Monday, 19 March 2012

Let's take a walk

and burn off some of those calories from all the
feasting and chocolate eating of Mother's Day yesterday!

For those who celebrated Mother's Day yesterday,
I hope you had a lovely day and got thoroughly spoilt by your loved ones!

We had a houseful here for Sunday lunch

and to make sure that I too could enjoy the day without too much work,
I kept the food simple and made it the day before.

I made several lasagnes (both meat and vegetarian) and a fresh raspberry bakewell tart, asked my family to bring other desserts, and so all I had to do yesterday was the salads and baked potatoes.

Ok, let's go then.
And let's take my new pedometer with us and see how far we go.

Better put your wellies on as it'll be a bit muddy after yesterdays rain.


Down the lane then

and over the stile at the end of the lane and through the gates

 into the track that leads down to the fishing lakes

lovely views but its a bit nippy still this early

no sheep in this field today but you can see where they've been!

now over another stile and along the narrow path past the fishing ponds

no geese there at the moment, but it's a favourite spot of theirs and we hear them take off at dusk as they head over our house to where ever they settle for the night

up the track past the corner where the pigs were last year

and down into the woods

it's going to be a lovely day
past the stream on the right

then up to the crossroads - which way shall we go this morning?

Let's go right past the bracken



as its the quickest way to Logan's favourite part of the walk

the orchards!

Logan loves it here - the long wet grass, the scent of rabbits .....

I love it because of the views and the openness - can you spot the church in the distance?
It's a bit misty but you can just see it.

the beautiful neat rows of apple trees

the buds are starting  to appear

and on some trees the remains of last years crop is rotting on the branches

round the orchard then

a huge bonfire that's been here for months - wonder when they'll light it?

round the top between orchards, along Brambly Hedge where the little woodland creatures live

who lives in a house like this?



and apartments

the penthouse suite

and now down the other side of the orchard we go

lots of moss under the trees

the trees to the side of the orchard are full of catkins

then back into the woods, still thickly carpeted with the dead leaves of autumn

but signs of life are peeking through - there will be a sea of bluebells in a few weeks time

back through the woods along a different path this time

past lots of green broom that will soon be covered in yellow flowers

bramble leaves red in the morning sunlight

a busy bee

back to the crossroads in the woods - and Logan has decided which way we are going back

up the steep hill, puff puff!

Come on slow coach, Logan's look says it all!

Phew, nearly there, I can see the gate ahead

Nearly home now

back along the lane

here we are

mind we don't step on the pretty little scillas coming up through the gravel in the drive

Well, we did just under two miles this morning.

Not bad eh?

And surely I must have walked off some of that chocolate trifle?

Enjoy your day!

Edited Tuesday to add:
On the subject of walking, I meant to mention that Annette over at My Rose Valley is encouraging people to walk their way to a healthier fitter life with her "Come Walk With Me" mission!

It is a great idea of Annette's and she has put a lot of time and effort into giving advice, guidelines and lots of encouragement! It is not a competition but a way of getting into good regular personal walking habits.

Do pop over to her blog and see for yourself, and get walking! 

Walking is free! 
It's easy to just get out there wherever you live whether it be town, city or countryside 
You can walk whatever the weather
You can do it whenever you can fit it into your schedule wherever you are (lunchtime at work?)
You can walk for as little (even 5 mins brisk walk is good!) or as much as you can manage timewise
You feel so good afterwards, both physically and mentally !
And the more you do, the better you'll feel 

Go take a walk!

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  1. Thanks for taking us along on your walk Gill!
    I love the idea of little creatures living in those little houses! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Hello Gill:
    How lovely your Mothers' Day lunch sounds to have been. And, such a good idea for everything to have been prepared ahead as that means that one can enjoy more time together as a family rather than having to work in the kitchen. We are sure that a good time will have been enjoyed by all!!

    The walk was marvellous, especially so when done from the comfort of the computer screen. That is quite a walk, but how fortunate you are to have such a beautiful landscape in which to stroll. Perfect!

  3. What a lovely way to get rid of those calories!

    I'll be going out on my usual Monday Evening run tonight to hopefully balance out the weekend excess!!

    Fleur xx

  4. Just a short stroll then!...only joking...that was a lovely walk,thanks for taking us along.It will be nice to do it again when those bluebells are out. :0)

  5. What a lovely day. Gorgeous walk ... felt as though I was with you all the way. M x

  6. Whoo, that was a good hike--I'm feeling the burn now...that's good for a couple calories, right? Yay, off to have a piece of cake! (Thanks very much for taking us with you--so lovely!)

    This confirms my already firm belief that England is matchlessly beautiful. Also, your orchard looks exactly--I mean exactly--like the one in my own backyard. :)

  7. What a gorgeous walk and so close to nature and all its beauty. Wonderful photo's and your flowers in your home look lovely. Have a lovely week, dee x

  8. What a treat to read your post! I do hope you'll take us on your walk again when the bluebells appear. So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day :)

  9. How nice that you can enjoy such varied outdoors so close to home. Logan must just love it!!

  10. What a beautiful countryside you are living in! A very nice post. Feels like I have been there myself.
    And all those apple trees! Must be fantastic when they are blooming. I also hope that you will take us on that walk again later in the spring.

  11. I just read that post whilst scoffing my Mother's day Maltesers! Not sure that any of those calories will have been lost! Thank you for taking us with you and glad you enjoyed your day.
    Lisa x

  12. Lovely walk, Gill! I would love to go again please when the orchard is in must look wonderful.
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  13. Thank you for that Gill, it was so lovely to see some of the countryside and with such a handsome tour guide - thank you Logan!

  14. Great post Gill - I love the animal houses! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled next time I'm walking the fields. And nothing says spring like a beautiful primrose.

  15. Thank you I enjoyed my walk in the sunshine, it's the second one I've had this morning so time for coffee and cake I think.

  16. Gill, what a great idea! It`s was so interesting! Waiting for another your walk :o) Pictures and nature of Kent are beautiful. Glad you enjoy this beauty every day :o)
    Have a nice week

  17. I sooo enjoyed the walk...especially as I didn't have to move an inch!!!! LOL! Seriously though, it would be a joy to walk in such a pretty place! Cx

  18. Fantastic! I was right there with you all the way. Very powerful post. Probably about the longest post I've scrolled down so far and even though I only did virtual walking I feel really refreshed now afterwards. Great idea. I will link back to this post in my next Come Walk With Me post. And thanks for your link lovin'. :D I would love to see this walk again in a few weeks time, the change of nature will be so powerful and amazing. Have a lovely evening. ♥♥♥ Annette

  19. Well, I enjoyed that walk with you!
    What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.


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