Friday, 8 November 2013

Better late than never........

Now, you know it's November right?

No mistaking that surely, as.............

it's wet and cold, the heating's on, we've had Hallowe'en, carved our pumpkins, dished out treats to scary Trick or Treaters, (I opened the door to see a "skeleton" lying on the doorstep this year - that kid certainly deserved his treat!), then we've had the bonfire parties and seen the pretty fireworks, and the leaves have not only turned yellow, orange and red, but they've been blown clean off the branches by the strong winds, and the garden is looking brown and dreary and sodden with wet leaves........ 

But is it???

Is that really how the garden is looking?

Now here in the land of Gillyflower, having been without the Internet and the wonderful World Wide Web and Mr Google and Co. for over a week (gasp, shock, horror !!!!! the joys and time wasted on telephone calls when you lose the internet whilst changing providers!), we have somehow managed to survive, but whilst we are still re-grouping and setting up networks and linking printers etc, the only piccies I have access to are some never-seen-before garden photos on the laptop, taken in June this year.

So today, here in Gillyflower Land, all is pretty, all is calm, and all is warm, as we stroll through my front garden in late June admiring the flowers, mug of tea in hand, and planting up a new border of roses and delphiniums, penstemons and poppies......

 This pretty pale pink fuschia is still covered in flowers as it was in June

 gorgeous pale yellow poppy, forgotten which variety, and am not sure it survived the hot dry summer when we were on holiday - it died back early, or died all together, so whether it will re-appear next year is an unknown!

 Amazing blue delphinium

 My first David Austin rose, Noble Antony, a repeat flowering rose, and still in bloom as I type

And another gorgeous new rose, now happy in its new bed and also sharing a few new flowers as late as November

Both new roses have wonderfully scented blooms, as well as being beautiful to see

 There's the new border at the end in front of the fence, awaiting all the plants in pots


Now wasn't that nice? A taste of early summer in November..........

Can't wait to catch up with you all after a week starved of blogging, but it has made me get on and do lots of other things, which I'll share in the next few posts, as well as enjoying a trip up to the Great Wen to visit the Country Living Fair with my good friend Jane of the flower house blog.

Jane has only just started her blog, so it would be great if you could pop over and say Hi to her, and see some of her gorgeous knitting and crochet makes.

Wishing you all a great weekend, and thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.

I have lots of new projects to share next time, and a couple of tutorials in the pipeline including the one I promised last time but can't yet deliver until I can get on to the other pc! 


  1. Sorry to hear that you are having tech problems - I hate when that happens! Hope that you are able to resolve it all soon. Lovely to see some pics of your garden though. It's nice to look back and remember. xx

  2. How lovely to go back to June.......thank you so much Gill! :)
    Happy weekend,
    V xxx

  3. What a fabulous treat for the eyes this post is this morning when it's dull and rainy outside.
    Enjoy your weekend and being back online!
    Lisa x

  4. Your June garden looked so gorgeous, and you have grown some really lovely flowers. I hope that pretty yellow poppy does come back! Those roses are just wonderful! Looking forward to next summer now :)
    Hope the tech problems get sorted quickly for you. Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  5. Thanks a lot for these gorgeous gardenpictures. We need that in november. Will pop over to your friend now....

  6. it all looks heavenly, a real cottage garden. I had forgotten how much I like that yellow tall plant whose name escapes me. We always had it in previous gardens and it spread rather rapidly.
    A lovely splash of colour on a grey day!

  7. Beautiful photo's of your June garden Gill! It looks like a sea of colour. The lilac rose you bought is very pretty. I will write the name down for when I visit England again next year. Perhaps I can find the rose in a garden centre.

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Madelief x

  8. Your November looks amazing! Our's is already freezing!

  9. Your summer garden was amazing!!! Wish mine looked half that good.

  10. Lovely photos of your garden. It pays to read as well as look at the pictures though. I was thinking all those flowers in November? but June, that's more likely.
    Hope you're internet problems are sorted.

  11. Your garden is a real feast of colour - and as you say, not a bit Novemberish! We don't really have much in the way of autumnal colours in our garden either - or of summer ones - but we have had some amazing blue skies and lots of lovely sunshine, so I can't complain. Might try growing some delphiniums for next year though...Axxx

  12. I love your garden Gill. I am envious of people who are good gardeners. I'm afraid we don't have near the colour you do. Nice to look back on in the drab winter months!

  13. I adore your garden ...we have snow now so this was such a treat!

  14. So much pretty! I miss my flowers and your red pillows in the previous post are lovely


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