Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring cushions


I finished these spring cushions last week for the sitting room, and just saw the photos on Picasa and realised that I hadn't shared them with you - and I would hate that you should miss some!


The cushion above is made from  vintage Laura Ashley and trimmed with a blue vintage trim


The other side I made a few weeks ago when I was making lots of other patchwork cushions.

This one above used up some last pieces of fabric that had been made up into other cushions on my sofa - the reverse is below


The scalloped cushion above is made from a gorgeous 70s blue and white floral pillowcase, and the reverse (below) is more of the vintage Laura Ashley






Some more fabric arrived today - a lovely large orange floral vintage sheet from the 70s


and 2 metres of bright pink linen, plenty for lots of cushions for my shop.




So lots more sewing to come, but this time not for me but for those empty shop shelves.

All the new cushions I've been making for the last few months for our home have been helping me decide what styles I want to make for my online shop, and have enabled me to try out different ideas and techniques.


Sorry to have bombarded you with cushions yet again, you lovely patient people!

I promise I shall have something different to show you next time, not a cushion in sight, as I got lucky on eBay today!

I won a piece of furniture for a very good price, something that I have been keeping an eye out for many months, so I'm pretty chuffed!

All will be revealed next post!

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  1. Hello Gill:
    What a fabulous cavalcade of cushions!

    You really have tried out a variety of styles and finishes and all of them look very attractive. Deciding on what to choose for your next ones will not be easy we imagine!

  2. Lovely cushions Gill, really pretty. I love the pink linen too. Lesley x

  3. The cushions are gorgeous - so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Lots of lovely blue today Gill!
    I love the scallped edge and the vintage blue trim is very pretty. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. The patchwork cushion is my favourite, so pretty. I look forward to seeing your new ebay win.
    Best wishes.

  6. Such lovely vintagey fabrics! Love the scalloped one best, I think. :)

  7. All of these are so beautiful!!! You're very talented at picking great combinations, and clearly making cushions as well!!!
    Love your new fabric!

  8. Love the blue one best of all ...wonderful!

  9. Very nice cushions :)I like the colours. Wish you a happy weekend.
    Hugs from Tine

  10. Those are all so pretty love the mustard fabric you used and the blue flower one. Look forward to seeing your new piece of furniture. dee x

  11. More lovely cushions. I especially like the blue floral one.

  12. Your pillows look beautiful Gill! I love your choice in fabrics and colours.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  13. Dear Gill,
    Fabulous cushions!

  14. Hi Gill,
    That blue floral pillowcase looks suspiciously's very similar to what was on my bed during my childhood. I think I had matching wall paper too!
    It looks much better as a cushion.

  15. Lovely cushions, Gill! Some of those fabrics make me feel sooo nostalgic! Wonder what your new furniture piece is...looking forward to seeing it.
    Have a great week.
    Helen x

  16. Spring is definitely in the air - fantastic cushions, you really know how to mix & match! ;-)

  17. Your cushions are gorgeous! And you're so expert, with the scallops and such. I wouldn't even attempt that. Isn't it fun making things for people to rest their heads on?

  18. You are a very talented seamstress. I don't know how you will be able to part with the next patch you make. The scalloped edge floral and the LA vintage are my favorites although all are just lovely.


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