Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Things are looking up!

Look what the postman bought this morning!

Some beautiful vintage sheet fat quarters from scenic Switzerland!

She makes the most bright and lovely quilts and patchwork, as well as selling gorgeous vintage fabrics and quilts, so do pop over to her blog My Rose Valley if you haven't already visited!

Thanks Annette, you have made my day!

Thank you all for your positive comments on my last post - they certainly cheered me up.

The part for the car has arrived today and should be fitted tomorrow, so

Hooray for that!!!

And the sun is shining yet again today - spring has finally sprung.

But the good weather has a side effect which brings out the worst in me - I feel full of energy and plans for both the house and garden and it makes me want to PAINT!

So yes, yet another project has been started (to add to all the other WIPs!) which I will hopefully be able to reveal in a few posts time!

Enjoy this lovely weather!

Edited to add: sorry folks I've a feeling you can't see any of the photos as my little Picasa symbol is missing!
Bear with me whilst I rectify that!


  1. I can't see the pictures, but I can imagine!! Enjoy!!

    I'm trying to work out how I can get my quilt set up to finish quilting...half done, only started in 1997!!

  2. Thank you for the link. I will go visit! thank goodness the car part arrived.

  3. Lovely fabric Gill, I especially love the green and white floral print.
    Good that you'll be on the road again soon!
    Vivienne x

  4. Pure JOY....what fun you will have. Happy day to you.xoxo

  5. Ooh, I'm loving that fabric Gill, not to mention the etsy shop - definitely worth a browse I think.

    Sorry you had a poo week last week and glad you will be mobile again very soon.

    Paint? Tell me about it! I've been painting our fences and shed different shades of blue and now can hardly move my hands!!

    Heather x

  6. Congratulations on winning the giveaway Gill! You won some lovely fabrics.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  7. oohhh those fabrics are gorgeous ;-) What will you do with them? dee x

  8. Wonderful cheery fabrics and hopefully a cheerier you too after all your recent troubles! Am gonna check out My Rose Valley as I need some vintage fabrics for a new project I have on the go. Thanks. xC

  9. Wow! That was quick! Lovely to see the fabric over at your place and I am looking forward to see what they will become. :D Thanks for link lovin'. Annette

  10. Lovely you can't wait to get started!
    Glad the car will be sorted...hope you will be able to get petrol ok! :0)

  11. Love the vintage fabrics!! I can't wait to see what you make with them! xoxo Debbie

  12. Lovely fabrics! And so glad the car will be back on the road again now! I know what you mean about wanting to paint things....I keep feeling the same!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  13. Oh I do love crafty deliveries!

  14. Hallo,
    Great textiles, which make me think about the days gone by..
    It's inspiring what you show me.
    Now I can try to make some vintage cushions myself in a nice blending of textiles, instead of buying too expensive at a shop.

    Thanks a lot,


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