Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bold Geometrics


As I suddenly can't bear to see any more Christmas tree photos on my blog, now that we've moved on and put it all behind us for another year, there was a sudden urgency to replace my last post with something a little more refreshing and new, as befits the beginning of a new year.

And as I can't seem to settle to anything today, following an unexpected and unpleasant start to the new school year yesterday which has somehow thrown me out (trust me, you don't want to know details - lets just say it involved drains, 30m of rods, and an outflow of cash 3 hours later :(   ..........) I decided that a visit to my favourite tumblr Vintage Home was needed to restore my equanimity today.

So here I share with you some beautiful interiors featuring bold, geometric patterned wallpapers and flooring with a retro feel, just the thing to kick start your decorating thoughts for this new year.








.....................and floors





And on the subject of boldness, look what you can get away with if you are brave enough and have a good eye for colour ........


all images from Vintage Home

Now this is where I would like to be just at the moment.............what a gorgeous, classic tiled terrace floor, and just look at the view!

I like these interiors, and think they look gorgeous, but I'm not sure I personally would have the nerve to go all out in my own home (except maybe in a small bathroom with the wallpaper!).

Bold tiled flooring would look great in the kitchen or bathroom where everything else is kept plain - as in these bathrooms - but I think maybe you could quickly tire of the wallpaper, however fantastic it looks, so unless you have a generous decorating budget which would allow for frequent re-decorating, it's probably safer to have a few geometric patterned cushions or rug that could be easily changed - but if money were no object, imagine the fun !!!!!!!

So would you, could you, HAVE you, been brave enough to go for bold wallpaper or flooring?????

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  1. Oh yes Gill I would to love to be there too, what a view!
    Thanks for all the eye candy to brighten our day. Sorry the year has got off to a shaky start but as they say things can only get better.
    Vivienne xxx

  2. Lovely to drool over interiors, but I'm like you in that I would be unlikely to go with anything too bold in my own home, in case it was an expensive mistake I soon tired of! I would like those last tiles for my hallway (currently rather spoilt carpet) - our house is the right age for that style, though maybe not grand enough to warrant such extravagant tiling!

  3. Tee hee - I have an aunt who still has the bold geometric orange kitchen from the last time it was trendy! I always used to think it needed updating but now I think it's just fabulous :-) Funny how trends come & go. Love that tiled terrace too...
    Hope you've recovered from yesterday,
    and enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. I love the look of these images but I just don't have the budget t do it and re-do it when I get sick of it! I thought about doing a feature wallpapered wall in our bedroom but when I worked out the price I realised I could buy a nice peice of art which I can move from room to room as I feel like it, so that's what I might do.
    A very Happy New Year to you Gill

  5. These rooms are wonderful. They all have that fresh clean, uncluttered feel about them. I especially love the first kitchen . . . that color combo is as fresh as spring:)
    Thanks for sharing . . . it is a lovely inspiration to de-clutter. That is something I truly need to do:)
    Have a wonderful day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Very retro Gillian! I think I might be able to handle the kitchens but prefer to stick to the traditional cottage look for interiors.
    With a very dreary weather outside however I agree we need to look forward and Spring!
    P.S. Hope whatever happened is now resolved!
    All the best,

  7. I think I could do the flooring....in moderation, ie: not every room.....but not the walls, as fun as they are I couldn't live with them! x

  8. I loved every Dreamy room.....Heidi

  9. Wow there are some great rooms there i was drooling more as i moved down the page. Yes i love bold patterns and would be brave enough. Happy new year, dee x

  10. Like you, I love the look of bold colors, but I don't know if I could pull it all together. So fun to think about.

  11. Well, the entrance hall of our Victorian house has original tiles very similar to that last picture! But otherwise we are very restained in our choices of flooring and wallpaper here! But I LoVeD seeing all these gorgeous pictures you've chosen today, so inspiring and cheery!
    Wishing you a wonderful week, Gill, with no more of those unexpected events!
    Helen x

  12. If it's done well it can look great, but having lived through the "orange and brown psychedelic wallpaper, combined with swirly green carpet" phase when I was young I think that's enough for me! xx

  13. Dear Gill...

    What a lot of fantastic interiors, so reminiscen of years gone by! I love the room with the fuchsia pink 1960 flowers!

    We bought a town house in Italy, in November. It's on three levels, with high ceilings. So far, we are having it decorated in white,which may sound boring, but we are buying antique Baroque furniture, which is very elaborate, with gold, marble and red velvet and gold chairs (we only have two of these, for the entrance)

    The walls will have to be kept white, with paintings on them.

    I am excited about the kitchen, which is going to be kind of shabby chic, vintage, but really authentic Italian, with an English touch!

    I am even more excited about the back garden and the terrace, on top of the building... so nice!


    ANNA... who always talks too much!

  14. Hi Gill
    I just love the two kitchen pictures adds a lot of vibrancy.
    Yes, Christmas has come and gone for another year, I wish you a very healthy & happy new year.
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  15. Hello Gill!
    First of all happy New Year to you too! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment..sorry for getting back to you so late!!!
    Greetings from Venice :)

    Michela x

  16. I think I would be bold enough to do one wall like that in a bedroom, but not in a main living area. Really gorgeous examples.

  17. Dare I say, I'm not very keen, except for that lovely tiled terrace floor. Sorry to hear you had an unpleasant start to the new school year, I can only imagine what it was if it involves drains and 30m rods. Hope it's all fixed.

  18. I'm with Jo on this one! I'm looking for wallpaper with a retro feel for one wall of my new studio, but nothing so bold as these!

    Sorry to hear you had a gruesome start to the year, here's hoping the rest of 2013 is more sea views than see ooze (sorry, couldn't resist!) in feel x


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