Thursday, 12 April 2012

Vintage Fabrics

Some lovely new "old" fabrics came this week

a gorgeous bright and cheery 60s/70 pinks and oranges floral fabric

a pretty soft 50s type floral -  very, very  like Cath Kidston but is supposedly vintage

a bright turquoise 70s floral

another 50s style vintage floral, blue roses, just love them as they remind me of a lovely original 50s dress my mother had when I was a child in the 60s, which I used for dressing up - I'm sure that's when my love of vintage fabrics started.

 I remember having a wonderful dressing up box full of vintage floral dresses, each full skirted with tiny waists made in white fabric covered with blue roses, yellow roses, pink roses, and a marvellous big silk embroidered piano shawl with a long fringe. I would play out in the garden with them, dress up and make tents over the swing frame and washing line - I adored making tents from old clothes and sheets with a handful of pegs, and passed that love on to my own daughter!

I wonder what happened to all those gorgeous frocks? Sadly my mother is much better at getting rid of things than I am so I know she won't still have them.

more wonderful blue roses

and some yellow ones

and a piece of floral linen, possibly 40s or 50s judging by the design, picked up at a local junk shop

the back ground is a pale green, my photos didn't come out very well colourwise

so lots more sewing to come!

Since typing the above I have made a couple of cushions to go in my online shops from some of this new stash.

a floaty vintage floral one with a flange, backed in vintage candy stripes (I remember this very sheet from when I was a child - it sat at the bottom of the pile of clean linen in our airing cupboard for years, a permanent fixture!)

and a bright patchwork of vintage florals from the 60s and 70s.

Before Easter is completely behind us, just a couple of Eastery themed things to show you.

Bella made some pretty iced biscuits for Easter

and I was one of the lucky winners of an Easter themed giveaway at Vivienne's blog Green Rabbit Designs, and the lovely goodies arrived in time for Easter - thanks Vivienne!

Now if Vivienne is reading this, she may well be wondering whether she forgot to pack something in my parcel, or whether the postman or the dog got there first........because there were some rather delicious little chocolate bunnies that mysteriously disappeared before they could be photographed.............

how very odd!

But I shall remain calm and maybe just eat some more chocolate.

Sweet crochet corsage, so beautifully packaged it seems a shame to open it!

Part of Bella's Easter goodies involved lavender - I made her a little lavender bunny to hang from the bedpost - made in a rush so not the best of bunny shapes!

and yes, her bed is a floating island in the middle of the room at the moment, too complicated to explain but it involves spiders!

My favourite tulips are flowering now - just love the mix of pinks and oranges

and you can just make out a snakeshead fritillary in the foreground here with these red tulips - I have some better photos of this somewhere for the next post.


Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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  1. That '70's fabric just keeps coming doesn't it Gill! :)
    I remember my mum wearing those dresses too, in fact somewhere we have photos of her wearing them when on holiday with my dad in the Isle of Man during the fifties.
    Thanks for the little mention, so glad you liked your goodies and don't worry, chocolate doesn't last long around here either. ;)
    Vivienne x

  2. Sorry forgot to say I love the lavender bunny, lucky Bella! :)
    V x

  3. Hello Gill:
    This post is packed with goodly things from fabrics and flowers to wonderful gifts and delicious looking homemade iced biscuit. And stories too of childhood tents in the garden which, for us too, bring back many happy memories.

    But our hearts are lost to that lovely floral linen possibly dating from the 1940s. It really is a period piece.

  4. I'm glad someone else has the same problem as me ... lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs have been disappearing at my house too ... no idea where they went!

    Glad you had a lovely Easter.
    Fleur xx

  5. Pure joy are those fabrics...your pillow are so lovely! I am off to take a peek at your shop {love that blue rose fabric}...and your Bella's cookies are looking pretty tempting right now...wish I had a few. Hugs for a wonderful day. xoxoxo

  6. You have received some beautiful fabrics. It must be nice contemplating what you are going to make from them.
    Anne xx

  7. Gorgeous fabrics! Love the linen one. And did you notice that your tulips are just the colours of the lovely 60s/70s fabric at the start of the post? :)
    Jane x

  8. I love your new fresh and pretty!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics! And lovely cushions too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Oh how I wish my mother still had some of her lovely dresses!
    Such pretty fabrics and how nice that you can turn them into lovely things that can be appreciated for years to come.

  11. Hi Gill,

    I have fabric envy ;-)! You found the most beautiful pieces!!!

    I enjoyed reading your childhood memories too. I have fond memories of beautiful floral dresses of my mother and myself too :-) Still love them!

    Your pillows look great!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  12. Hi Gill,

    Just read your comment on my blog. Yes, I have several varieties of blue grapes in my garden. They not only have different colours, but sometimes even shapes as well. I love the little posy I made of them too. It's little things like this that make me very happy!


    Madelief x

  13. So much floral goodness. I love the blue roses and those tulips in your garden as re just so pretty too.
    Mmmm, easter biccies look fab!
    Lisa x

  14. Lovely combos on the pillows. Fun to see my fabrics coming to such a beautiful use somewhere else. :D It makes me happy... And I envy your new additions to your stash... Lucky girl!


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