Sunday, 16 March 2014

Saturday Snapshots

Early breakfast then cut the grass, and relaxed with the first lunch of the year outside

After a quick shopping trip, went for a long walk in the sun through fields and orchards

saw the shed on a hedge and we always wonder why it's up high - the hedge is a thick conifer hedge atleast 9 feet tall.

messed around taking photos of each other wearing Bella's huge sunglasses 

our favourite field

sat a while in the sun and had a picnic

met a new friend ( a cockerpoo puppy!)

had a great time running free 

came home and lit a fire and had a snooze - it was colder in than out!

made pizzas from a recipe Bella found online using only wholemeal flour and plain yoghurt - sounds unusual, but it's both healthy and delicious, trust me!

(You may need to add a bit more flour or yoghurt to get the dough the right consistency to be able to knead gently, and it makes a very soft dough. No need to knead for ever, and no proving or leaving to rise, just divide, roll out and add your toppings!)

topped with tomato pasta sauce, dollops of coriander pesto, mozzarella, grated cheddar, orange peppers, onions, basil, spinach and watercress and a sprinkling of herbs

baked for about 15 to 20 mins, added a few drops of chilli oil... goodness my plate looks huge!!! And yes, I did eat all that! Not as big as it looks, honest!

then rounded off the day with a little hand-stitching and embroidery

....................a pretty good Saturday.

Hope you had a good one too - what did you do?


  1. What a lovely relaxing day you had - so nice you were able to be out in the sunshine. You and Bella look great in the sunglasses - pink seems to be your colour? Such a lovely pizza - I'm wondering if that recipe would work with gluten-free flour - I will give it a go - nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say! The little doggy friends look like they're having such a good time, that's so good for them to run free and play! Wow, those hand embroidered flowers look great Gill, what type of fabric have you used in the actual flowers?
    I hope your Sunday is as good as Saturday was - enjoy it! Joy xo

    1. Thanks for your comment Joy!
      I used tiny pieces of the little floral and the red gingham surrounding the flowers to make the actual flowers, then added french knots to the centres.
      Gill x

  2. My, what an interesting post . . . I enjoyed every minute. Your pizza made me hungry, it's 6:20 and I haven't eaten since breakfast. No wonder I'm getting hungry, right? Your new puppy is adorable . . . what a cutie. Have a wonderful week.
    Connie :)

  3. just love the photographs of the dogs!

  4. What a nice day you had! I love your outdoor tablecloth; it looks like one my mother-in-law brought to me from Provence. Is that a Camellia bush above and below the daffodil photo? All your photos are pretty and I love your needlework. :) I've already pinned the pizza dough recipe to my Pinterest board -- it looks delicious. This was a fun post; thank you for sharing. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. That was a pretty good day we had two days of rain so pretty much sat inside and watched raindrops fall I liked your day better.

  6. Oh what a blissful day. The pizza looks delicious, I shall make a note of the recipe. So much quicker when there's no time for yeast to do its thing.

  7. Sounds like a lovely day, spent the day in the garden totally revamping one of my beds. Very satisfying.

  8. What a fabulous day, perfect i would say! The shed on the hedge made me laugh.
    Pretty stitching and my that pizza looks delish!
    My day was productive but not much fun, I was removing old tiles from my kitchen walls and other dust making things.
    Happy Sunday
    love Jooles x x x

  9. What a perfect day. How lovely to enjoy these dats where you can get such a good mix of soul feeding activities, nice walks, laughter, love, fresh air, fires and homemade pizza in good company. Not to forget to mention a little stitching. Perfect xxxx

  10. Looks like you had a lovely day. Must try that pizza, what a good idea.

  11. We'll that sounds pretty much like a good Saturday!
    You girls are looking good in the shades. :)
    The pizza looks delish and what a simple dough base and as always beautiful stitching.
    V xxx

  12. Looks like a lovely Saturday Gill. You and your daughter look really stylish in those shades!

    Happy week ahead!


    * such pretty embroidery! x

  13. What a lovely Saturday you had! (I was helping my hb make our pond, and visiting garden centres for supplies!) Your stitching is lovely....and that pizza looks delicious!
    Helen xox

  14. Lovely post, from start to finish! Your embroidery is beautiful! I LOVE those pretty fabric flowers, very effective with the patterns and textures of the cushion! And I'm a big fan of giant sunglasses, you work those babies... ;-) Now I'm craving some pizza, I'm going to add that interesting dough recipe to my menu this week...Chrissie x

  15. Your first picnic of the season? Felling a tad envious here!
    Logan looks lovely, ears flapping and is that a big grin I noticed?
    Must remember the recipe, fantastic and so easy!
    The stitching reflects the season as well, ah Spring! Finally!!
    All the best,

  16. That embroidery is charming, it really is. And your pizza looks and sounds delicious - I'm glad you ate it all because I would've eaten it all too! Sounds like a good Saturday. x

  17. I like the 3 dimensional flower bouquet you created, and you made the crust for the pizza with that easy recipe; it looks delicious. I should try making that pizza dough.

  18. Flour and yoghurt? I must give that a go it sounds so simple. Adding your own toppings is the fun bit too. Thanks for sharing.
    Julie x

  19. Sounds like the perfect day - glorious sunshine, loved ones, yummy food and needlework! Love the embroidery in the centre of the panel, very effective. See you soon.
    Jane xx

  20. Wish I could join you,on a sunny Saturday like that! So beautiful photos of the landsscape, garden and you both!
    Happy new week Gill!

  21. Hello, I have just discovered your lovely blog. So much to see and I loved this post. Your embroidery is very pretty and your pizza looks scrummy. You were braver than us, we didn't eat outside, but it was lovely sat in our conservatory with the doors open having our lunch. Sarah xo

  22. What a perfect post. Your little dog racing along looks a picture. Interesting pizza recipe I'm gonna give it a go.

    Jean x

  23. Hi Gill
    It all sounds pretty perfect to me !
    Kate x

  24. Little update... Tried the pizza base recipe tonight... Lovely, can't believe how nice it was with such a simple mix of flour and yoghurt xxx

  25. You must have an earlier Spring than us! No flowers blooming here yet but soon. I lost my huge Rosemary and Oregano this past Winter. I've had them for years but this year was much colder than we usually get.
    Your flowers are gorgeous and I love favorite. Did you grow from seed or buy a plant? Are they a perrenial?
    You have the neatest places to walk. Is that your daughter, Bella? She's beautiful like her Mom. And your little dog is so cute.
    Thanks for the pizza recipe. I'm always looking for healthy but delicious recipes and the less kneading is great for me as I have RA and the less strain on the joints the better.
    I love your quilt square with the hand embroidery. How did you make those little flowers out of material? It's precious. I have the same problem in the Spring. It's nice outside but the house stays cold. So, what's your next project after the blanket is done?

  26. Logan looks so happy to be out and running around!
    Love the sunglasses, what a good look.
    Thanks for sharing the pizza dough recipe, may have to give it go this weekend. I bet my daughter would love doing that.
    Lisa x


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