Monday, 17 March 2014

A Flowery Post

I know I said I wouldn't bore you with any more photos of the pink popcorn baby blanket until it was finished, but hey, here they are!

I had to just share where I'm at with you, as little Orla Esme, my friend's new granddaughter, was born yesterday and so I have crocheted almost non-stop all day today, to move it forward rapidly. Only one row left to join, then all the pesky little ends to sew in, and a pretty border to add to edge it.

I ran out of white yarn last week, and to be honest I didn't exactly rush out to buy any as I was kind of OD'd on the whole blanket and needed a break from it.

Hence all the little hand-sewn vintage pincushions that appeared like a rash all over my blog and FB pages, and then spread into my Etsy shop

And hence some washing of vintage linens and lace in readiness for more vintage pretties.

In between furious bouts of flat braid crochet joining today, I did potter around the garden for a breather, and to rest my cramped and weary fingers, and snapped a few shots of some colour in the garden that you haven't yet seen ( I think)

a free pot of daffs from the garden centre as I spent over a certain amount.......including some lupins. I lost my lovely lupins last year, and so sowed some replacement ones last spring from seed, most successfully.....planted them in a nursery bed ready for planting in their final resting place this spring...and guess what? No sign of them. So I had to buy some. Pain.

yesterday I planted up a couple of wall baskets for the boring fence panels at the side of the house so that I my eyes can focus on something a bit prettier than the panels from the side windows in the sitting room and kitchen.

gorgeous carnation - i love the pale pink and a dark red/pink together, and the scent is wonderful

lobelia still flowering from last flowered all winter long...........and yes I know I should have taken down the baskets by now

Hope you enjoyed a gloriously sunny weekend, and thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post - and Julie, I am so glad (and relieved!) that you enjoyed your pizzas!


  1. Awe....congrats to all concerned on the birth of Orla Esme, her mum will be delighted with the blanket.
    Everything is looking lovely in your garden Gill.:)
    V xxx

  2. That blanket is gorgeous Gill, and perfect colours for a new baby! Such a lovely name for her - is 'Orla' an Irish name, or not!
    Your garden is looking delightful and I'd love to spend time in it! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pics and news. Joy x

  3. I will never bore of seeing your beautiful crochet blanket! So pretty and I'm sure you will miss it when it has gone! Your garden is looking lovely. It's amazing how many plants have continued flowering with the mild winter we have had. I grew Geraniums from seed last year (a bit of a palaver and I said I would buy plug plants in future) but they are still flowering and look lovely so worth the trouble in the end. Hopefully might be able to get some cuttings from them too. Sorry to hear about your Lupins. I also grew some from seed last year but I'll keep them up high for now until they get a bit bigger to stop the slugs and snails getting to them!

  4. Lovely flowers!!!!! How we need those colors..... How do you wash your vintage linen with yellow spots? Do you succeed in cleaning them?

  5. I love that blanket! It is such a pretty and cheerful blanket. How perfect for a newborn or an old lady like me! LOL! In one of your pictures it looked like the background color was a pale pink and I am wanting to do my guest room in roses and Cath Kidson style and was thinking wouldn't that blanket be pretty at the end of the bed in a pale pink background. There's something about blankets that I just can't get enough of the different patterns. They take awhile to make but I also like the fact that you get a pattern memorized and you can just hum along with your hook and the project becomes like a friend. Anyway, I love yours and I can't see enough pictures of it so I don't mind at all!

  6. Beautiful blanket, I never tire of hearing about it! And I, too, was rushed along with a baby blanket by the birth of the baby... ;-) Nice to see you're enjoying the pretty blooms in your garden, the carnations are so lovely...but sorry to hear about the poor lupins. Chrissie x

  7. Your blanket is so pretty. The perfect thing to wrap a new bundle of joy up in.
    You have such a special touch everything you make turns out lovely.
    Have a marvelous day and keep smiling,
    Connie :)

  8. The blanket is so pretty and any new mom would love to have it for her baby. :)

  9. Hi Gill, the blanket has turned out so well - nearly finished! Your blog header says 'life in the slow lane', so once this is done, get back to some nice, relaxing SLOW! Glad to see you had a nice Saturday off last weekend - lovely pictures! And keep those sun-specs handy! xCathy

  10. Such a beautiful blanket Gill! Your friends daughter will be pleased! I enjoyed the images of your garden. They look so bright and cheerful.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x


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