Thursday, 6 June 2013

The last few days of May......

As we leave May behind us I must just share a few photos with you that I meant to post before now and havent had a chance to, what with us being in the middle of exams here plus the main PC being out of action, and with that, my ability to upload photos and post.

But first and most important, I must thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post where I showed you Bella's quilt - I was overwhelmed!

The quilt now lies on the end of Bella's bed.
(Note the un-ironed duvet cover - I don't do ironing I'm afraid, except the important stuff like hubby's shirts - life's too short and all that........)

At the time of finishing the quilt the weather turned foul again and so I started a new one - hand pieced this time, being in the mood as my good friend Jane (hi Jane if you're reading this!) and I have had a couple of tranquil mornings recently showing Jane how to do paper pieced hand sewn patchwork.

I'm sewing together diamonds, making stars from recycled and vintage fabrics and bedding, and other odd scraps of fabric - the beauty is that they don't take a lot of fabric and it doesn't matter if there's only one of each fabric, so it's great for using up odds and ends.

(New book too - Vintage Chic by Christina Strutt of Cabbages and Roses - is a real feast for the eyes if you love pale shabby chic interiors)

I'm using pale and pastel colours, so it'll be a "low volume" (LV) or "quiet" quilt compared to my last one.

And it won't be made as quickly! One to chip away at when in the mood.

Jane has chosen some gorgeous floral fabrics in pinks and greens, including some Tilda ones, and is sewing hexies into a cushion cover which she may well have finished by now, and if she had her blog up and running I would now be linking to her......did you get the not-so-subtle hint Jane?!!!

I've also painted a chest of drawers bought  a few weeks ago. It's an old Stag chest, so nicely made with dovetailed joints and a good shape.

Using two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette, a lovely pale pink, I lightly distressed it after waxing with clear wax, and changed the knobs, although I used what I had in the house and will need to seek out more of the clear ones.




Am really pleased with how it came out, although there is too much light in these photos to see it as it it really is.

I know the bluebells are nearly over, and you have probably seen loads in blogland already, but I must just share with you the bluebells in the woods behind us...the scent was lovely on this sunny day in May.....



can you see the badgers sett in the centre and the path of trampled bluebells?

the broom was just coming out too

surrounded by bluebells

wherever you looked

a sea of bluebells

their fragrance filled the air as we walked along the narrow path

can you see the Brimstone butterfly in the centre - we've seen it every time we walk here the last month, and in real life it's a really bright, almost dayglo yellow, like a highlighter pen colour!

and we just had to make some cupcakes in bluebell coloured cases

And now here in June the garden is full of colour with the azaleas and rhodendrons in full flower.
I've been busy potting on seedlings and planting out the runner beans and climbing french beans - so much to do now so I'd better get off the laptop and on with the gardening!

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. The chest makeover is pretty. Love the Annie Sloan paint colour and the glass handles.

  2. I always go in search of Bluebells at this time of year. Luckily, I don't have to go far, we have a wood close by too and it's filled with bluebells, they're all nearing their end though now.

  3. I have to laugh, I'm not much for ironing myself so I would never have noticed a single wrinkle. The new quilt is lovely as well. The bureau is painted such a pretty color and the sea of bluebells is amazing.

  4. Beautiful pics as always, Gil. I love the chest of drawers. Fabulous job and wow (already) to the new quilt. I've managed to persuade my daughter to have one made by my own fair/clumsy hands! Yay! Result!

  5. Great post! I wish we had bluebells like that here. The pink dresser turned out beautiful!

  6. You are always so busy! love the chest so pretty :) also loving Bella's quilt cover too. Great photos.

    Bee happy x

    PS have you entered my giveaway?

  7. Lovely photos. Beautiful blue bells and what a great transformation with the chest of drawers x

  8. Lovely photos Gill. :) hope the exams are going well for Bella!
    I admire your patience with the hand piecing, don't know that I would have it but I do love the results!
    Great painting job, as always!
    V xxx

  9. great minds think alike, I've just started playing with diamonds inside a hexy! look forward to seeing how yours develops.

  10. Hi Gill,

    Such a happy and colourful post! You chose some lovely fabrics for your new quilt. Looking forward to see how it will look like. You must be sewing all day :-)

    The photo's of your walk through the woods look enchanting. Wish we had bluebell woods in Holland.

    Good luck to Bella. Hope she will pass her exams!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  11. Hello Gill
    You have been such a busy bee...painting ,stitching, baking, gardening Phew!..such a wonderful post full of prettiness
    Happy June days
    Thea x

  12. What a lovely post full of summer loveliness, those bluebells are spectacular. The chest makeover is stunning. What a huge difference some gorgeous paint makes to a drab colour.
    If there are any cup cakes left over, can I have one please? They look delicious.
    Anne xx

  13. What a lovely post, such beautiful images. Love the patchwork and the cakes look delicious ... A very happy June to you x

  14. What gorgeous photos! You have been busy! The chest of drawers looks really wonderful and your new quilt looks as though it will be very pretty.
    M x

  15. Lots of lovely things to see as usual Gill. Hoe stunning are those blubells? I love the way your chest of drawers came up too. Very pretty.
    I have that same doona/duvet as Bella and mine is always crumpled up as well!

  16. Gorgeous post! I loved seeing your new patchwork, and newly painted chest of inspiring! The pink paint is so pretty.. Loved the bluebells too......that is a real bluebell wood where you can stand surrounded by bluebells....and I can just imagine the lovely scent..
    Helen x

  17. very pretty the old pink marie antoinette chest she is adoreble love it
    love the blue bells wood we dont have them over here in holland but I have seen some woods on my trip this week in engeland the cotswolds area
    very beautiful have a lovely day leon10

  18. Loving the chest of drawers, so pretty. I so agree on the ironing front, shirts only and why bother if it's under a jumper! Beachhutcook x

  19. Hi Gill!..Thank you so much for visiting my blog which means now I've found yours! What a lovely post...Your new patchwork project looks so pretty (I'm going to add the book to my wish list too as I love Cabbages & Roses!)
    Annie Sloan paint is wonderful isn't it? You've done a great job with the drawers...they look beautiful.
    Love you bluebell wood's been lovely to see them all in blog land recently...they really are magical!
    Happy Sunday!
    Susan x
    P.S I'm off to add you to my blog roll.

  20. Hi Gill - hint taken, will try harder! Patchwork not quite finished, a few more patches to go on to make it cushion-sized, but have completed granny stripe crochet and desperately trying to finish knitted blanket for next weekend as Natalie is coming home to help me celebrate yet another birthday. Your painted chest looks lovely in the Antoinette. Lovely bluebell pictures - shame it's such a short season. See you soon Jxx


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