Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Playing Hooky - a Crochet Scarf






It's been quite a while since I've had a "ta dah!" moment with a crochet project!

The turn in the weather has fired my enthusiasm for some crochet, and as usual one project on the go is not enough.

So the cushions I mentioned in my last post have been abandoned for the moment in favour of the scarf I mentioned in same post.

As usual I threw myself into crocheting my chosen shape, a hexy, without much thought other than to produce as many of them as I could in as short a space of time, using yarn (DK) in my stash in the colours that took my fancy. (I used 2 shades of peachy-pink, an apple green, 2 shades of teal-coloured yarns (one flecked) and a darker green).

Oh how I regretted that lack of planning later when sat on the floor painstakingly joining the bloomin' things!

If only I had looked on Pinterest earlier, and seen the many, many, photos and lovely clear instructions for JOINING AS YOU GO.
Ironically I was looking for ideas on how to join the hexies other than using the slip stitching method, thinking I could maybe try something different, when I saw join as you go - talk about rubbing my face in it.........

Yep, I could have saved myself not only the trouble of crocheting the shapes together, which, although using the relatively quick and neat method of slip stitching, looks pretty naff when you have multiple coloured motifs. But I could also have had a scarf that looked as good on the back as the front. And try as carefully as I might, the even more laborious weaving in the ends (which I did as I went after joining a motif) has still resulted in the odd fluffy cut end being seen.

So the back of the scarf isn't exactly perfect. Better not seen.

Anyway. Lesson learnt for next time.

I am still pretty pleased with the cheerful result, although my family are more than a little sceptical and view my masterpiece as being somewhat "naff" rather than the fun, arty little bobble-trimmed scarf that I try to convince myself it to be after all my hard work. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

So after crocheting numerous little hexies, which soon stacked up pretty quickly, (about 10 mins a hexy) it started life like this - but then I decided I didn't like the apple green trim, so ripped it all out.


So then we had the plain, naked scarf again.



But it somehow looked unfinished

So I tried again adding an edge in a different colour this time.

For anyone wondering how I got this far with my scarf, I used a motif from Crochet Adorned by Linda Permann.

I made her Flower Hexagon using a 4mm hook........

and then added her Picot Flowers edging in teal to the finished scarf - after crocheting a row of single crochet all the way round the edge of the scarf, I went straight to row 2.(the pattern is for edging to attach)

So the final scarf has a flirty little fun bobble trim which goes all over the place (which was the sort of effect I was after to soften the shapes)

And here we have a few poor photos of me trying to take a picture wearing my "creation" in various different ways.....

over the shoulder.......

 why is it so hard to get a clear photo of oneself?????
over both shoulders.......

Clearer....worn hanging down

over the shoulders again ......



So there we have it.
A finished article for once - for me that's an achievement in itself!

What are you making at the moment?

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  1. I adore your scarf, it is really really pretty. The colours all complement each other really well, take no notice of what your family say about it, it is gorgeous and should be worn with pride!
    Marianne x

  2. Love it! So lovely. Will add colour to any outfit. Don't pay any atension I think it's fab :) x

  3. It's gorgeous Gill, I love the colours and that is a lovely little motif! I expect it'll will be used quite a bit from now on!
    V xxx

  4. Your scarf looks beautiful Gill!!!

    Madelief x

  5. Really love it! The colours work perfectly and the little bobble trim finishes it off so beautifully. Well done you!
    No crochet on the go at the moment - finishing some knitted socks first then hoping to join in the Bloomin' Crochet Along soon with a new project :-)
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

  6. I love your scarf, especially your bobbly edging, I think it adds that finishing touch.
    Myself I have too many WIP's going, I need to concentrate on one and get it finished. Then I can start some more hahaha.
    Sally xxx

  7. It's a beautiful scarf, Gill! I love the colours and the textures, and the pretty border is perfect too. You will be getting lots of use out of it, I'm sure. I am loving making my bright granny squares blanket this week....crochet is so addictive isn't it??
    Have a happy autumn week.
    Helen x

  8. Hi there! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I love your scarf, the edging you used is really pretty and matches it perfectly!

  9. lovely! can't beat a hexagon, they are so charming.

  10. It's not naff in the slightest Gill, it's absolutely lovely. Put your fingers in your ears and chant "laa laa, I'm not listening!" I adore those colours together - that turquoise blue especially - and I think you should wear it with arty, bobbly pride.

    Heather x

  11. Such a beautiful scarf, Gil. Wonderful colours. I'm knitting a scarf at the moment from the wool left over from a pouffe I knitted. How matchy matchy, but in a slightly odd way! xx

  12. I LOVE it! I REALLY love the colours you have used together, and the colour for the edging is spot on. Wear it and be very proud, that, you are wearing something lovely which was made by your own fair hands, and also which looks really really lovely on. xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. This turned out beautiful Gill! I love the colors and the trim. I have that book too. Now I must go check out the pattern.

  14. Your scarf is gorgeous! Especially when it's worn with understated cardigans and single-coloured tops, like you have pictured here. Definitely not naff, very on-trend! The border makes it...thank you so much for visiting my blog, because it's led me to yours - a very lovely place indeed! Chrissie x

  15. Hello Gill, I love your new scarf, the colours are beautiful together, and the picot edge is really pretty. Well done! i love your autumn leaves background too. Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  16. I LOVE your scarf, it turned out gorgeous. You motivated me to finish my crochet scarf I started and have yet to complete. ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  17. Such a lot of work but sooo worthwhile. Gorgeous colour combo too.

    Jean x

  18. Love this scarf! and love the sweater in the bottom photo!

  19. Υοur creation is absolutely beautiful,it has your personal touch,it's hand made, it's precious.You look great with your scarf, lovely Gill!

  20. I do believe that this is the prettiest winter scarf that I have ever seen. I love it! I know what you mean about trying to take a photo for yourself. If you have a timer on your camera, try a tripod, or a bag of rice, it works great :)

  21. Gill, that's beautiful! The ruffly edging is the perfect finish. :)

  22. Hi,Gill
    Your scarf looks great and I do love this book as well :0)
    Thank you for your comment
    Have a lovely evening

  23. Your scarf is fab - love the muted autumny (is that a word??) colours. The denim blue border really sets it off and of course would look great with jeans. Clever you. It was worth all the work you put in to it. If I see it around, I shall know it's you because I have not seen one like it anywhere else! xCathy

  24. Oh doesn't that border just set the whole thing off to a T.
    I would want cool weather ASAP if I had such a beauty to wear.
    Lisa x


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