Monday, 28 January 2013

A Country Walk





This weekend, after the rain and wind on Friday night which saw off the last of the lingering snow, the sun came out in our part of the world.

So we set off on what we knew would be a very wet and muddy walk - but with the warm sun on our faces, and blue sky above us, we didn't care.




Our first gloveless walk this year!


heaps of rejected apples piled up along the edge of a field - a sad sight


a rare sighting of a shy woodland creature amongst the trees

not sure what I was looking down at, but I expect it was Logan!

Despite the warmer temperatures over the weekend, and having looked at the detailed five day forecast for our neck of the woods and not having seen any of the nasty minus numbers, I was surprised to see this sight on my car this morning.

But how beautiful!


The sun is still bravely but rather weakly shining this morning now the frost has gone, but in a wishy washy whitish sky, so I'm not yet tempted out of doors into the garden.

Like Logan I shall stay indoors today, having done the school run, but not at quite so much leisure as Logan - look at those crossed paws, Mr Laid Back!


A long mental list of jobs to be done awaits me - not sure yet what I shall choose - I don't like to write a "to do" list any more as it seems to be the kiss of death for those jobs and they never get done - I would rather just get on with whatever needs doing at the moment, or as the weather dictates, or as the mood takes me, and stick to having a mental list - I know all too well what's to be done, but I don't like to see it in black and white if it's a job I'm not looking forward to!

Are you a list person?

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  1. Very much a list person - otherwise I spend far too much time worrying that I've forgotten something! And I find crossing things off very satisfying.

  2. Such pretty pics - isn't it lovely to be able to get out & walk in the countryside.. despite the mud paws that result ;-)
    I'm a fastidious list person - but having said this I've accomplished nothing on my to-do-today list yet, as I've been blog reading all morning so far, and it's now time for lunch! Oops!
    Happy Monday,

  3. What a beautiful sun-shiny walk.
    I am DEFINATELY a list person, i think it's more of an addiction!
    Logan is so cute
    love jooles xxx

  4. We're surrounded by mud now the snow has melted.Pavement walks for Bella at the moment.
    Love your frost photo,it looks really beautiful close up doesn't it?
    Cute Logan pic..and yes definately a list person.It's the only way I remember anything these days!

    Love Bellaboo X

  5. Hello Gill, I loved walking along with you and Logan on your muddy trek through the woods and meadow. You live in such a beautiful area. I love the photo of the path beside the fence row . . . and how the branches ahead form a round tunnel. I could almost smell spring in the air as you took us with you. I was surprised at the apples . . . I would have though that the wild animals, deer, beaver, raccoon etc. would have eaten them up through the winter.
    Your Logan is a sweetie . . . he looks like the perfect partner for a stroll.
    Oh, and your shots of the frost on your car windows . . .that is such a great example of how we walk right pass beauty without noticing it. Those photos are awesomely amazing :)

    In regard to the comment that you left on my blog at heart awareness day:
    It is so good to hear that you also have this day in the UK . . . I was wondering way this wasn't and international awareness day rather than a national . . . As bloggers we are turn it into and international awareness campaign.
    Here's to Heart Healthy Women all around the world :)
    God bless you.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie, glad you enjoyed our muddy trek and thanks for your lovely comment! We are a little light on large wild animals in these parts - plenty of rabbits, squirrels, field mice and badgers, and the odd deer nearby but not so much where we are. And I guess they don't like the apples much! Our countryside is not so wild as yours!
      Although we are having a TV Women's Heart awareness campaign here in the UK, I'm not sure there is an actual "day" like in the US? As I watch very little TV, maybe someone else out there in the UK can answer that one? Maybe it is this Friday as well?
      Gill xx

  6. Oh yes Gill definitely a list person, my life's a list!! ;)
    Such a shame to see all those apples going to waste. The frost is pretty, just a pity to have to go out in it. Beware though it has been extremely wet here today and blustery too so it's probably on it's way to you now!
    Thank you for popping in today and for your lovely comment and have yourself a great week Gill!
    V xxx

  7. I wish I wasn't a list person, but I am. I like to cross things off as they get done. The problem is I have lists all over the house (sigh). Lovely blue sky, fresh air weekend walk. It always feels good to get outside after being shut in for days at a time doesn't it?
    The frosty car window picture is so pretty!

  8. I'm not a list person - only wish I was! I try to remember things in my head, sometimes it works! Logan looks cute with his paws crossed:)

  9. Your walk looks beautiful Gill, but a bit muddy :-)! It is the same in Holland. The snow has melted away and made room for puddles.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  10. thanks god for wellies....what a sad sight those apples are..what a waste.

  11. Lovely walk. And I love your frosted windscreen - v pretty!

  12. I make lists when I've got lots to remember otherwise it all becomes overwhelming in my head. If it's on paper I can cross it off the list when done.
    I'm sure you are glad wellington boots or gum boots as we call them downunder were invented with all that mud around. Logan looks a tad dirty so I expect he had a warm bath when you came home.
    Anne xx

  13. Oh, you have such beautiful walking trails...muddy or not! LOL! Oh, those apples...I could have used those last Fall! Your frost was gorgeous! Who could even paint something so beautiful? Thank you for taking a picture of it...amazing!
    I have a feeling we're going to have an early was 71F here today! I washed windows and screens but then tomorrow...severe weather.
    I'm having a drawing this week...stop by! TTYL! Oh, your flowers are pretty too!

  14. What a lovely walk! Looks like Mr. Logan had a tubby after his walk! LOL

  15. Sehr schöner Bilderbericht. Der Hund ist ja zum Knuddeln. Schön müde war er nach dem Rundgang.
    LG lykka

  16. What lovely images. And what a gorgeous little chap you have. My Ted is Lakeland Terrier. He is from show stock so not quite like my first Lakeland who really was a Terrier through and through! Ted is very laid back!
    That ice patterns are really stunning. I am off to Norway soon, spending our very last night there in the Ice Hotel, should be interesting. I really could do with a long walk myself, but I have been very lazy since getting over a bad case of Flu.
    Nice meeting you.

  17. A beautiful walk, Gill! We went for a walk on Sunday too and it was so lovely to be out in the fresh air with the sun shining again! Your landscape pictures are lovely, and the frost patterned car window one is amazing!
    I am a list person....otherwise I might forget the things I'ms supposed to do! I have to make a to do list each day, as well as work lists, and deadline lists, and shopping lists, and things I want to make lists......
    Have a lovely day!
    Helen x

  18. I am most definitely a 'list person', otherwise I would never remember what has to be done!! Especially with regards to boring paperwork! lol

    Love your walk photos, I do miss that part of the world as your photos brought back my horse-riding days for some reason!


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