Friday, 3 October 2014

And we're back......................

Well it's been a little longer than I intended, but here I am finally back in the blogging world!

We had a brilliant time in Scotland earlier in September - the weather was beautifully warm and dry and the scenery was incredible. I never realised how very beautiful Dumfries and Galloway was - I won't bore you with endless photos but we had wonderful days out and about rambling through forests and hillsides, around lochs and glens, and driving through the most breathtaking scenery with hardly another car for an hour or more.

We saw wild goats and red deer, red kites and other birds of prey, and spotted a red squirrel. We climbed to high viewpoints with monuments and drove along unpaved tracks, we visited sleepy villages and busy towns, quiet beaches and quiet roads - such a lovely contrast to living in the south-east of England.

We stayed in a wonderful converted mill house with large gardens and its own bridge over a babbling stream, surrounded by cattle covered hills, set in the midst of a large Scottish country estate - a very peaceful location, coming home after busy days out to a late afternoon tea and cakes in the garden, basking in the warm sun on a blanket, reading, dozing, and watching the cows, and early evenings listening to the soothing sound of running water and the birds chattering, watching the sun go down with a glass of wine.

misty morning view from our holiday home

All in all we came home refreshed and having had a good break.

Back then to the usual minor dramas and day to day stuff (it seems like every appliance we have is giving up - the freezer went end of May, the tumble dryer shortly after and not yet replaced as I line dry during the summer, and then the fridge (of 16 years) decided to die two days before we went on holiday so we had a few days before and after hols living out of cool box before the fridge arrived! Now the dishwasher won't work!), of back to uni and back to work, and for me finally a bit of time between chores and committments for some creative stuff.

Two new cushions for my Etsy shop

Both made from pretty vintage embroideries and linen.

The cushion above also features vintage red gingham with the original embroidery.

A new cushion for Bella for uni, which she designed and cut out and which I sewed and made up.

A couple of autumnal feeling vintage linen (Sandersons) cushions for home

nicely worn and faded!

And a patchwork star cushion, started in summer, also for home.

Having had a long break from crochet (I think the baby blanket put me off for a while!) I am back crocheting away on a cushion cover (what else?!)

But will be making a crocheted hat in the next day or two having been inspired by this gorgeous new purchase when out "vintiquing" with Jane from the flowerhouse in a smart little Kent village. 

Walking along in search of a coffee shop, we happened to wander past this exclusive little hat shop full of the most wonderful hand made wool, velvet and tweed hats, and this one was in the window and just called out to me! 

I'm not really a hat person but just fell in love with this one - made from recycled velvets, tweeds and wools, it instantly appealed to me, as did the patchwork design. I've always loved the pull down low cloche style hat of the 20s, and this is in that sort of style.

Watching Downton last night on catch up, I was admiring all the lovely little pull down cloches they were wearing!

Being naturally a little shy and not liking to stand out, I shall probably only have the nerve to wear it dog walking when its cold enough to justify a practical (but very stylish I think) hat! 

Although really, it is the ideal hat for shy people - you can pull the hat down so low you can hardly peep out from under it and can pretend you're not there - and people can barely see you too - yes, perfect for hiding under!

Outside there are still a few summer flowering plants lingering on, and a bit of Autumn colour.

I hope you all had wonderful summers, and are enjoying this heavenly Indian Summer weather. I haven't been visiting any blogs for a long while so I have lots of catching up to do over the next few weeks, and am really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you've been busy sewing, knitting and crocheting.


  1. Glad you had a great holiday, I love Scotland its a great place to relax and unwind. Your hat is a dream, perfect in every way it is a stunning creation I love it. The cushions are always beautiful.

  2. Hello Gillian

    A warm welcome home from your trip to Scotland. I am longing to visit and hope to get there next summer. Your entire holiday sounded idyllic. You hat is smashingly beautiful and please wear at every opportunity.
    Helen xx

  3. Scotland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. So, welcome back Gill with all those gorgeous photos and your pefect crafts. De you know I'm crocheting thanks to you?
    Wish you a happy and sunny weekend!

  4. Your hat is wonderful, I love it. I need a cloche style to go with my new winter coat & I bet I wont find something as lovely as that. Your trip to Scotland sounds lovely & relaxing, shame about your appliances. It isn't until they break down you realise how much you rely on them.

  5. We also have an Indian summer, sunny, warm , we are outside the whole day.... I reallo adore your hat, the fabric they choose together is so beautiful. Good to have you back.....

  6. Your holiday looked lovely Gill, very relaxing, Scotland is a beautiful country.
    Beautiful cushions as always and I love your hat!! :)
    V x

  7. So glad you had such a good time away!! Beautiful scenery! xx

  8. Your hat looks spiffing! You should wear it out and about as much as you can.


  9. What a wonderful vacation you had. The scenery sounded and looked enchanting. Fall just arrived last night here with a big storm and I am loving the cool temps. Now I can finally get some work down outside. What book are you crocheting out of? I love crochet books especially recommended ones.
    I love the Back to Uni pillow.....they're all lovely but I'm partial to applique. You've been busy since you returned. Glad you'll be blogging again. Have a nice weekend.

  10. I too liked Scotland very much, but much to cold to live in but wonderful to visit.
    I like your hat too.

  11. Glad you had a good time in Scotland, I think you did the right thing this year having a late holiday, the weather's been so much nicer in September than it was in August. I love the cushion which Bella designed, I hope her return to uni has gone well.

  12. Oh wow, that hat! Perfection. And that looks a pretty perfect holiday you had too.

  13. Love the hat! I can see why you had to buy it. Scotland looks absolutely wonderful, and your cushions, as usual, are so darn impressive. The red and white patchwork on linen is my favorite.

  14. Your holiday photos are gorgeous as are the photos of your garden. I love your new hat, very stylish.
    Anne xx


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