Monday, 26 March 2012

Garden Snippets



scillas (flowering) and lupins (palm leaved type foliage not yet flowering)


Hi everybody, thanks for your lovely comments on my last few posts.


daffodils and white leucojum (like large snowdrops)

After what turned out to be an unsettling week last week, with both my car and the washing machine out of action, I am quite glad to start a new week.

pink hyacinths

soon to be flowering miniature azalea (smaller leafed plant has the buds)

Being in the countryside 30 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop I am totally reliant on my car, especially for getting my daughter to and from school.

rhubarb! Yum!


white primula

On the same day that the washing machine decided to give up the ghost, the main drive belt in my car started going which means until the new part arrives from Japan ( hopefully today so it can be fitted tomorrow ) I have been advised not to drive it as I would risk causing several thousand pounds worth of damage to the engine.

white primula


It is costing us £27 a day to get our daughter to and from school, and how we now wish we had upgraded one more level on our rescue package which would have given us a courtesy car!

dark pink camellia

But things are looking up - as I type, my new washing machine, delivered yesterday, is quietly swishing away, so much quieter than my last machine - and for the price of a couple of supermarket shops I am back in action, with lots of new programmes to play with including eco washes using cold water - that should be interesting!


Anyway, as I didn't think you'd be particularly thrilled at seeing photos of my new washing machine, or my poor car, I thought I'd share a few photos of the garden, taken early(ish) this morning as the sun was breaking through the mist, and the dew was still on the grass.



ribes through the window!

Hope last week was more successful for you!

camellia in all its faded beauty


Edited Tuesday 27 March to add plant names by request - sorry I omitted them!!

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  1. Hello Gill:
    Oh dear, chaos can so easily ensue when the machines upon which we rely decide not to work. Hopefully, this week will go along like clockwork!!!

    The pictures of your garden are so joyful. The fresh green shoots are so welcome and the signs of new life everywhere make one full of hope. Wishing you a happy week!

  2. With this gorgeous weather it's definitely garden time, isn't it. Yours is looking lovely and you have many similar plants at the same stages as in my garden.
    Life really isn't simple without a car or a washing machine. Hopefully your car will be back in action soon.
    In the meantime enjoy the sunshine Gill.
    Vivienne x

  3. Oh what a week you've had!! Hope your car is sorted soon.

    Your garden looks lovely.
    Fleur xx

  4. Gorgeous pics! Here's to a better week!

  5. So many flowers already - those primroses are simply gorgeous. Hope this week is a better one!

  6. lovely garden pictures-I like the flowers in the second photo.

  7. Sorry to hear about all the hassle Gill - nightmare! I had me one of those episodes in November when all sorts of appliances decided to give up on me at the same time...

    But I LOVE your garden - that is absolutely gorgeous, I'm so envious! Must be fantastic to spend time in such a little paradise...

  8. I feel your pain on the washing machine only its my dryer that went kerpluey and before that my stove gave up the ghost.....they all go at once don't they! It makes us appreciate them when they all run!

  9. These things always happen all at once don't they? Being miles from the nearest bus isn't much help though, but at least it's not Nov/Dec and we have a bit more daylight. Talking for which, your garden is looking lovely (and so green!) with many flowers in bloom already.

    Hope your week is much improved!!!

    B x

  10. Dear Gill,
    Your garden looks amazing! Our flower borders in the back garden which Charlie never used to do anything too have been completely ruied by George who just digs up all the plants - I'll have to resort to pots this year!!

  11. Your garden is looking wonderful Gill, wondered if you want to pop over and have a look at mine for me? ;) he he Glad your washing machine is evern better, maybe it was a good thing your old one broke. Hope you have a much better week sweetie :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  12. The only way is up Gill. Hope the car is back in action very soon. Lovely photos of your garden.

  13. Oh poor really is a stressful time when things you usually rely on don't work properly (or at all!) I'm glad you have a new washing machine and hope the car will be fixed very soon. Loved all your beautiful spring garden pictures fresh and colourful It has been beautiful weather hasn't it, so perfect for being out there gardening!
    Hope your week just gets better and better!
    Helen x

  14. Hope the car parts have arrived as expected and that your car is now back inaction. Always nice to see snippets of your pretty garden.
    Have fun with the new washing machine, if that's possible!
    Lisa x

  15. Those grape hyacinths are an amazing colour.Your garden really is bursting into bloom!
    Glad to hear you have a new washing machine,and hopefully all will be well with your car soon.It must be awful to be so cut off.Luckily we have a bus stop at the end of our road.Take care and enjoy the lovely weather! :0)

  16. Oh my goodness- all the flowers already! How gorgeous!!! Whatever is that beautiful pink blossomed tree? I want one! Now!!

    So very sorry to hear about the car and the washer- these things do tend to go in groups, don't they? Enjoy your new washer, and I'll have my fingers crossed that your car part is in very soon :)

  17. Lucky you to have such a beautiful garden! I wish our weather was more "stable" - last week we were wearing flip-flops, this week we may be wearing boots! Yikes, mother nature is crazy!

    Poor you on such an expensive week - your car, washer, & daughter's transportation! I hope your part arrives soon so you can save some $$.

    Love the little hedge-hog in your photos!

    Have a wonderful week!


  18. Your flower photos made me smile. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I had to purchase some flowers to plant today myself. My yard is barren!

  19. I hope the car part comes in and you are in action soon. That is a lot of money to pay each day - your garden flowers are beautiful. Would really appreciate if you label the names - all of them are unknown to me!

  20. your rhubarb plants are growing so quick!!!!


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