Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cover Up

What started out as a notebook cover.....
then didn't work out as I miscalculated the fabric required in my haste to make it...........
has ended up as a book cover, ideal for covering up those frivolous lightweight novels that we all like to indulge in once in a while!


made from a damaged antique french sheet with a pretty vintage print added
(graphic courtesy of  Vintage Feedsacks blog - there are some wonderful images there)


(My favourite reading spot on the landing by the window when the weather is wet, or in the evening, with a pretty vintage "Comfy" quilt ready to snuggle under if it's a bit chilly.)

lined with gingham

and have just added a woven linen ribbon bookmark


So when things don't turn out as planned it isn't always a bad thing - I can now appear to be reading a serious treatise on Roses whilst really skipping through the latest aga saga.

Thanks for all your comments on my last posts ..... it's interesting to hear how parts of  the USA are experiencing heatwaves, whilst much of northern Europe is wading through puddles and experiencing similar weather to Australia who are approaching winter!

Happy days!

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  1. Really good idea Gill!
    That could hide a multiple of sins!!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  2. How pretty, love the sewn in bookmark - clever idea. x

  3. What a lovely book cover Gill!
    Victoria xx

  4. That is one brilliant mistake, I love it and the bookmark....genius! x

  5. Dear Gill,
    Love the book cover and your reading space which looks ever so comfy with its comfy quilt!
    What has happened to our Summer?

  6. Love the cover idea (ingenious) but it is the reading corner which appeals the most! I can see myself there!!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and by the by, the Pacific NW coastline FINALLY has sun and Summer temperature (albeit being a Northern girl, I much prefer cooler temperatures!
    Never happy aren't we?

  7. Your reading spot and book cover is making me very much wanting to curl up with a good lovely.
    I am feeling very guilty that I never did get back to you on that pillow....and it is already July! I am changing my living room colours and need to make some decisions ...I love my turquoises but may want to add some red?? not sure though...your bit of red always looks so nice. xoxox

  8. Hello Gill

    You are being very creative and I love the cover.

    Yes, it is still very hot and humid here. This too shall pass and I am sure you will get a beautiful late summer and Autumn

    Helen xx

  9. Gill, that cover it just beautiful, and a great idea to protect the covers of those novels! How's my buddy Logan?

  10. A wonderful mistake. Funny how some things turn out for the best.

  11. It's a lovely idea but I can't help myself wondering what reading material you are actually covering up!
    I'm an avid reader and must try and find myself a corner like you have - not this week but for a future me, who has found her own home at last.
    Here in Spain, we're on red alert as a heat wave hits us full blast!!


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