Monday, 9 July 2012

Atleast there's the flowers.......... lift the spirits during this dull, wet summer.


I have had no time to sew these last couple of weeks, so nothing to show on the creative front - I must find time soon as the ideas are piling up.....




a new arrival this week, a lovely old marmalade jar, chipped and crackle glazed



the lovely purple campanula glomerata again, it's done so well this year with all the rain, but is now starting to die back

Lychnis Coronaria

creeping jenny


pink lupins now nearly over, and yellow Lysimachia (yellow loosestrife) flourishing in all this rain

a tall, delicate pale pink fuschia - I never got round to cutting it down in the spring so it is over 6 feet tall with a similar spread this year!






Oh how I would like a few sunny days in a row, rather than the odd hour every now and then!

What's the weather like where you are???

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  1. Oh the weather is dire here Gill, but your gorgeous flowers have truly brightened my day!
    Victoria xx

  2. You garden must be a joy to sit in.Well it would be if it ever stops raining! I can't remember a Summer as bad as this,can you?
    The rain has played havoc with my petunias sadly. :0)

  3. UNBEARABLE...high 40s and humid in Toronto. Your garden looks delightfully cool.

  4. hello what a beautiful garden lovely colors ist also very wet in holland lot of rain some spells and a bit sunshine once in a while but for gardens this weather is perfect everything grows en blooms Pity also the nettles and weeds but oke if it is a dry sunny day it looks very nice and fine have lovely evening leon10

  5. Hi Gill, beautiful flowers! The weather is rubbish here too. Just to let you know, I've designed and made a pair of pink opal earrings for my latest giveaway it would be lovely if you wanted to enter. Em ♥

  6. Dear Gill,

    Lovely flowers from your garden! Unfortunately it's rain in Holland as well. The coming days don't promise any sunshine either. Hope it will be better when we go on holiday to your country in three weeks time :-)!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  7. Hello Gill

    Your garden brings joy to my heart. Oh to sit here with a book (and perhaps my umbrella) ha ha.

    I hope the sun shines gently upon you.
    Here it is a heatwave, sunny, humid and seems to zap all energy.

    We need a balance

    Helen xx

  8. The weather here has been the same as yours, Gill! Sooo much rain some days, then a bit of sun to take us by surprise...then clouds loom up and it's back to pouring rain. Love all your gorgeous flower pictures, very pretty. I love the marmalade pot very much too...must look out for one of those :)
    Hope you have a few more hours of sunshine this week!
    Helen x

  9. The weather is rather uncommonly cool this time of the year albeit we are promised ONLY 10% rain and near 80's F for the next few days! Summer?
    Living on the Pacific NW coastline, it is usually cloudy, rainy and cool and wellies are the everyday apparel here!
    Your flowers are absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing,

  10. The weather today has been good but we can only take one day at a time!!
    Sadly the roses and azalea are suffering from rain damage. :(
    That is an amazing fuschia Gill!!!
    Vivienne x

  11. Weather here in the Midlands mostly GRIM! Today slightly better with a few sunny spells. Your garden is amazing! x

  12. Despite the weather your garden still looks absolutely divine! Sorry to hear you aren't getting much of a summer. It is winter here and I must say, the last couple of days have been very cold, about 10 degrees C. That's pretty cold for us. Brrr!

  13. Hi Gill! Most of the US has been boiling hot! At one point 45 of 50 states had temps above 90 last week! We had serious fires in Colorado that wiped out entire neighborhoods! Fortunately Maine only experienced a few of those days! We are in Massachusetts for a few days - thankfully its been comfortable!

    Your flowers are stunning!

  14. Your flowers and garden are gorgeous despite the wet summer you are having.
    This morning in Melbourne it is dull, grey and raining but it is winter. :)
    Wishing you sunny days.
    Anne xx

  15. I think we're having similar weather over in my part of the world, however we're in winter so it's what you'd expect! I hope your summer arrives soon - it's just not fair is it. Your garden seems to be thriving no matter what the weather!!! It's so beautiful - especially the last pic of the pretty door surrounded by blooms.

    And I have to tell you Gill that your kind words of encouragement gave me the push to make my cushions. I gave up on buttons or zips and did a lovely flap/envelope back and I love them!! So thank you!

    Have a fab week,

  16. It looks lush! At least we're saved all that watering palaver. Beautiful flowers, especially the pink roses in the jug!

  17. Hi Gill - would you be surprised if I told you that the weather was rain, rain and more rain here in Cheshire today!

    Hope you have a lovely week - your garden is still looking lovely even wit all the rain.
    Have a great week
    Fleur xx

  18. It's been sunshine and heavy showers for days now. The last photo of the wooden door is really lovely.
    Lisa x

  19. Be grateful for the rain as we are in extreme drought here and everything is dying. I water my flowers but the grass is dead, there's extreme fire danger and the poor farmers are at a loss. It's either feast or famine it seems but your gardens are so pretty and lush!


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