Monday, 14 November 2011

Just a quickie....

to say I've just had the most wonderful time in Paris ......................

virtually, that is.

I came across this wonderful blog this evening whilst waiting for the dinner to cook, and it reminded me what a magical city Paris is, an exciting feast for the senses, and made me yearn to visit again 

and, like Heather, with my daughter this time

and when I go I shall be sure to spend some time on this website and blog before I go, to get the low down on where to go and what to see.

My last trip there was before Bella was born, and I went with my husband one cold November.

We had a wonderful time seeing some of the sights - the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musee d' Orsay, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and many other wonderful sights, but my outstanding memory of our last visit was of seeing Paris by night, sitting on the open deck of a bateau mouche whilst soft flakes of snow gently fell

it was magic.

image from here


  1. Lovely images....someday its on my bucket list!

  2. Lovely images, Gill. I love Paris too, and have been a few times...the last was to celebrate an anniversary and a street artist in Montmartre drew my portrait in pastels, whcih is now on our wall and makes a wonderful keepsake (it was a flattering one fortunately!) I hope you have a lovely time when you go to Paris, and thank your for sharing these evocative images.
    Have a great week.
    Helen x

  3. You big romantic softie you! My trip to Paris was a little on the negative side. However, I won't be put off, and would like to go again someday.Much love, Linda x

  4. Never been but now feel like I've popped by there for a few magic minutes. Thank you. xxx

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I just love your blog and all the beautiful things you are making! I also buy lots of old/used/vintage textiles from flea markets and then use them to make new things. Though, the last months I haven't been sewing anything, I have only been knitting...

  6. Oh that's really made me want to go to Paris. I went about 15 years ago with uni friends and had an amazing time. I'd love to go back again. Cities are just so expensive to visit though.

  7. Hi Gill,

    I hope you and your daughter will be able to go soon :-)!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x


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