Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Neglected Garden

Despite my (unintentional) neglect of the garden these past few weeks, it is determined to be true to itself regardless and provide me with undeserved pockets of beauty amongst the grasses, brambles and suffocating bindweed. 

In borders left for a few weeks unweeded, the bindweed (Hedge bindweed or bellbind, Calystegia sepium), pretty though it is with its large, white petunia-like flowers, has been slowly and vigorously twining and winding its strangulating way up the stems of my poor roses, fuschias, and any other plant it can get a grip on.

Funny how different this rapacious variety is compared to its tamer cousin, that so pretty pink and white striped smaller version we have been enjoying out in the middle of the corn fields ( field bindweed or cornbine, Convolvulus arvensis), that reminds me of the pink and white candy-striped sheets we had as children, and also, somehow, of Paris. 

image from here

No idea where that connection has come from but it is invariably there every time I see them. I think it might be to do with pretty hat boxes or some such similar pink and white striped packaging from another time that I've seen in pictures.

So anyway, as is usual on my blog, here are a few snippets from the garden -  bindweed, weeds and all.

It has been lovely to take and share these photos with you today, as I have been spending a couple of days cooped up indoors painting a long wall of wardrobes in my daughter's bedroom. We are using Autentico Chalk Paint in Casa Blanca (white basically!) for the first time as a change from the usual Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, and still have one more coat to do as it is covering dark wood and two coats has not been enough! I think the ASCP would have covered them in two, but it goes on beautifully smooth and so I will wait until they're finished and waxed before deciding on what I think of the paint.

Last week I was clearing out and cleaning all the kitchen cupboards, so I feel the time is coming soon for the poor neglected garden to have a bit of tlc and time spent on it.

Meanwhile work goes on hand quilting the next cushion (no pics) and I have a couple of new books to enjoy, one of them this one.

I have seen it mentioned on several blogs recently, and I am so glad I bought it as it is a lovely read as well as being full of beautiful, colourful and inspiring quilts made from simple designs in wonderful bright fabrics. If you're a fan of Kaffe Fassett quilts and fabrics you'll love this.

Thanks for all your comment on my last post, have a lovely rest of the week wherever you are.


  1. Beautiful garden, a real delight. It has taken us almost a week to get on top of our garden after being away on holiday.

  2. Stunning flowers in your garden, I have had bindweed in every garden I have ever had, I love the flowers but hate the way it rampages and smothers everything, this is the first garden I have had that has no evidence of bindweed lurking anywhere.

  3. Your gardens are gorgeous! Weeds? What weeds? I wish my weeds were as pretty as yours! LOL! At least then I could spot them easily. What is that gorgeous red 4 petaled flower in your vase? I've never seen anything like that. My hydrangea is going all out this year as we have had more than our usual amount of rain here.
    The book looks good but I spent a bunch on crochet books so my book budget is shot for awhile and now I need to buy yarn. It does look like a good one though.
    Good for you painting! I have several items to paint and I make my own chalk paint. I need to do that! Thanks for the inspiration and I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one with weeds and lots of them! LOL!

  4. Maybe I could send you some of our slugs and snails as they seem to like eating my Morning Glory so maybe they could help you out with your bindweed!!!
    Your garden is looking lovely Gill,
    V x

  5. Is that pretty white cottage your home? its so lovely - I like bindweed, it was not considered a weed in my mothers garden but I am surprised how destructive it can be.

  6. I've got that quilt book, it's lovely. Beautiful flowers in your garden, it doesn't look neglected at all, although I know at this time of year a garden needs lots of attention. Mine certainly does anyway! I love the little pink flowers, I saw some of them at the allotments today, they're so pretty. Hope you enjoy the quilt book. CJ xx

  7. Pretty garden, I like things a bit wild.

  8. Your garden blooms with its own natural beauty, Gill, and how beautiful it is! I have a rather indistinct looking book from a lot of years back entitled 'Let the Garden Go' and it's all about just that - letting it do its own thing - mainly. Of course I agree with you (and the book), there comes a time when some jobs must be done but, overall, I just love yours!
    Your new quilting book looks and sounds very interesting - I will have a closer look at that one when the opportunity arises. Enjoy your cushion quilting, I'm looking forward to seeing it, and I do hope you're happy with the look of the newly painted wardrobes - it all sounds very nice! Halfway through the week already, enjoy the rest of it m'dear! xoJoy

  9. I know how you feel, but your garden is lovely! I should have been weeding today, but it was so hot I stayed inside and relaxed! LOL To makeup for my relaxed day I went into the garage and stained 5 boards for my guest room ceiling! I can't wait to see your project!

  10. Oh my goodness, your garden is spectacular . . . I wish that we had more rain. We average 6 inches a year around here and this year we are behind on our natural allowance. I'm watering every other day and the weather is in the high 90's. I can't seem to keep my lawn green . . . it has been a battle, that I'm afraid I'm going to loose. I love visiting and seeing all of your amazing flower photography, you do a beautiful job. Thank you :)

  11. Your garden is still lovely despite any weeds. They're practically impossible to get rid of at this time of year. Sounds like you've been very busy at home.

  12. Your garden looks very pretty! Mines so neglected I've taken to wearing blinkers when I go down to the compost bin! ;) x

  13. Your garden looks so lovely, bindweed is a pain isn't it. I am nearly in control of a patch of it here after ripping out the contents of a flower bed. Have a great weekend.

  14. Your garden looks so gorgeous, Gill! I loved all these photos! Sometimes a few weeds are a good backdrop to the flowers!! Love the shots that frame your pretty house too.
    Btw, I have just noticed some Stella Gibbons books on your sidebar nice to see that you are a fellow SG reader....I am working my way through her novels this summer on my kindle after finding Westwood in the library. Hope you have a lovely week!
    Helen xox

  15. I love that last photo! Your garden is gorgeous. What weeds : )

  16. Like your garden, it looks gorgeous and the pcitures are beautoful ! Have a nice sunday !

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  18. Gosh your garden looks lovely. You have quite a few of my favorite flowers. Everything is starting to dry up over here, except for the bindweed!!!
    Have a great week!

  19. When I saw your post title, I thought you had secretly visited my garden! It is amazing isn't it at this time of year how quickly things spring up and take over the place, and how other things appear from nowhere - I'm always saying 'what's that ... I don't remember putting that in?'. Your house and garden look idyllic! xCathy


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