Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ghosts of Christmas Past

In the past, at this time of year I have usually been frantically finishing off
handmade decorations and gifts in readiness for Christmas Fairs,
preparing stock and price lists,
making labels and planning my stall set up,
mostly loving it
and partly panicking and asking myself
why did I say I'd do it!

And I am really missing it this year - the fun of planning new things to make during late summer and early autumn,
painting hundreds of wooden hearts and doves and snowflakes for weeks on end, 
hand stitching vintage wool hearts,
making up bunting and gingham hearts
and making scented pine cones and cinnamon stick bundles.

I found what was left of the Christmas fair stock over the last few years
and thought you might like a peep to get you in the mood for all those christmas preparations!

stuffed gingham hearts with jute hangers for the tree

bundles of cinnamon sticks tied with jute and homespun

rusty tin hearts

embroidered vintage wool blanket hearts

numerous painted wooden decorations - these in red and white

white and red

sage green and white

grey and white ( I used to introduce a new colour and motifs each year)

my favourite soft blue and white

blue and red

Christmas bunting


vintage tartan tree mini stockings to fill with edible goodies

tea stained ticking doves

vintage wool robin

frankinsense and myrrh scented pine cones

vintage wool blanket hearts with scandinavian inspired embroidery

 vintage tartan hearts with frayed edges and velvet hangers

country style christmas cards

see the xmas recipe background!

and retro style thankyou cards

I do so miss it all - maybe next year?

If anyone is interested in anything here (except pine cones) then please drop me a line


  1. My goodness you are creative ...I loved the wool Robin.
    I wish I had your creativity!

  2. Goodness Gill, you've got more stock than I have and I'm doing a fair next week!! I'm at the stage of I'm asking myself - why!!!
    Your mkaes are all gorgeous!
    Vivienne x

  3. So many wonderful decorations! Love the blanket heart. I still miss my nursery school.The fun of all the preparations, and then helping the children to make all their Xmas art work.It really used to get me in the mood for the festive season,so I know how you feel. :0)

  4. I think you could probably still do a fair with this lot of goodies couldn't you? I love the tweed robin

  5. I love all of your bits and pieces! I have been making hearts and cushions today using wool tartan :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Wowzers! Lovely Christmassy stuff! I bought some cards today - the first items purchased! I don't feel very festive though with all this glorious weather, it just doesn't feel right!

  7. Such lovely things! Especially like the hearts and bunting.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Whoa! That's a lot of decorations. You must have been making like mad in years gone past. Can you not put them on eBay and try to sell them there?

    They are lovely - all of them - but especially the vintage wool hearts.

  9. Wow! That's a lot of beautiful items. I especially love the tin hearts but then again the ticking doves are very nice too! There never seems to be enough time in a day.
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  10. OH how lovely all these decorations are! You are so creative!! I am surprised there are any leftovers at all. I especially love the gingham hearts and the ticking doves. I wish you were having a fair over here in the US!

  11. Goodness me Gill! You are a one woman power house. Totally fantastic, beautiful items.

  12. What a load of lovely things! If you're really missing the buzz I'd phone somewhere you've been before and see if they have any spaces or cancellations - you seem to have plenty of stock, so could just do it without all the last minute making madness!

  13. What a wonderful collection of handmade decorations. So many pretty things, it's hard to find a favourite to comment on but, yes, the wool robin is very sweet and I like your assortment of painted wooden decorations; doves, hearts, snowflakes... all gorgeous.
    Looks like enough for a craft fair to me!
    Becky x

  14. Such a wonderful selection so many things that caught my eye.

  15. What a lot of lovely things you have made, Gill. You could set out a lovely stall with them all right now! I love the wooden painted ornaments, especially the pale blue and red ones, and the little wool robin... lots of wonderful making!
    Have a good week.
    Helen x

  16. These are all so lovely... if I'd see these in a stoll I know I couldn't help myself and buy the tea stained doves and some of the blanket hearts - oh and that robin. Gorgeous...

  17. What lovely Christmas decorations and cards. I really like the tartan hearts. There must be a spare place somewhere for you to sell wares. Have a good day. Lesley x

  18. Hi Gill, what a lot of lovely stuff, perhaps it's not too late to find a fair with an unbooked table? I love the little painted wooden decorations. Have a great weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving, Love Linda x

  19. Hi Gill,

    Is this all last year's? You must have worked very hard indeed making all these beautiful things. I agree with the other ladies. You should try to sell them on Etsy! I like the soft blue and white hangers very much and would love to buy them from you.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  20. Forgot to mention that I like the new layout of your blog very much. I am not sure if I said it before :-)!

    Madelief x

  21. Hi Gill, wow such a lovely collection of homemade decorations they are beautuful & you must have put so much work into them all! I especially love the vintage embroidered wool hearts.. Sarah x

  22. Such gorgeous treasures :o)

    Are you sure you don't have enough for a stall somewhere? lol

    Have a lovely weekend Gill, and take care,
    Love Donna xx

  23. What a wonderful array of Christmas decorations! I love them all!!! x

  24. I love it all! Especially the bunting, ticking doves and gingham hearts! I love your creativity!

  25. Wow Gil, you are so talented, I especially love the wooden ornaments!

    Have a happy week!

  26. Although I ive in Scotland, I am not Scots - but I am so loving those tartan stockings.


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