Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cosied Up

As a reaction to all the tasteful plain vintage linens, tickings and vintage pastel florals that have been a feature of my recent makes for upcoming Xmas Fairs, when it was time to knuckle down to sewing again this week I found myself being drawn to a bit of colour.

Still with a vaguely French feel about them ( I hope), I am having great fun making tea cosies (yes I know, hardly very French but hey, who makes the rules here? Moi! ......and I do have plans for some Cafetiere covers.... )

Made with scrap-bag fabrics pieced together for the front, mainly in reds, blues and creams, and with toile de jouy (the French bit) backs, they are padded and lined.

They are trimmed with cheerful red or cream bobbles and East of India ribbon, and will hopefully add a pop of colour to my stall.

pale blues and creams, with a lining in a vintage French fabric in pale blue and white stripes

with pale blue toile back and cream bobbles (or pom poms) - just loving the bobbles!

reds and browns with a brown gingham lining

with a red toile back and some gorgeous red bobbles


East of India ribbons




and my current favourite cosy, reds and pale blues..........


with the same red toile back and blue and white striped lining

And below, the latest tea cosy in the making - pinks, greens and blues this time........

........and with a wonderful retro Michael Miller Parisienne fabric for the back, which I've had in my stash a while now, just waiting for the right time.....



I have some other makes to share soon, including some bright vintage floral fabric birds, some hessian tree decorations, some new journal covers and some covered coat-hangers.


Everywhere I look I see Christmas preparations in hand, which seems a rather vague and distant event to me at the moment, even though Saturday will be the 1st December.

All the US blogs I've visited this week came as a bit of a shock - they all seem to show perfectly trimmed trees, tidy rooms with loads of tasteful and often handmade decorations, wreaths and vignettes, and all the final twiddly bits that I never ever get around to doing even on Christmas Eve are ALREADY DONE!!!!!


I guess maybe they have the incentive of Thanksgiving to get them motivated, but even so... I am totally in awe of these ladies!  I havent even clarified my thoughts yet on decorating for Halloween.......

But Christmas? At the moment it feels like something that happens to other people, but not me.....I havent yet started planning, or making lists, have only done a vague bit of online shopping, and won't get into the swing of things until I have to - and that seems to get later and later every year.

I do resent having to buy Xmas decorations in November, yet if I don't, when I go into the shops they have already moved the Xmas stuff to the back of the shop and have wheeled out all the "January" sale stuff into prime position - I remember taking Bella last year to a well-known DIY store to choose a few new decs at the beginning of December only to find the store filled with sale furniture. Mind you, once we'd tracked down the few things left at the back of the shop they were at rock bottom prices so we got some good deals!

So are YOU ready for Christmas yet?

Are you one of these super-organised people who have it all wrapped up (literally)?

Or are you like me, still waiting to get that last minute panicky feeling that finally galvanises you into action?

That moment when you realise it is actually something that affects you, that the 12 people you've invited for lunch on Christmas Day will actually be expecting some sort of feast, a warm and tidy house with a tree and some decs, and of course even a few presents? It is not going to go away..........

I just have to feel a bit of pressure to get me going!!!

Share your Christmas preparation thoughts with us!!!!

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  1. My word, your cosies are adorable! I love the bobbles too! Your little label is a nice touch as well.
    Christmas, don't talk about it! I am always really slow to get organised. I need a serious deadline to get things done. So don't worry, you are not alone!

  2. I think you are correct Gilly when you summarize Thanksgiving in the US has something to do with earlier Christmas preparations.
    I like a touch here and there but remembering childhood dreams, I prefer to hold off any decoration until after the 6th of Decembre (SinterKlaas). Compared to others, I guess we must look very frugal with our tiny tree, Nativity set and, greens and holly...We also have our Yule log (baked by moi!) for Christmas and have a lovely dinner on Boxing day.
    Love the tea cozies!
    All the best,

  3. The only Christmas prep I've been doing is making Christmas bunnies!!!!
    Love the tea cosies and when I'm in France I always drink tea! ;)
    That Paris fabric is gorgeous I have a girl who would love it. :)
    happy weekend Gill,
    Vivienne x

  4. I've made a few bits and bobs as I've felt like it but I can't really get into Christmas until December, it does not seem right to me before that (unless of course I'm selling, but that's different hey :o) ) People in our road already have trees lit up in their rooms! Love your tea cosies. Suzy x

  5. Your tea cosies are just all the delightful fabrics and trims! I'm never in a hurry to decorate for Christmas and then all of a sudden, I need to be in a hurry!

  6. Dear Gill
    Lovely tea cozies. My fave is the red and brown one. :D And Christmas... Well I am starting to get there. My intention was to "be out on time this year" just to realize it is almost December and I haven't even gotten started... I have told myself to do the yearly Amazon order this weekend to receive the delivery in time.

    I did happily purchase some deco stuff for my windows the other day. I guess I will get to it this weekend. But still... I am far from ready.
    Happy Friday

  7. Gorgeous cosies Gill - loving the current pink and green one!
    Victoria xx

  8. Your tea cosies are just so pretty! I love toile and the pom-poms are just perfect. I'm crazily knitting, crocheting and sewing pressies, but going to put our Christmas decs up tomorrow - yay :-)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  9. hello like the new tea cosies there very pretty next week after the 5th dec feast sinterklaas (dutch) then i will start with my christmas tree and decoration think on 6th of dec love to begin with decorate up the tree can almost not wait to begin greetings leon10

  10. Loving the patchwork cosys there so sweet with the pomm pom trim im sure those will be hot sellers. I have a few things ready for xmas getting married in 2 weeks time i have had to get a bit done. But i will do everything in my own time as i always do. The calenders will go up tomorrow and then the second week of december the sceneted candles join the calender and also a ponsiette or 2. The tree goes up during the 3rd week of decemeber but up until maybe 2 years ago i never put the tree or decorations up until xmas eve it made it more special for the children that way. Baking biscuits and making chocolate truffles a few days before xmas and then wrapping presents that week to. Wrapping the boys presents and stockings xmas eve with a glass of mulled wine. And we always read the book the night before xmas before they go to sleep and i love it. dee x

  11. Gosh, my Christmas interior sounds a bit minimalist compared to everyone else here. We don't have a tree - I'm just not that keen on them - but I do a couple of vases around the house with winter stem/berry arrangements and a line of mini baubles on ribbon across the fire surround. I spend a lot longer planning our festive menu though with as much home-gorwn produce as I can muster!

  12. Love the vintage fashion fabric and the gingham.
    Our house will never be picture perfect as much as I would like it to be!
    Lisa x

  13. Hello, I'm new to your blog. I think your tea cosys are really great, they look so thick and cosy and will keep the pot lovely and warm! I'm never ready for Christmas no matter when I start the preparation, but we enjoy the break all the same.

  14. Oooh, I just love your those tea cosies. Very, very pretty! I have also enjoyed all your lovely wares you made for the fair. You are very talented.

    As for being prepared for Christmas, I am nowhere near there as of yet. I plan to every year, yet every year I fail. Though I have to admit that pressie wise I am closer than I usually am around this time.

  15. Hi Gill, your cosies are lovely. I know what you mean about these uber organised people. Well I can tell you, I am not one of them. 'Last minute Linda', that's me! Love, Linda x


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