Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Week in Pictures

Sunshine and flowers............

my "upstairs on the landing" sewing/crochet comfy chair with good back light.......

now made more comfy with a useful junk shop storage footstool picked up when I went to buy more paint - a bargain at £12, and I can recover at my leisure although I'm rather fond of this pattern

my little furry companion enjoying the sun

garden looking a little less neglected after a bit of time spent in it hoiking ( I like that word, one definition being "to lift something out wildly" - yes!) out much of the bindweed

progress on the wardrobe painting.........

two coats down and still more to go (am hoping one more coat will do it )

re-discovering the first full sized quilt I made for Bella - here it is on her bed (yes I know, really sensible to get that out whilst we're painting!)

all hand quilted - I must have been mad...........

and then hey, lets take that madness one step further and add the challenge of adding hand quilting to each plain square.....why make it easy?

only three squares done though.....can you make out the little bird in the middle of the square above?

excuse the teenage mess.....

and a little more hand quilting on a different project, the latest cushion front from the pile of wips to be "hoiked" ( pulled out wildly ) out from the tottering pile.

My week-since-last-post in pictures.
(Leaving out all the cra**y housework/shopping/boring stuff of course)

How was yours???


  1. Thank you for beautiful photographs.

  2. what a lovely little corner on your landing, it looks so cosy and comfy, the footstool is great, I love the quilt on the bed and the hand quilting makes it, I prefer to hand quilt its something I can sit and do in the evenings.

  3. You have an amazing garden, it is just a feast for the eyes. You are such a talented lady your projects are a delight and a lovely craft landing. Have a good week.

  4. That's quite a week you've had! I do live your little crafty corner on the landing, just add a lovely cup of tea and it's just a perfect spot. And I'm in awe of your hand quilting, that really is a labour of love :-)
    Enjoy the rest of the week & the sunshine!

  5. Great week - what a lot of lovely colourful work!! Love the bargain footstool too. Everything looks so tasteful, clean and ..well, English!! We're just preparing for a visit...leaving today! Thanks for this little glimpse of 'home'. Axxx

  6. Ooh Gill, so much loveliness ! Your quilt is stunning, the patience you must have had ! And I love your little crafty corner, it looks like the perfect place and I'm seriously coveting that footstool - £12.00 !! An absolute bargain.
    Keep enjoying the sunshine,
    Kate x

  7. The handmade quilt is beautiful, very well worth all of those hours of work. And I LOVE that little corner in front of the window; what I wouldn't give for a space like that of my very own. Your garden is looking amazing, but I know what you mean about bindweed. I have quite a lot of my own to get rid of. In fact I'm off to the allotment right now to do some very wild hoiking. CJ xx

  8. Love your little sewing corner. And so much patience you must have to make your quilt!
    M x

  9. Lots of loveliness! I like the word 'hoiking', I do plenty of that here & what a lovely corner of your landing.

  10. Both quilts - completed and in progress are beautiful! I love the footstool, when I first saw it I thought what a lovely combination with the chair and how pretty it looks, it was a great bargain for £12.00!! It looks as though you are having a wonderful week, I hope that you keep enjoying it. xx

  11. It looks like both you and Logan are enjoying some lovely weather. How I'd love a little craft area of my own, you're own little corner looks so cosy.

  12. I have a spot on our landing where I could sit to do craft work - with good light - but I never thought of it before! Silly me. That quilt looks lovely. I've only made a few quilts and have only ever quilted by hand. It's very satisfying.

  13. HAND quilted! You're not mad, Gill, you're a flipping genius. I love your cosy corner and your furry companion. Good luck with the painting. xx

  14. Your quilts are beautiful, Gill. I love the cozy corner. I need one too. Your flowers are really pretty.

  15. I love that cosy comfy corner. Especially snuggly with raindrops on the window pane, not that you've seen many of those recently.

    Jean x

  16. Hi Gill, house and garden looking lovely. Bella's quilt is beautiful. I love your little resting place on the landing. I like 'hoiking', that's just the way I weed too! In Corfu they had 'morning glory' clambouring over everything, so pretty in the wild, but so annoying in your garden! Love Linda xx

  17. Love Bella's quilt with all that hand-quilting - pink and green, my favourite combo. The footstool was a brilliant find for £12 and bonus storage too. Hoiking is a great word, especially where bindweed is concerned! Lovely to see you today.
    Jane xx

  18. I just love visiting your blog . . . you are an amazing inspiration :)
    You have a magic touch . . . it's like fairy dust . . .
    when you are finished everything is prettier than before you touched it.
    You may come over to my house anytime and touch everything :)
    Have a great day.
    Connie :)

  19. What a beautiful quilt, Bella is a lucky girl! That wardrobe is a HUGE project! I know it will look stunning when you are finished - your projects always do!

    So nice to see Logan again, he's such a handsome boy. You nailed it Hernandez you said companion. I'm always talking to Duke, he must think I'm nuts! LOL.

    It's a rainy day at the cottage in Maine today, and I'm being a little lazy! LOL. I've finished staining the boards for the ceiling, and my husband & his friend began putting it up! I can't wait until it is finished! However, I have 4 more ceilings to do . . .

    Have a great week!

  20. Lovely photos today! The quilt you made for Bella is simply stunning...and all hand quilted too, it's amazing and something to be really treasured.
    Marianne x

  21. Oh gosh, that is one gorgeous quilt and even better with the hand stitching, though I can understand how much work that was :) Love all your photos, your flowers, your quilts, your beautiful home.

    Wanted to thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog, I so appreciate it. Yours is definitely one of my favorite blogs to visit, even if I also don't comment as often, something which I'm going to change for sure from this moment on :)

    Have a lovely Thursday!

  22. A lovely week full of beauty (and DIY...)! The quilt is beautiful beyond words! I would love to hand quilt one day, your work is stunning (love the wee bird!). Your home is so pretty, all those angled ceilings are charming and cosy, I wish I had a home like yours! Enjoy the rest of this lovely summer week, hope you have lots of time in your beautiful garden! Chrissie x

  23. Your gardens are beautiful and your little furry friend is so cute. Your sitting area is perfect. I love your footstool especially the fact that it opens up for storage. I too like that fabric. I have a similar setup in my bedroom but my chair and ottoman are old, dirty and the cat uses it for a scratching post so yours is lovely compared to mine. LOL!
    Yes, you are very ambitious to have hand quilted and then the designs on the solid colored blocks? Love makes you do crazy things! LOL! But it is an heirloom now. Your new quilt is darling... I'm loving red and white right now myself. That is a big paint job! I have so much to paint around here but I'm having company soon so I'll have to wait until after they leave. I'll feel good if I just get things clean and orderly. TTYL!

  24. Your garden is looking gorgeous, Gill. I have been hoiking out weeds this week too...the perfect word for it :) Your quilt for Bella is lovely, and the hand quilting makes it very special. Your new cushion cover is looking lovely too. Good luck with the will be worth it.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  25. Bella's quilt is beautiful, I would love to give quilting a go, maybe when I can get my sewing machine back out of storage :) I'm so envious of your crafting space on the landing, it looks very cosy :)
    Best wishes.

  26. I don't know how but I did miss this gorgeous post Gill; never mind, better late than never as the saying goes. What beauty here again and oh I do love your comfy chair and area 'on the landing' - how wonderful to sit there and quietly stitch and think happy thoughts! And I love Logan, and your painting, out-of-this-world-to die-for quilts and perfect hand stitching. What courage for a first quilt, you amaze me :) Your garden is, as always, just beautiful!
    Happy days to you lovely, and warm hugs, Joy xox


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