Tuesday, 22 January 2013

White Stuff

Mum's been a bit busy these last few days so I thought I'd help her out by doing her blog post today as I heard her say it was time she did one.

(I'm Logan by the way, for those who don't visit Mum's blog very often - I'm a Toy Poodle and I try and keep Mum in order and make sure she does what she should so - she's been known to forget to walk me and feed me when she's busy doing that sewing stuff ).

Well, a few days ago Mum had my mate Jack's ( he's bigger than me but we have a great time chasing each other around the orchards when the Mums take us out for a walk) Mum round and they spent hours in the kitchen chopping and cooking up orange stuff then putting it into jars whilst I sat on the chair and dozed - blimey can they talk!

Then as Mum hadn't had a chance to make her own orange stuff she made it in the evening.

And then the next day........... she tipped it all back in the pan muttering away about something not sitting setting ( I thought she meant me at first, but I was sitting like a good boy at the time ) and did it all over again - I don't understand my Mum sometimes.

Then this white stuff started laying in the garden whilst she was finishing off the orange stuff, and she rushed off to pick my little mistress up from school early. Not sure what all the fuss was about, but Mum was muttering again when she came home about cars skidding all over the place in front of her, and lorries skidding sideways towards her - she was a bit frazzled and I was glad when she sat down with a cup of tea so I could sit on her lap.

Next day (Saturday) all my humans seemed to be at home, and I took my Mum and my little mistress for a good long walk in that cold white stuff - it wasn't very deep but it stuck to my fur.





So when we got home I was glad to lie in front of the hot black thing and lick the snow off my legs and paws - Mum tried to rub it off with my towel but it just stuck, I don't know why she bothered when I could easily lick it off and have a drink at the same time - humans!

Then my little mistress and Mum made one of those lovely chocolate things that they say I'm not allowed to have.

I think they're just being mean and selfish so they can have more for themselves.

Then Mum got all excited about taking a photo outside and muttered about l'heure bleu... and she hadnt even had a glass of that white stuff (different from the white stuff outside, this stuff comes in a bottle) she keeps in the fridge.


Anyway next day (Sunday) when I went out there was even more of the cold white stuff - I love it!

And it kept falling out of the sky all day long.

I rushed about the garden like a gambling gambolling lamb (so Mum said - Dad said something about running about like a loony.....)

By the end of the day the white stuff was over my knees - Mum said over 5 inches of the stuff, and that maybe nobody was going anywhere the next day as the lane was hardly passable.

So next day (Monday) was very quiet when looking out of the window from my favourite spot on the back of the sofa - hardly any cars, and not many of my friends walked by either - too cold for the humans who don't seem to like gambolling in the snow like I do.

So I had all my humans at home with me which meant lots of bed hopping first thing in the morning, and lots of lap hopping in the evening, and the hot black thing that I like to lie in front of was toasty warm all day - bliss!





I expect Mum will be back as usual soon as she's been busy with that fabric stuff, laying it out on the floor where I like to play and cutting it up then putting it back together again using that noisy machine thing,  up in her special room that is FULL of that fabric stuff ( boy, it is SO messy up there ).

So I expect she'll want to show you what she's been doing.

Well, this blogging lark is more tiring than chasing Bessie (the cat) up the stairs, so if you'll excuse me I'm off for a sleep.

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  1. Thanks for your post Logan, that was quite a lot of typing for a small dog, no wonder you're tired!
    So glad you enjoyed the white stuff (snow that is not the kind that your Mum keeps in the fridge), I'm not a big fan of it myself.
    Hope the orange stuff turned out ok, I do like orange stuff !!!
    Have a good day Logan and say hi to your Mum for me,
    V xxx

  2. Logan ... you're so cute. Glad you liked the white stuff - you should try the orange stuff as well ... it's pretty good too! M x

  3. Well Logan i really enjoyed this post today and i was smiling from start to finish. Looks like you have been having great fun in the snow while mum has been busy. Hope the cake and the marmalade tasted nice. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  4. Hi Logan - what a great post! You are clearly a very talented and articulate pup (unlike my Ben & Jerry, who despite being completely adorable, seem to share a braincell!) and I loved reading all about your weekend. You're so good to help your mum out, and don't worry about all the orange stuff and fabric stuff, I can assure you, it's perfectly normal ;-)
    Enjoy the white stuff and hope you get out & about again soon,
    Cuddles to you,

  5. A day in the life of Logan! Great post, love all the snow, although I expect it can be a bit of a nuisance on the roads. Enjoy your orange and white stuff!

  6. Great post, Logan you are so adorable! you look like you have a few favourite spots to sleep in your lovely home :)

    Bee happy x

  7. Well, Logan I should think you'll soon be getting Blog awards - that was a fine post! I loved hearing about your adventures today!

  8. Awh Logan you are so cute and so clever, how did you manage all that typing! Love this post it made me laugh x

  9. Lovely post Logan. Wish Lottie was as clever as you, but she spends all day asleep under her blanket, or barking at people through the window! Stay warm :)

  10. Great post Logan you can guest post on my blog anytime!
    Liv xxx

  11. Delightful post and love those photos Gillian! Truly some amazing shots and I like your garden!
    Glad to hear you came home safe and sound despite the sliding lorries, cars etc...
    Keep warm!

  12. Logan's Life could turn into a regular post. Very entertaining! :)
    Anne xx

  13. Awww, Logan's such a cute boy. It's a nightmare trying to get all the snow out of Archie's fur when he's been for a walk, very time consuming. Love all the snow photos, it's starting to thaw a little here now. The school was closed Monday and Tuesday, but it's open again today, just as well as Daniel has two exams today.

  14. Fab post - brought a smile to my face on this blisteringly cold day. I have just about had my fill of it! Charlie, our dachshund did something to his foot whilst out in the snow on Sunday and had to have an operation yesterday to remove his claw which he'd dislocated. He's not a happy chappie wearing his collar of shame and limping with his paw in blue plaster! Take care,

  15. Well Logan I think you have done a splendid job as blogger's mate! My Jess isn't very good with a keyboard, she would rather snore in a corner like she is at the moment, but she has certainly enjoyed the snow as much as you. Humans can be confusing - even I struggle at times - but it sounds like you are loved very much and that's what counts x

  16. Thats the only problem with poodles and the snow ...George comes in just covered in snowballs.....Logan looks so Happy!!!

  17. Nice to know you've got a helping hand........the photos look great.....I was in England but left just in time before I got snowed in......ITs just raining at the moment here in Italy......dogs need to be dried off after their walk.....ciao Alison

  18. Logan - you are just too cute! and that chocolate cake - what a clever Mummy - could lower into that right now ...

  19. I loved reading what Logan has been up to, pretty busy by the sounds of it!
    Love the photos of him in the snow.
    Cake looks lush!
    Lisa x

  20. Lovely Logan....such a cute dog! And the snowballs on the woolly coat is a particularly poodle-y problem! A very well written post, Logan, and lots of wonderfully wintery pictures too. Love the look of your Mum's delicious marmalade!
    Keep cosy!
    Helen x

  21. What a nice job Logan did on this post. The snow is beautiful and fun to play in. I had to laugh, just an adorable post!

  22. Oh Logan, you are a darling!! (With an impeccable coat, might I add!)

    How frightfully rude of your mum not allowing you cake. I'd log a complaint, if I were you.

    Thank you for posting. It's given me a giggle!

  23. I'm asking nicely....Pleeeease can I come and live in your house?...:D

    A really lovely post Gill -I mean Logan! What a nuisance about that marmalade, that is so annoying when I have to re-do it!! I love your photos and your cake looks scrummy too :)

    Hope you're all well and geting on ok? Looking forward to seeing what you've been sewing my dear.
    Take care now, and keep warm.
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xx

  24. I just found your blog, it looks great! What a sweet dog you have, and how nice he (she?) did write on it today. There's a lot of snow there by the way, here (the Netherlands) is also a little bit but not as much as at your place.

    xx Margriet

  25. You are soooo sweet....your mum has been busy! Love all that jam!!!
    Take care and enjoy the snow...your little feet would get wet here because all we have been having is oodles of rain! xox

  26. Wow Logan, I'm so impressed with your blogging skills! You are amazing, and handsome! Hope you got a nice belly rub & treats for all your hard work! I LOVE that last photo too!


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