Saturday, 15 June 2013

Piecing it together







On these gloomy spring days I'm snatching the odd moment to piece together the hand pieced stars of my quiet quilt so that I can see it grow.

It spurs me on to see it like this, gradually evolving, and if I havent found time during the day I am doing a little bit each evening in front of the TV.

I chose a pale coffee white spotted fabric for the joining diamonds, and the overall effect is still quiet but with a little bit of a kick now, and it is this darker toned diamond which is starting to give the 3D tumbling blocks effect.

I find spotted fabrics add a bit of a lighthearted and cheerful feel to a project, like checks and stripes do.

Blog browsing last week I read Selfsewn's latest post on english paper piecing (EPP) and about Clare's quilt shown in this lovely book, Quilting on the Go by Jessica Alexandrakis.

 It sent me rushing to Amazon to order it as it is very timely for this latest quilt of  mine.

Clare makes the most lovely hand pieced quilts, and it was one of hers that inspired me to add a paper pieced quilt to my list of  "quilts I want to make", and which is the one I'm  now working on above - my list also includes a Low Volume quilt, so I've killed two birds with one stone so to speak.

The book arrived today, and I can't wait to look at it properly.

We've walked a long walk most days this week, and yesterday were lucky enough to be able to walk it in the sun without wearing waterproofs for the first time this week.

our lane

 me and Logan 
we resorted to taking gardening gloves and secateurs one day this week as this long and narrow path above was so overgrown with brambles and nettles it was hard to get through.

Quick update on the Google Thing - looks like the changes might not be affecting the Google Friends Connect just yet as many were saying - have a look at one of the last comments by Annie on my previous post for a bit more info.

So maybe I could've just carried on with my head in the sand..........but having said that I DO like Bloglovin and am glad I signed up!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Your pieces are beautiful Gill, lovely subtle colours! :)
    Happy weekend,
    V xxx

  2. Simply beautiful, I have made the hexies but didn't really think about other shapes.



  3. Gill, your star quilt is beautiful! Gee, it looks like Logan was trying to take credit for putting the pieces together! LOL!!! I can't believe how nicely your points match up! It takes a lot of talent to do that! I admire all your hand work - it's just stunning. Each piece is a piece of art!

    Loved you walk, it looks just beautiful! We hope to get to England some day and see where some of our ancestors came from! In the mean time I'll have to visit vicariously through your beautiful posts!

  4. Your quilt looks amazing, I love the soft colours you've chosen.
    I to love handquilting, I get more enjoyment from it than using a sewing machine. I am doing EPP at the moment, it's pieced, it's sandwiched and I just have to finish the last bit of hand quilting. Seeing you with yours has spurred me on to go dig it out and finally finish it.
    Looking forward to watching yours progress and finish. :)

  5. I love to EPP, it is so relaxing, portable and I must add, addictive. I confess here, that I have 3 different EPP projects on the go (red face).
    Looking forward to seeing your diamonds progress!

  6. Respect, Gill. Your quilt is really lovely - I don't have the patience to do anything like this but would so love to have a handmade quilt. Maybe one day.
    That glorious weather could just slow down your progress though - but about time you could all enjoy a lovely sunny - and amazingly green - walk.

  7. What a fabulous looking book! Your quilt is lovely too

  8. Simply lovely, Gill - love that coffee dotty fabric, it's just a perfect tone. Logan looks pleased too!
    Enjoy the sunshine & have a happy Sunday

  9. Loving your star quilt, especially the dotty fabric.
    Its a great book isnt it?
    Thanks for the name drop!!

  10. Your patchwork quilting is so pretty. I really need to brush up on my skills not attempted it for a while x

  11. Including polka dots should be the law they are the best!
    Clare does make the most beautiful things doesn't she. I am lucky enough to have a little piece of her patchwork at home.
    Such Logan a cuddle for looking so sweet!
    Lisa x

  12. I love the fabrics you've chosen for your diamond stars! Thanks for posting about my book, glad you like it~

  13. Such sweet fabrics! Adorable process!


  14. Your color scheme is lovely! Kudos, too, for all the handpiecing--that's a lot of work, which certainly looks as if it will pay off, big time. This quilt will be a beauty. :)

  15. I'd never in a million years have the patience for quilting, but I adore the look of yours and have the utmost respect for anyone who can do such beautiful work!!!! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog today- it really made me feel special :) xoxo

  16. Little sweet Logan, you guys looked like you were having a lovely walk and your project looks so pretty I love your color choices.....Heidi

  17. This project is coming along beautifully, I like spotty fabric too.
    Best wishes.

  18. It;s looking so pretty, I love patchwork :) xx


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