Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The sun has gone again.....

Last week we had sunshine, this week back to the rain again - just so fed up with this weather!

So we are making the most of the sun when it's around, and had a good walk last week whilst it was still sunny and warm.


The bluebells are all but finished in the woods near us, their long leaves bent over, yellowing and drooping, starting to die back.

But in their place the broom is now in full bloom - vibrant yellow swollen flower buds, with a soft scent, and beloved by the bees.

At times we have to stoop low, avoiding the heavily laden branches bent earthwards by the weight of the blooms, and at other times where the bushes meet and overlap across the path, we have to brush by quickly whilst trying not to disturb the busy bees.

The ferns are growing tall and fast, on a roll now from all the rain that has fallen this spring, followed by some sun, but they are looking very leggy and skinny - like a gangly school child having a growth spurt

almost as tall as Bella

and way taller than little Logan

thistles too have grown tall and thin this year (see right of picture), again as tall as Bella

so we have had sunshine and blue skies, and enjoyed it, and are now back once more to the rain.


Confined indoors again, what's a girl to do (to avoid housework) but paint!

This pretty shaped side table, picked up for a song at an estate sale a couple of years ago, was looking perfectly shabby chic with it's old cream paint, but it had lots of scratches on the top (which you can't see here) and needed just a bit of a spruce up - and I wanted to paint it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, using my favourite Paris Grey.

Before, above

and after, below.
Yes, I know it probably doesnt look a great deal different to you, but it is, honest!

Two coats of Paris Grey, lightly sanded in between coats, and again before waxing


Then a coat of clear wax, then sanded back to the cream underneath in places, and in others back to the bare wood





Can you spot the pooch?


look at that spoilt dog on the cosy blanket!

in his favourite place snuggled on the sofa.

Best place to be.....put the heating on for an hour this afternoon, my hands, feet and nose were cold!
In June!

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, and Welcome to my new Followers!

Seems like I am not alone in not knowing much about the changes to Google that will impact on the Followers thing in Blogger, and also that most people are already signed up to either Google + or Bloglovin, either of which will keep us all in contact in the world of blogging, so it doesn't really matter anyway!

Bring it on! I can do change!

Have also braved the world of Windows 8 at last! (You see? I CAN do change!)
Thankfully, like some of you, I too have a clever, techy sort of hubby, and although I am pretty good with using most IT "stuff" (having once worked in the Real World for many years as an Accountant using spreadsheets and accountancy software ) and am the resident expert (oh yes) here on the wireless network and most of the software (oh yes indeed!), I am not so good at the technical setting up from scratch sort of stuff. In fact I wouldn't have a clue.

So what have you been up to this week?

Edited to add:
OK, finally found some info on forthcoming changes here and here, as per Bloglovin.

As far as I can work out,
It is Google Friend Connect and Google Reader RSS Feed that are going on July 1st

Google Friend Connect is where you click to "Follow" in the "old-fashioned" way (which is what I have in my side bar from when I first set up my Blog) and which is going on July 1st.

Google Reader gives you a summary of the latest posts for those Blogs that you subscribe to the RSS Feed (which I never did, preferring instead to see the latest posts from Blogger.)

Therefore it looks like you need to do one of the following to keep in contact with Blogs that you follow and who follow you

EITHER upgrade to Google + (just click on the Google + option (in the left hand sidebar when signed into Blogger) to sign up) so you have the new Friends and Circles thing

OR join Bloglovin (which is what I have done) and get a daily email telling which blogs that you follow have posted (but you need to sign up for Bloglovin, claim your Blog, and follow each blog either direct from a Blog clicking on the "Follow with Bloglovin" button if they have signed up to it, or via Bloglovin going down the list of blogs and clicking on Follow where you want to.)

OR sign up to each favourite Blog on their Blog page to be notified by email when they post, if they have facilitated that (ie be notified by email  for each individual blog when they post - but lots of emails!)

NB: Warning!
As I'm not fully aware of all the changes, please don't take what I have said here as being totally correct and definitive as I may well have misunderstood. DO check the links above to confirm this for yourselves!

And please feel free to share anything more that you know,or to correct me if I'm wrong!

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  1. I can't resist to yellow! I do love this color and your flowers under the sun! About the table? A real metamorphosis ! About net? I'm wondering what I have to ask to my technical support..and this cute dog, he's really enjoying sofas comfort!

  2. Ah well Gillian, the weather sounds just like ours! Hang in there, it will change soon enough. Love the stroll you took and Logan, you have the right idea Sweetie!
    Blogging is fun, but not all of us are computer experts, outch!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the smell of broom, such a beautiful scent! Those ferns are amazing I don't think I have ever seen them as tall.
    And yet more gorgeous paintwork . :)
    V xxx

  4. What beautiful yellow! so bright. Such cute doggies.
    Thanks for the last section I'm a little confused as to what's happening with the changes must read up and try and figure it out...oh dear I'm not amazing with computers! x

  5. Aren't all these Google changes such a nuisance! *sigh* I know I am getting old because I just find change to be a bother I can totally do without, instead of embracing new things as I used to do. :)

    Love your table makeover - I am such a big fan of Annie Sloan paint - it's transformative powers are almost magical.

    ps. as fed up with this lousy weather as you - I have even gone to bed with a hot water bottle this week, so chilly have I felt...and had my UGGS on during the day. Horrors! Where is summer?

  6. thankyou, that makes it all clear. I thought I'd carry on as normal, but seems it's the side bar which is going.There seems to be confusion all over blog world.
    Logan is adorable, I think he should be in every post :-)

  7. Thanks Gilly ... need to go and look at this. Am a bit of a newbie at all this and didn't realise there were changes afoot. Have to get the teenage techie to come and look at it all for me. Sarah x

  8. Gorgeous! I love grey painted furniture, so classy!

  9. Thanks for the blog changing info. I must admit I kept thinking I must look into that and haven't as yet, maybe I should do that now to avoid the housework!
    Lovely photos of Bella and Logan.
    Lisa x

  10. Beautiful yellow broom, I can almost smell the scent, It is such a shame the weather has changed already,
    Your table looks perfect in your sitting room, you must be very pleased
    Not very up on the changes on blogger either, I am sure it will work out in the end
    Happy week
    Thea x

  11. Fabulous pictures, Gill! Love the bright yellow broom, and how lovely Bella looks! The painted table is gorgeous! And I spied that you are into reading Maisie Dobbs too :)
    Enjoy your day.
    Helen x

  12. That broom is stunning and I adore you're makeover. Bella very pretty...not forgetting Logan ;) x

  13. Beautiful post Gill...lovely pics of Bella and little Logan. I love your painted table too. ...I have to look into all these changes...I'm not prepared at all...thank you for the updates!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  14. Google Friend connect is not going honest, it is only Google Reader.

    1. Thanks for that Annie. It's rather confusing - Bloglovin are saying that Google Friend Connect is going, and I have also seen this elsewhere in Blogland, but who knows what really is going to happen?
      A case of Chinese Whispers maybe?!
      Only time will tell!
      Gill xx

    2. Gill as I understand it Bloglovin has been linking to an article on an external blog that's about using Bloglovin as an alternative to Google Friend Connect and which also uses the word replacement *but* the article is clear that Google Friend Connect is going nowhere for now and merely speculates that it will be withdrawn soon.


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