Thursday, 17 October 2013

Crochet and a calm workspace

I am really enjoying making this makes up quickly and neatly, and both joining as I go, and sewing in the ends as I go, means once it's finished it's done.

I ran out of white yarn yesterday and a quick trip to my nearest yarn shop (Hobbycraft 5 mins away) soon sorted that. I had also run out of a teal colour, and ended up buying these three lovely wool mixes - well, it was buy two get one free, how could I not?!

So I chose the teal, a pale duck egg blue/green, and a gorgeous soft, pale limey yellow - a sort of celery leaf colour, not dissimilar to Farrow and Ball Pale Hound, which I am very tempted to use on some of my kitchen cupboards.

The pretty note pad I picked up from John Lewis.

On the strength of having a crochet work in progress, I am joining in Chrissie Crafts and Ladybird Diaries Bloomin Crochet-a-long!  Click on the button in the sidebar or on the links above to check it out, join in and see the gorgeous crochet projects others are working on!

My sewing room tidy-up is nearly finished now, and I am loving crocheting in this calm workspace

Oddments of lace and trims I wrapped round some old business cards.....

various ribbons, trims and a Kaffe Fassett jelly roll......

vintage lace edgings from old tablecloths and some vintage buttons below

I still need to paint both these shelves( housing cushions) to match, probably just in white....although another tall Billy bookshelf in white to match the one we bought last week for this same room (see previous post) would be even better, and provide even more storage!

 ......and I need to make a curtain to go around the cutting table to hide all the baskets and bags of fabric underneath.....

Last Friday we fought our way through the torrential rain, floods and crowds to see Crosby, Stills and Nash in concert at the Royal Albert Hall, arriving with only 10 minutes to spare (due to a last minute change in travel plans when we found the main road linking to the M25 at a complete standstill, meaning a rush to the nearest station!).

We had great seats, nearly dead centre in the arena 16 rows back - perfect!

Most of the audience were of a certain age, and there was even the occasional whiff of TCP............rather than that other, more potent, smell which would have been present back in the day, masked by the ubiquitous pachouli oil.......

apologies for the poor photos but I couldn't see to set my camera properly, so just had to point and shoot and hope for the best..... sadly hubby is hopeless with his i-phone camera

but it gives you an idea......

When they played "Winchester Cathedral" ( which was amazing ) it started with playing the organ, which was lit up dramatically - it was very atmospheric.

the whole concert was quite poignant, taking us back to our younger and more carefree days with our lives ahead of us and life seemed like one long party.........

Our friend had last seen CSN live in Toronto in 1974!

The guys themselves were incredible - as talented as ever, one in his late 60s and the other two in their early 70's, they rocked the night away..........Our House,  Love the one you're with, Teach your Children........lots of old favourites and many new songs too......they are still creating and performing new songs........they seemed to really love the evening.

They played from 8 til gone 11, no support band, and just one 15 minute break.

Hats off to CSN. 
We, and they I think, had a ball!


  1. Terrific post, thanks for sharing your good times and your lovely craft room! The scarf is a beauty - link it up to our CAL, it is bloomin' lovely! Chrissie x

  2. Such a pretty scarf and beautiful scant space too! :) x

  3. Oh I love your little corner Gillian, all yours! (I share ex-RAF hubby's flight deck - computer room).
    Photo # 2 in banner: is that a chair cover I see? I am all thumbs when it comes to sewing but is there a pattern or did talented you just improvised?
    All the best Dear, always nice to stop by and see what else is happening in Kent!

  4. Your scarf is looking really great, and I like the new colours of yarn that you have bought. Glad you ennjoyed the concert too! Oh, and I really like your autumn leaves background - basically, I like everything and am still loving your sewing room!! xx

  5. What a lovely place to crochet, i am very envious of your fabulous fabrics, and so tidy! I have the same calendar and love looking at it when making x

  6. You're making quick work of that scarf. I do love your dedicated craft room. How I wish I had one ;-) but we can't all have the same things, right? I'm glad you enjoyed your concert. Whenever I'm late to a concert, I am just so glad to sit down and enjoy the show once it starts. I'm always too chicken to take photos too as they come around and tell you to put your camera away.

  7. That scarf is really beautiful Gilly. I just love your workspace, look at all that stuff!! x

  8. Lovely post, Gill! Your craft space looks so orderly and pretty, and your new scarf is looking gorgeous. What a great evening you had....the concert looks and sounds wonderful! (Will now be humming CSN songs all evening :))
    Helen x

  9. The crochet scarf is stunning and coming on so well lovely colours and a beautiful effect x

  10. That scarf is so beautiful!! I love the ribbon and lace in your sewing room as well!

  11. A bit of nostalgia in this post Gill, so glad you had a great time, where do the years go to!
    Love the new scarf and I really love your yarn colour choices.
    V xxx

  12. What a well stocked craft room, and so pretty too. That scarf is very nice, I love your colour choices. x

  13. Popping in with a hearty thank you for your kind words on my blog. It is a treat to see your lovely work and to read about what you have been up to. You're a dear, and I hope you know how much your kindness means to me. xo Jennie

  14. All that lace and ribbon looks so gorgeous, your workroom is looking lovely and
    I'm loving the colours of your scarf, it all looks sooooo good.
    Sally xxx

  15. Your scarf is gorgeous! I really like the look of that yarn, I love sirdar yarn but have never tried this one, will check it out, thank you. And thank you for joining in the crochet-a-long! You are very very welcome.
    Marianne xx

  16. Thank you for sharing pictures of your lovely craft room. You must smile every time you go in there! I'm glad you had such a fab time at the concert.
    Best wishes.

  17. Your blog is so lovely and your work is amazing. You have inspired me to go to town and purchase a book on beginner crochet. It is called simple stitches and has 25 projects for new crocheters. I found it on the bargain shelf for $8. I hope that I can teach myself . . . it will be a great project for the cold winter days ahead :)
    Thank you for your sweet inspiration and your lovely friendship :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  18. Stunning scarf, the colours are so pretty. Enjoy the weekend. Deb x

  19. Beautiful delicate looking crochet scarf - love the colours you've chosen. I can only dream of having a workspace like yours. Lucky you seeing CSN!! X

  20. Your scarf is lovely but your workroom is so tidy and you have lots of stuff mine always gets messy when I'm looking for things that I know is around here somewhere but just can't remember where.

  21. I do like your sewing room. Such a lovely space to be creative in. Pretty crochet too ;-)


  22. What a great thrill to see CSN, and in that venue. Your crochet project is real pretty and looks like flowers.

  23. Love seeing your's so sweet, and perfect, what a wonderful place to let your talents have their way!
    It was very special that you got to see CSN...nice to hear they're still going strong!
    xo J~

  24. Your work space is looking lovely. It's so much easier when everything has a proper place to live. Love the crochet, very pretty. xx

  25. I saw CSN two summers ago, and it set off a short-lived but pretty intense Stephen Stills crush. I love that music. :)

  26. Lovely scarf, so delicate! Your working space is very pretty too xoxo


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