Sunday, 6 July 2014

Slow Sunday

It's a pleasantly slow Sunday here today, with a late and leisurely breakfast.

Not much sunshine this morning sadly, and a bit chillier after a night of refreshing rain.

Yesterday I finished the yellow and turquoise patchwork cushion I showed you in my last post. 

The patchwork front is embellished with pale vintage buttons placed on little white lace daisies, and the reverse is made of a lovely soft and loosely woven pale blue and white striped cotton linen type fabric.

I left the pretty striped and frayed selvedge showing at the enclosure, and added a ruffle trim of white cotton.

It is now available to purchase in my Etsy shop here.

Wishing you all a Happy and sunny Sunday wherever you are!


  1. Such a pretty cushion in my youngest daughter's favourite colours, Gilly! We too have had rain and, I must admit, I welcome a few days of rain here as when the sun shines the tempƩratures soar. Hot summers are wonderful but the heat can be tiring.

    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog today :-)


  2. Such beautiful fabric. Have a great day.

  3. What a pretty garden. I'm packing and watching tennis. I hope I don't forget anything!! x

  4. Dear Sweet Gill, your yellow and turquoise patchwork cushion is gorgeous. You have a way with adding just the right amount of detail and knowing when to stop so that it isn't over done. I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your handy work . . . it is always a treat. That and the beautiful flowers and garden shots that you take with your camera. Fresh, charming and adorable . . . A+

  5. The cushion is so pretty, Gill. I love the freshness of the colors. Your garden looks so perfectly relaxing, I hope you enjoyed your day.

  6. They forecast rain for here today but it has been absolutely beautiful and they say rain tomorrow so I hope they have got that wrong too!
    Gorgeous cushion Gill, lovely colours and details! :)
    V x

  7. Hasn't been too bad a day here (Northern Ireland) but the rain has just started. I could see lightning and really black clouds in the distance earlier. And could hear the odd rumble of thunder. It might be headed this way!

  8. Lovely, bright and summery! What a great colour combination Gill. Happy Sunday to you too.
    Jane xx

  9. Your new cushion is so pretty, I love the style and the fresh colours! Love your garden pictures too...we have had mostly sunshine this weekend despite rain being forecast.
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen xox

  10. Another stunning cushion Gill - carried through to perfection, as you do; I love it, and those little lace daisies are perfect. Your fuchsia shot is wonderful with that little stem of lavender peeking in and it all looks so relaxing at your place - can I come too? xoJoy

  11. Your cushion is very pretty, and so is your marmalade jar of flowers!! Hope that you enjoyed sitting out in the garden. xx

  12. Another beautiful cushion! The details are perfect and really make it special! Chrissie x

  13. Maravilloso blog, aquĆ­ me tienes de seguidora!

  14. A lovely pillow Gill! Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  15. Love the yellow and turquoise! Such a cheery pillow. I also like the container your flowers are in! Our Sunday was lovely and our summer weather has been pretty good so far! I LOVE being on vacation! :)


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