Monday, 14 May 2012

Cathedral Windows and a Woodpecker

I have long admired the beautiful cathedral window pincushions made by the talented Debbie at happy little cottage blog, and learning how to make one has been on my long long list of things to make for a while now.

So imagine my excitement last week when I came across this well written and illustrated tutorial showing you how to make one!
Ever since then, I have been waiting for a chance to have a go, and whilst making the most of a dry sunny spell this morning gardening in the vegetable garden, I was not that dismayed when it started to rain. Rather gleefully I put away my muddy gardening gloves, kicked off my clogs and rushed off to my sewing room - well what else was a girl to do?


An hour or so later I had managed my first one, the blue and funky floral pincushion in the first and second photo, and then I thought what a perfect thing it would be to make one in patriotic red, white and blue for the "made by me" part of my Jubilee Giveaway!

So here it is - a Cathedral window pincushion in red, white and blue, now part of the Diamond Jubilee Giveaway!!!


I am loving the cuteness of these pincushions!
After making so many full sized cushions it is so much fun to make a teeny thing like this!


To enter my Giveaway for a chance to win this Cathedral window pincushion, together with the winner's choice of commemorative Diamond Jubilee tea towels, please go to my Diamond Jubilee post dated 9th May and leave a comment - just follow the instructions in the post.

The Giveaway is open to everyone, wherever they live - I am happy to post abroad.


Early one morning at the weekend as I filled the kettle at the sink, I looked out and spotted this bird on my lawn. You can just see it in the centre of the photo behind the pink honesty.

(Ignore the messy border behind where I have recently taken out several overgrown hebes, and damaged the log roll in the process! Also the dead pond grass still needs clearing away by the looks of it !  And you thought I had a nice garden - as I've said before, I only show you the selected highlights not the grim reality!!)

I grabbed the camera and took some rather poor photos through the window, as I thought I would scare Woody Woodpecker away if I opened the back door.

Isn't he wonderful? Look at that red head!


And the greeny yellow feathers and tail.

We hear woodpeckers every day from early spring as they love the tall oak trees at the end of our garden and in the neighbouring gardens, and occasionally one will come and peck at the lawn. Usually its the Green Woodpecker, but occasionally we see a Greater spotted woodpecker.


By the way, a huge "Welcome" to all my new followers!
In just a few days I have gone from under 200 to well into the 200s!

Thanks for joining!

Wishing you all a Happy Week!

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  1. The Cathedral window cushions are so cute! I'll have to stop over at your friend's blog to see the tutorial. I've never learned to make those. Lovely photos of the woodpecker. His cousin, the Flicker, lives here in my yard and pecks on the siding of my house! DH had to fill several holes last fall.

  2. Love the pincushions. Great photos of the Woodpecker.

  3. I just love those little cushions, a must try for me! Fab photos of the woodpecker. x

  4. oooooh Gill what a scrummy post. I love your pincushions. So pleased to have discovered your blog xx

  5. Ooooh, Gill! I`ll cross my fingers! Your pincushions are ABSOLUTLY ADORABLE :O)I wish I would be a winner :o) ABSOLUTLY ADORABLE!
    Have a happy week

  6. Hi Gill,
    Your pin cushions are so so cute, especially the red, white and blue!!! Aren't they fun to make? xoxo Debbie

  7. Thanks for the link to the tutorial for this lovely pincushion Gill!
    We too are visited regularly by both types of woodpeckers1 they love the ants nests in the lawn!!

  8. Adorable little pincushions and lovely photos of the woodpecker.

  9. Your pincushions are beautiful! Now I want to win the giveaway more than ever :)

  10. Wow - great bird photographs! Love the pincushions - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Those are the prettiest pin cushions ever!
    I'd love to see a woodpecker in our garden.We did see a sparrowhawk on the fence the other day. :0)

  12. lovely beautiful colors and the fabrics are so cute an woodpecker o gosh is mr woodpecker in a hurry today I mean do you hear him ofent knocking oops may be its a mrs or miss a whatever it is is a very nice bird and a nice picture bye groetjes
    have a nice day leon10

  13. Beautiful, Gill, and your sewing is so neat and what lovely photos! Lovely cushions!
    Ali x

  14. I love those pin cushions, they're so cute, especially the one which is to be included in the giveaway. How wonderful to have a visiting woodpecker. We sometimes hear them but I've never seen one in the garden, though my mum and dad used to get them in their garden before they moved.

  15. Wow, what gorgeous pin cushions! Whoever wins your giveaway will be very lucky indeed.
    Best wishes.

  16. Love your pin cushion..very cute..I never saw a green woodpecker..we have downys mostly..


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