Monday, 28 October 2013

Red Gingham Cushions and some vintage bargains

Now that the sewing room is neat and tidy after my recent sort out, it is both easy and a pleasure to go in there with an idea in mind and just get on with it and make it happen.

A few years ago my Mum gave me a length of vintage gingham that she had left over from many decades ago - a deep crimson red woven cotton gingham with quite large checks, and I had been hanging on to it until the right time.

Now that the weather is cooler, it seemed the perfect fabric to make into some cheerful cushions for the sitting room so on Friday afternoon I made two, and finished them with a tiny cream cotton lace trim.

They look cheerful and cosy teamed with the vintage floral linen cushion that I made last year, and are just right to perk up the sitting room and give it a warm country look.

 On Saturday we had a trip to the Kent County Showground at Detling, near Maidstone (J7 M20) for the first day of a two day Antiques and Collectors Fair. It's the first time we've been, and it won't be the last - only £4 each entry, plenty of free (but muddy!) parking and you can take your dog (we left Logan behind as we didn't realise dogs were allowed, so next time we'll take him - he would've loved it, he loves meeting other dogs and has always enjoyed wandering around boot fairs!)

It was pretty wet and windy, but we went well wrapped up and wearing wellies, and armed with plenty of cash!

First buy was this well-shaped sturdy Victorian carved chair in very good condition - just needs recovering and the hessian underneath replacing, and I think I shall leave it unpainted. I though it was not a bad buy at £20 (after a bit of bartering) with an old coffee sack thrown in to replace the bottom - I shall probably wash the sack and make something from it.

I fancy covering it in a warm wool or tartan if I'm keeping it dark wood .......or maybe cover it in the old hessian sack?  I have some antiqued brass upholstery studs that would go well with the sacking.....

Now there's a thought. What do you think???

Next I found a lovely old watering can - there were quite a few of these on various stalls in varying conditions and priced around £15. I paid £10 for this one which has a good solid bottom.

And there's the sack underneath......

My husband spotted this walnut veneered bedside cabinet - in pretty good condition, well made and solid with only the odd scratch, he thought it a bargain at £20 (once negotiations were complete!)

Most importantly, the top is in very good condition.
Too good to paint even though I'm not a great lover of brown furniture unless it is a lovely piece.

I was lucky enough to track down Heather (the lady I buy old linens from at my local flea market) inside one of the covered buildings, and after a good rummage through her stacks of vintage and antique linens and cashmeres, I found this lovely pair of pillowcases. 

So a pretty satisfying trip. Both pieces of furniture were a lot cheaper than similar items found in nearby charity shops and furniture warehouses.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post - the scarf has grown a little more since then, and is very nearly finished, but I think I have shared enough photos of it for the time being!

I've just finished another project today which I'll share with you next time, possibly in the form of a tutorial - I want to share how easy it is to make something that I was a bit wary of making, but when I couldn't find a decent one to buy but having then found the right "base" to make my own, it turned out to be quick and straightforward.

Show you next time!


  1. Those cushions are so bright and cheery, love the shape of your chair too....some great finds there, bargain entrance fee too! :) x

  2. Gosh I love gingham, it brightens the greyest of days! Those cushions are so lovely, especially paired with the florals. You sure grabbed some great bargains this weekend! I agree with you on brown furniture, but both pieces have such gorgeous wood, they look wonderful just as they are...and can we see the fabric options for the chair? I'm curious about the tartan, could be a nice foil for the filigree...and I'm also curious about your mystery make! Chrissie x

  3. Oh I have a soft spot for gingham, especially red and white, so LOVE your cushions! Despite the weather, you brought home some great finds. I would go to an Antiques fair in a snowstorm : )

  4. The cushions look great on your sofa, I really like the little trim along the edge. So cute. Intrigued as to what your make/tutorial is!! Don't not tell us now... xx

  5. Dear Gill,

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! They helped!

    Your gingham pillows look beautiful! I have a thing with gingham as well :-) Love your chair and cupboard too. Great finds!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  6. You should try at an auction house sometime, if you enjoy that sort of thing, as a lot of good furniture ends up go for very good prices. Ibbott Mosley have one once a month, where I live in Kent, and they always have some wonderful things. Generally much cheaper then buying things from Ikea even

  7. The cream trim is beautiful - it ties the gingham nicely in with your older cushion. Great finds too - I think I'd be brave and go with a tartan for the chair x Jane

  8. I love the chair and i think i prefer a warm wool, dark red or burned orange.....

  9. What gorgeous cushions Gill, they look very cosy on your sofa! :)
    Brilliant furniture bargains too!!!
    V xxx

  10. I think I would quite like to go treasure hunting with you. Excellent scores! Your lovely pillows are so beautiful, too--that gingham one has me all inspired now. :)

  11. Your cushions are so gorgeous! I just love gingham.
    Marianne x

  12. Gingham is always good goes with everything and always lifts the room.
    Love the chair but wouldn't the sacking be a bit hard to sit on.

  13. Great've inspired me to get creating!

  14. Gorgeous gingham cushions, amazing bargains too. Enjoy them x

  15. Gorgeous gingham cushions, Gill! And the furniture finds are amazing ones, I love the sack and think it would be a wonderful cushion.....or to cover the chair seat......very stylish either way!
    Love all your photos today too!
    Helen x

  16. Well done Gilly with these pretty gingham cushions, you are really talented!The white sofa with the red pillows on it, is so welcoming and cosy.I can't believe that you have got all this bargain at these prices!!! I love both pieces of furniture,the bedside table and the chair.I'm sure they will find the right place in your lovely home.

  17. Hi Gill,
    Your cushions are perfection!! :) I love your new olden chair too. You got some really great stuff! :)

  18. Gilly, those are just gorgeous cushions and I love all the bargains too, so lovely.

    Hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday :)

  19. Your pillows are so charming! A splash of red can really brighten up a room. The chair is gorgeous. I'm sure whatever you decide to do about the fabric will be beautiful. That walnut is stunning with its wood grain!

  20. Lovely Christmassy feel cushions already! The chair is great - I know you'll do a fab job on that. We inherited a walnut bedroom suite from parents in law and it is quite gorgeous. The patterns in the wood are extraordinary. Lucky you to have got so many bargains! xCathy

  21. Love the gingham cushions and the chair too - love the shape and detail and look forward to seeing its transformation.

  22. Beautiful work on those pillows! I'd paint the chair black, I think it would look great & I'd paint the side table black, except for the top!

  23. Congrats on finding such lovely bargains. I think your new chair would look gorgeous with a tartan cover. Can't wait to see what you do with it :)
    Best wishes.

  24. Seus trabalhos são lindos e seu blog é muito colorido
    beijoca Nilda

  25. Love the cushions GIll !
    Liv xx

  26. lovely cosy red cushions but like the old chair and the bedside table that are little bargain gems
    what are you plans to do with them are you going to paint them white
    have a lovely day leon10


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