Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Cowl and More Yarn

Well, no sooner said than done!

And two post in two days......after a month with none.

For those of you who haven't a clue what I'm talking about, I've only just returned to blogging after a summer break and found myself swept along on a crochet roll as the weather has turned wetter and colder.

And having dared to share a hat, I am now sharing the cowl I made yesterday in the same wool, shown in some rather fuzzy selfies, and also showing that instead of spending time crocheting I should really have been doing some housework and cleaning the hall mirror.

I couldn't wait to get started on crocheting a cowl, mentioned in my last post only yesterday, so yesterday afternoon as the rain poured down, I trawled Ravelry for a cowl pattern and found this brilliant one from Sarah at Annaboo's House, a lovely blog which I have somehow managed to lose track of and haven't visited in a long time.

And I see she has another cowl pattern in her latest post - one talented lady!

Within a couple of hours I had made the cowl in the same rust wool as the hat I made at the weekend, mainly because I had little choice in the matter as it was the only chunky yarn I had. I didn't have the large hook needed either, a whopping 15mm one, so just used the largest one I had, a 10mm hook.

I then had to adapt the pattern a little to allow for the smaller hook, but the excellent instructions meant this was no bother. It is an easy make, and very quick, with a straightforward pattern. I decided not to make this cowl as deep as the pattern instructions, but the next one I might make a little deeper so I get an extra fold.

But it fits beautifully and I know I shall wear this lots.

After this crochet frenzy in the last couple of days, and having stirred myself up yesterday with thoughts of other yarny goodness, I rushed out this morning and succumbed to some lovely soft and chunky yarn so that I can make more hats and cowls in colours other than the rust.

Firstly, this lovely soft Super Chunky Hatfield yarn with  20% wool, in a lovely soft blueberry heathery colour that I was imagining when writing yesterdays post - I was very happy when I spotted this, and despite Bella's reluctance so far to have anything made in crochet, she is now wavering, with thoughts of a cowl in this pretty yarn.

I bought enough for either two cowls, or a cowl and a hat.

As I also fancied another hat in the same pattern as the rust one, this time in a quiet, tweedy type of yarn that would go with anything, I chose this super soft and chunky Sirdar Husky. In tweedy browns, there should be enough here for one soft hat.

I shall also be buying some gorgeous wool from this online shop recommended by Gillian from Hookin' a Yarn blog - the New Lanark Shop - some lovely yarn here, the soft colours are wonderful, and such good prices. 

Thanks for the link Gillian!

Sigh of contentment.


  1. I love your hat and your cowl. I too have been crocheting more in preparation for the cooler weather. I've made some slouchy hats and have some cowls and scarves planned too. :)

    Glad to see you back after your summer break :)

  2. That's a great hat and cowl! The color suits you very well, and you look well prepared for all weather. Well done! :)

  3. Your new yarn looks gorgeous. Have fun making more hats and cowls! Glad you liked the New Lanark shop.

  4. I like the colours of your yarn. I need to crochet more, I only seem to do blankets.

  5. Oh is there anything more satisfying than shopping for yarn!! I love your colours, very autumnal and cosy.
    The new cowl is great! :)
    V x

  6. The new cowl is amazing, a real delight.

  7. I just found your blog and I read a few posts. I like it a lot. This is a gorgeous hat! I have never crocheted one, just caps. And your new wool looks lovely, soft and cosy. Isn't it just a luxurious feeling touching soft yarn knowing that you will make something beautiful out of it? Hugs, Viola

  8. You have been busy - and looks like you are gong to be busy for a while yet! :) I love the look of that tweedy yarn. x

  9. It is great to see you back . . . Love the hat and cowl and you look fabulous in them.
    It's nice to have something new to wear when those cold winds blow.
    Great job . . . and again, "Welcome back to blog-land"
    Connie :)

  10. Love the hat - and the cowl! You chose a gorgeous colour!!! :-)

  11. Lovely! They work so well with your coloring, really sets off your hair and skintone. Nice job!

  12. Great work Gillian and must more rewarding than cleaning the mirror. Your new yarn looks great and looks like a nice wool to work with

  13. Your hat and cowl are lovely as is the new yarn purchased. Looking forward to seeing your finished makes.
    Anne xx

  14. Your cowl is great! It goes really well with your hat! xx

  15. Hello you busy girl, I love your new makes - what a gorgeous burnt orangey colour. I like the shape of the hat, it looks very good on you, have your worn your lovely hat you bought in Otford yet? I like your new yarns too, especially the blue one. Thank you for sharing the link to the New Lanark Shop, looks tempting! Have a good week and see you soon.
    Jane xx

  16. Great to have you back blogging again. Your makes are great, I wish that I could crochet up something as quickly. Looking forward to seeing what you make with that lovely wool x

  17. Both the hat and cowl look great, such a lovely vibrant colour. Ideal for keeping you nice and cosy.
    Marianne x

  18. oh I love the hat !! Great work ! and the yarn looks so gorgeous .... have a lovely sunday ! A bientôt ...

  19. The colour is just perfect! I can't wait to get on with more craft projects now the nights are drawing in :)
    Best wishes.


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