideas for us all to have a go at!

Wishing you all a creative and inspiring week!

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  1. Hello Gill:
    We do so agree with you that there are so many wonderful blogs out there packed with inspiring suggestions and ideas that, on occasion, it is almost overwhelming.

    What a transformation to your kitchen shelf which, like you, we feel now blends in so much more rather than being something to which the eye is drawn. And your present arrangement looks most attractive but it is, of course, always fun to experiment and make changes.

  2. Your shelf and arrangement look lovely! My husband tends to 'artfully' arrange vignettes consisting of piles of paper, receipts, keys, glasses ... !! I know how I would our house to look but it's just never going to happen. I'll just continue to feast my eyes on beautiful blogs instead with the intention of one day ... M x

  3. Lovely clock!
    The mantelpiece does look better, especially with things in groups.
    Your windowsill is more like mine...work in progress!

  4. I love how your shelf looks now it's been painted. You're little honesty arrangement looks pretty, the seed heads are great for displaying. I can never seem to keep my windowsills and shelves free from clutter, and it's never mine, always someone elses belongings.

  5. Great idea with the candles they look so lovely and so does your display, loving the little bird house :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Love the arrangement and the paint colour is great.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Hi Gill, I really like what you've done with the shelf. My windowsill looks a lot like yours, except I still have green tomatoes going red. Aren't the colours in your chestnut photo just gorgeous? Have a good week. Lesley x

  8. Your shelf looks great Gill, what a lovely transformation.
    Thanks for sharing some beautiful images too.
    Vivienne x

  9. Thats what your blog does for me Momma!
    pure delight!

  10. That shelf looks great in it's new colour. On my kitchen window ledge at the moment are seed trays and plants! It's south facing and the warmest ledge.

  11. Your shelf looks great. My windowsill looks very much like your with tester pots of paint lined up.

  12. Hello Gill,

    much thanks for your visit to my blog. The round pillows are very simple to make - if you go some posts back I posted a link to the english tutorial for this pillows. Do you know the blog "attic 24"? Lucy is from england and made a great tutorial for these pillows.

    We don´t know what our little dog has. Today he seems normal but he is not so active as usual. Tomorrow I think we will go to the vet. He is a very tiny one and has some healthy handicaps. This is the fact that I become panic if he acts not as usual. Hubby said I´m crazy but I know my little baby and something is wrong with him. But I have a big trust to my vet who is very experienced with my little doggy.

    Have a nice week,

  13. If I tried to introduce tablescapes in to my house they would last for about half a day, living in a house full of males they wouldn't really understand why I would be jumping up and down when they decide to leave their football water bottle and sweaty footie top next to my carefully thought out arrangement so I'll just have to continue gazing at yours. Love the hydrangea heads.

  14. Hello Gill! It`s so nice that I find your blog! I like it very much :o) I saw your post about interior changing, I like white color too :o)Just Great!
    Already follow your blog :o)
    Sorry for my English
    Hugs from Russia

  15. Ah yes - I look wistfully at the pretty pictures and admire the little vignettes that people create. I do have some places where such things exist but all too often things get 'plonked' nearby ruining the effect - my husband just doesn't get it! Your shelf looks great. I love the way you have dressed the candles!

  16. Hi Gill, what a fabulous post! I love your new arrangement and I had to really giggle at your window sill shot! What a scream. I have to agree with you, visiting gorgeous blogs has made me look at my home and surrounds with new eyes and I'm falling in love with things I had taken for granted and had tucked away in cupboards. It's wonderful to be inspired and refreshed.

    Have a fab week,

  17. Hi Gill, your mantel looks great with its fresh lick of paint. I'm sure it's very normal to have messy as well as nice spots around the house. Mine is like that.
    I hope you are having a nice week x

  18. Love your shelf and all your pretty new arrangements! I also love Madelief and Brenda's blogs, they are so inspiring! Have a happy day, Gill.
    Helen x

  19. Hi Gill, I love what you've done to your kitchen mantle, it looks so much softer now, and the colours you have chosen to display are wonderful. I do agree with you about the clever bloggers out there, so much inspiration.

    Many thanks for your visit and lovely comments Gill, I do love it when you call in! Have a happy day, love Linda x

  20. Hi Gill, your shelf looks absolutely beautiful now - like something out of a magazine. I'm afraid I'm with Caroline on this one - my ledges and tables are usually covered with football water bottle/sweaty shinpads/ipod/my yarn and needles... much to my poor husband's disgust!
    Jane x
    PS I really love your latest header photo :)

  21. I think your vignettes are as good as anybody's! Even the paintbrushes! On my windowsills are bits and bobs that were all bought from places we've been on holidays, so remind me of happy times.

  22. Loved your relaity windowsill!
    Must go and visit the blogs you recommended.
    Your shelf looks great with the new paint effect.
    Lisa x


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