Thursday, 3 November 2011

Getting There Slowly

The last rose

Hi everybody and thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the inspiring interiors images, and I have to say you are a very encouraging lot when it comes to the decorating.

So armed with a bit of determination and willpower, not to say paintbrushes and stripper, and fortified by your uplifting comments, I have managed to spend a few days over the last week moving the hall decorating forwards a bit, and am pleased to say I am Getting There Slowly :)

Now - still unfinished but progress has been made!!

The Latest - see above - handrail stripped, primer/undercoat on rest of staircase, and the stairwell walls with the first coat of paint.

Below is the estate agents picture of the hall before we moved in.

Too much dark wood for our taste, and it made the hall very gloomy, and the walls were painted a dark coffee colour (much darker than it appears in this photo)

Photo of staircase from estate agents details - ie. what we moved in to

Below is a photo of the staircase half primed, and before I stripped the handrail - see the original dark colour still on the wall up the stairs?

Getting there......

As we are now - still a way to go but so much lighter!!!

So back to it when I finish this post!

Mr G has had a few days off for half term, and one day last week we had a trip out which included a visit to an auction house viewing day.......

..........two days later, after lots of research, some rather exciting and nail-biting online bidding, we found ourselves with some lovely new paintings.

Four oil paintings and a watercolour altogether

This lovely (signed) oil painting of a moonlit bay (possibly Monaco according to the info) - I was over the moon (groan!!)that we won this one!

A painting of a San Fransisco street scene (signed)

This was Bella's favourite

An ENORMOUS oil painting of a lady seated by a dressing table - this stands over 1m high, and is destined for the wall at the foot of the stairs - I just fell in love with this one

A 19th century watercolour - in the style of the Victorian watercolour painters of rural cottages and scenes, such as Helen Allingham

 And a little Dutch oil of a winter river scene

Now we will have to push on with decorating the rest of the house in order to display the paintings properly!

We are well into Autumn now, and the last of the tomatoes and peppers have been picked

Halloween has come and gone already - not much happened here except a pumpkin was carved for the porch and a tray of treats was ready for the few trick or treaters who visited

The countryside around here is clothed in its autumn colours, making our school run through the lanes an absolute delight as we hurtle through a landscape of red, russet, orange and yellow

Our dog walks through the nearby woods reveal other autumnal sights

And as usual there has been plenty of relaxing going on here by the four footed furry members of the family

Bessie this morning..................

It's all so exhausting.........................

I can't believe we are in November now, and after bonfire night this weekend we will be in to the (too) fast run down to Christmas!!

Mr G has surprised me by already buying the charity Christmas Cards........

Image from Vintage Home

Have  a great week everyone!


  1. You have been busy! Your hallway looks lovely and I agree that the lighter colour scheme is far better. Your cat and dog seem to get along so well - we still have to endure the dogs chasing the cats here!
    Lovely auction finds too!

  2. Your hallway is looking so much better already without loads of dark wood :) check out my blog I have just posted my finished hallway pictures. I hate painting with carpets down already so am wishing you loads of luck and a steady hand ;) can't wait to see the finished pics.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Hi Gill, haven't read your post yet, just wanted to say hello first. Love your posts, inspirational! Lesley x

  4. Hello Gill:
    Well, your hall is becoming completely transformed. The dark colours really did close the space in so the lighter paint colours and stripped wood have opened it all out tremendously. Paint can make such a difference and we are sure that the final look will be simply lovely!And, what a treasure trove of paintings you have. How exciting it will be when the walls are all newly painted to show them off to their absolute best.

    The year does seem to be hurtling along at a rapid pace. Your pictures of the countryside are so very attractive. Wonderful to be able to enjoy the sights on your school run before winter sets in completely.

  5. A real labour of love, your hall is going to look stunning when finished and the painting will be the perfect complement. You must have permanently white fingertips!

  6. Your hallway is looking much brighter already. I don't have a hall as such. Our room used to be open plan, but we put a wall up so we've now just got a little lobby at the bottom of the stairs. I so missed having a hall when the children were little, I dreamt of having somewhere to put their pram. We didn't even carve a pumpkin for Halloween this year. Daniel isn't bothered about it in the slightest and Eleanor was out at singing and drama all evening, we didn't even get any trick or treaters round. Lovely pictures of Bessie and Logan, as usual.

  7. What a difference you've made to your hallway Gill!
    Your paintings are beautiful (lovely to see Monaco)! :)
    Don't animals know how to look after themselves. :)
    Vivienne x

  8. Your hallway already looks so much lighter and brighter, Gill. It's very hard work painting all those spindles isn't it...I loved seeing all your wonderful paintings, and the furry creatures cosying up! Have a happy (nearly) weekend.Helen x

  9. Ooh,your last pic made me feel all Christmassy!
    It's just amazing how a bit of paint can totally transform that dark wood.I'm hoping my OH is going to take off the kitchen cupboard doors and paint them...but which colour?...decisions,decisions!
    Now that is one cosy pusscat! :0)

  10. Hi Gill,

    I am impressed what you did to your hall. It looks so much lighter, warmer and more contemporary. Well done!

    You found some lovely paintings!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  11. So much progress on your hallway and it is so much lighter.
    I love the picture of the lady sitting down.

  12. Wow you have made such progress on the decorating front in your hallway.
    Love the Monaco painting, hope you enjoy gazing at all your new ptcures once they are in place.
    Lisa x

  13. Gill, I'm very impressed by your work in the hallway! It looks stunning! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't picked up the paint brush yet! Ahh, did I mention we had a huge storm . . . that's my excuse this week! LOL!!!

    I love all your artwork, it's stunning! I can't wait to see how they look when they are hung! My husband and I love art, we have a few pieces that we really enjoy, and we've enjoyed them for almost 20 years!

    Of course it was great to the your four-legged children, especially Logan!


  14. Hello Gill

    This is a huge project and looks terrific and I agree the lighter paint makes the space larger.
    Your pets are precious and the countryside looks so beautiful
    My best
    Helen xx

  15. You're so right- the hall looks much more open, inviting and airy! I think the seated lady painting is just lovely, and will be amazing at the foot of the stairs.

  16. You will love it lightened up a bit! Will cast a whole different glow on the place and your outlook on it. Happy decorating, my friend!

  17. Love what you're doing to the hall. SOOOO much better. We went to our first ever auction when we were home and it took all my willpower to resist (nowhere to store things while the builders are there) but I have a feeling when it's done there'll be no stopping me. Such lovely finds you've made. Have a lovely weekend. C.x

  18. I love your hallway lighter, my goodness you are a very busy lady!
    You are so right the stores here are becoming crammed with christmas a little too early for me. ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  19. The white of the new hallway really allows the gorgeous stained glass to reveal its beauty! Fantastic pictures....I am with that picture xxx

  20. Hello Gill,
    I have enjoyed losing myself for a bit catching up on your always brilliant blog. You have been working so very hard but it is definately paying off, your hall looks lovely and light already. Think of all the fun you will have decorating it for Christmas when it's finished!
    Love the pictures too. x

  21. Just found your lovely blog via The Other Half and fell in love with your new staircase and the gorgeous stained glass window at the foot of the stairs. As for auction paintings - well, they are fantastic! I live in Spain now but thus far, nothing beats English eclectic style and I shall really enjoy looking through your other posts!

  22. What a difference some paint can make. We did a similar thing with our house when we moved in. In our kitchen and bathroom we have the bottom half of the walls tiled in colourful tiles (green and blue respectively) and then the top half of the walls painted in an off-white which is the same colour as the ceiling. By keeping the walls and ceiling the same light colour really makes the rooms feel bigger and much lighter. Looking froward to following progress.


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