Monday, 9 April 2012

Unique Style

There are many different styles of interior design that I can admire, appreciate and fall in love with, but when it comes to making my own house a home there is one style that I cannot help myself from using despite all the influences and fashions - the same style that I have used ever since those early, heady days when I embraced my own space for the first time - that of making the best of what I had, could find, make or transform, to make a cosy haven on a limited budget.

And although since then I have moved onwards and upwards, and my budget although still limited has increased from those early days, I still find myself drawn to the second hand junk shops, the boot fairs,  eBay, an antiques fair or auction, to see what hidden treasures there may be, rather than the expensive and often soulless furniture stores.

This by definition means an eclectic home, with many styles and ages of furniture and soft furnishings, full of vintage finds and treasures, but the whole linked together into something that reflects my taste, my style, and is therefore unique - no chance of walking into anyone else's home and seeing the same cushions, rugs or coffee table all together.

This way lies..........

........the thrill of anticipation of what you might find.

.......the fun of transforming it.

......the satisfaction of a bargain.

These are heady things indeed.

So, for me, rather the charm of well worn, previously loved or hand-crafted pieces........

rather a well worn table and unmatched furniture

rather  a make-do kitchen with character

rather a simple elegant ageless re-covered chair and a unique cushion

rather some shabby vintage trays with soul and make-do dresser in cheerful gingham

rather my own style and choice of colours than the latest trend

rather a beautifully shaped and detailed second-hand cupboard

rather a shabby old painted chest of drawers (source: Pinterest )

rather a shabby wall cupboard with vintage wallpaper and china

rather a pretty loose cover over an old chair than a new chair

rather a shabby old comfy chair or sofa with soft linen cushions

rather an elegant old dressing table

rather an unfitted kitchen

rather an unfitted bathroom

rather a handmade throw and shabby patched cushion from old fabric

rather a simple country chair with soul and a secret history

rather shabby timber windows with peeling paint.

Rather..... a unique home with soul.

What's your favourite style?

( NB: Sadly, none of these gorgeous photos are of my own home!
For more beautiful images of homes and interiors, visit my Pinterest boards  )

All photos from Vintage Home tumblr  except where stated

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  1. Beautiful images Gill!
    That handmade throw is amazing. :)
    Love the painting paint, reminds me of France (only 4 weeks to go, squeal!!!)!
    Vivienne x

  2. I agree with you on all counts!
    Lovely images..very inspirational.
    I never get tired of looking at my 'Homes' mags and seeing how other people decorate their nests.
    Happy Monday to you! :0)

  3. Lovely pics. I agree, your style makes got a much more homey feel, I like the eclectic look for that reason, it's cosy, lived in and comfy :)

  4. Absolutely glorious and wondrous images. Love this post.
    Anne xx

  5. Couldn't agree more! Lots of lovely eye candy to give inspiration.
    Lisa x

  6. I completely agree with you Gill, and thank you. Sometimes being reminded that it's ok to be individual gives me the confidence not to worry about the cupboards I've just painted white! Lovely post. Lesley x

  7. These are just great images and there is so much inspiration to be drawn from them. I always worry that my attempt at shabby chic will simply look shabby!
    Becky x

  8. Gorgeous selection of pics! We adore dark rich colours and our home is full of them.

  9. Wow there are some gorgeous pictures those rooms are lovely.Ilove the pink kitchen one. Well my style as you know is a collective mix of 1930's, 50's,and 60's with a little hint of modern to. I love colour and the more the better for me. dee x

  10. Some great photos and lovely style.

  11. I do believe we share the same taste in "eclectic" cottage style! These photos are almost too pretty to look at... if this were my house, I might easily become agoraphobic ;)

  12. I so agree....unique always rules for me!

  13. Hooray for the individual who hears a different drum!! Love this post Gill, it was great fun and the photos are fab. I hope you had a lovely Easter.

    Thank you for the message about Etsy, your shop looks great, but I am not quite sure what the circle thing means! Good luck with it all, love Linda x

  14. Oh my are making me cry! That shabby chic style is perfection.

  15. I loved scrolling through all these beautiful images. That's what I want my home to look like one day :)
    Best wishes.


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