Saturday, 12 November 2011

Not a success

Oh dear, judging by the huge number of hits that I've had on my blog over the past two days (especially from the US), yet an unusually tiny number of comments, I guess that either the guest post idea was not greatly liked by my regular readers, or you have all been away for the weekend.

how peaceful and serene this bedroom looks

I fear the former.

love this eclectic mix of cushions and look at that gorgeous blanket!

I am sorry about that.

how cool is that mint green cooker?! and with the pink fridge!
So retro!

I ought to make it clear that no goods or money passed hands, it just seemed a good idea at the time to have someone else write a post with some pretty pics that you might all enjoy as you seemed to like the other interiors post I've done whilst I'm on a bit of an interiors kick (and I thought you might be getting sick of photos of my hall), the company (in the US) get some free advertising (and it is a good website as far as I've seen) , and I don't have to write a post!

how pretty and feminine is this!
(Don't think it would go down well with most hubbys or partners though)

this is so bold, I like the stripey chairs and the blue walls

simpe, but sweet, but I can't help thinking what a pain it would be, forever on my knees with the pasta server batting all the pet toys out from under the cupboards!!

So I'm sorry, dear readers, if it wasn't your cup of tea, I know better now, and I shall be back within a day or two with my Giveaway and a few piccies of what I've been busy painting over the weekend - and for once its not the hall!

what a wonderful riot of colour! I would never be brave enough to have violet windows though!

I hope you all have great weekend, and I hope you enjoyed these
few photos that I've found on my favourite tumblr,
Vintage Home

(I'm on the downstairs computer with no access to my photo files!)


  1. don't worry- we're all busy!!
    perhaps you need tick boxes like Hawthorn on "11am"- "flying visit", "sitting with a cuppa" and "procrastinating". Or perhaps star ratings like Stonehead's blog.
    Then you can see that people have been by

  2. I wasn't put out at all by you having a guest post, and her photos and tips were alright, if a little obvious, but it was sort of impersonal and therefore a little difficult to interact as normal.

    But don't worry about it - it's your blog, you can do what you like and I bet nobody was upset by it - it really is just a very busy time for a lot of the crafty/vintage people.

    And piccies of your hallway are always welcome. :)

  3. These are beautiful pictures. Thanks.

  4. It actually was a holiday here on Friday, Gill, so maybe your regular US commenters were out of town. I do check in on you; just haven't been commenting!

  5. Oh Gill don't be too hard on yourself. Take it as a compliment that we love the way you write your blog. It was a nice post, I just find your posts more comment worthy.
    Gorgeous photos. Love that kitchen unit but totally agree I'd be retrieving rogue rice crispy and peas!

  6. I can just see you on your hands and knees recovering pet toys from under the cupboards, they're certainly not ideal cupboards if you've got a puppy and playful cat. I love that last photo but I wouldn't be brave enough to have violet windows either. I've never had a guest post on my blog but I've noticed that comments drop off on other blogs when they allow someone else to post on it. People visit your blog as they enjoy reading what you write and don't necessarily want to read what someone else writes. I think the post was very apt for your blog, it was in keeping with the theme of what you blog about and I enjoyed reading it.

  7. I loved your guest post , this was an explosion of wonder also!!

  8. Hi Gill, I only get to visit my favourite blogs once a week so I hadn't seen your previous post until now. I thought it was lovely - I've seen a few guest posts popping up around and about. I love this current post - what stunning pics. I've fallen in love with that pink smeg fridge - ahh too cute! Have a fab week hon.

  9. These are gorgeous pics - I love that pink 'boudoir' room - but wouldn't try it myself!

    I'm new to your blog (popped in via Heartfire at Home) but loving it. And I think there was nothing wrong with that guest post - very pretty pics - but probably as people wouldn't really be commenting to you personally they didn't leave any note? I shouldn't worry about it if I were you! ;-)


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